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Christmas is not a good holiday for movie as Single Screens don't perform on Christmas like they do on Diwali & Eid..!!

So why do you think this happens..??
SS audience don't get holiday on Christmas
SS audience celebrate Christmas that they just celebrate in their homes
Ticket rates in SS increases 20.57 times on Christmas
is declared that if people watch movies on Christmas, they are anti national (only applicable to SS audience)
BOI ka dimaag kharab ho gaya hai
Source Link: BOI
in Trolls by Mega Star (215k points)
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Everybody needs a script. No actor is above script. Here the superstar persona towers over in India. You named Rajinikanth, that's the same with Salman in Hindi. That's the pattern they carefully followed post Wanted.

No, you read it like that about dhoom 3. I meant it positively. Aamir wants to speak from his work alone. Dhoom 3 was all style no substance. Aamir dislikes that part as he has carefully built a trust for over decades with the audience presenting the substance. He won't let a Dhoom 3 take away all that. PK & Dangal were well thought off to be the followed up films after Dhoom 3. And that is the reason why TOH is coming, a full on massive budget extravaganza. Aamir knows to balance.

In the 90s Aamir was all afraid his image. Late 90s he broke free of that fear by choosing not to hold onto any image. Action image was not possible as even Salman was struggling. Romance image was owned by Shah Rukh & it was impossible for anybody to survive or even face him in that image post DDLJ. 1947 Earth didn't happen overnight. Aamir was careful learning to balance between a Ishq & Mann with that of Sarfarosh & Ghulam. Mela was the final nail in the coffin & Lagaan changed his perception forever.

You see, only masala is not the reason. You only see this as a fan. For me movies are a deeper emotion. A vast subject to study. I didn't do a film course just to throw away money. I did my course coz I love it. You only read between lines. I study & present the facts. Actor's job is to act, do whatever the director asks them to. Superstar has to think further as that is part of our film culture & audience sentiment.

In the end, you spend crores of money on a story & you want people to watch it. To make people watch it you ensure you tell the story in a way they want to listen. So the PK & Dangal were the dumbed down 70s narration style which again a BB or Sultan had. Even Aamir experiments only with Secret Superstar or Dhobi Ghat or even Talaash. Rest, for his event films he follows old school bollywood style to please the audience. In case of PK, Raju's style complimented. In case of Dangal, Aamir made Nitish to narrate that way.


No need to write a full page lecture just say two magical words which is enough to prove doodh Ka doodh & paani Ka paani...


What doodh ka doodh, Paani ka Paani? So didn't use that word for previous Christmas release & suddenly it's a crime? It will do the same overseas business which is expected out of it. And it is facing the same factors PK or Dangal did. Not a big deal that they didn't mention it before.


Yes not a big deal all the excuses one by one open for Salman starrer it may be just coincidence but only for those who have no mind to believe on such things..
BOI are blindly helping Salman & that is clearly visible doesn't matter how bad you trying to believe yourself & us but the fact remain same which is known to everyone.

8 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Their commentary is hilarious, how can we understand when even they don't know what are they saying?
Their statements changes every week. Voted for last option.

by Production Accountant (22.2k points)
selected by
+4 votes

Last option. There is no other reliable option hence we follow this stupid site. I always say this. They are cheerleaders. Not professionals. Their commentary is idiotic to say the least

by Star (146k points)

Actually their commentary was to the point in that article. TB didn't make sense out of it that's all.


Yes, i didn't made sense on a stupid statement

See I'm not asking what is happening, I'm asking why..??

They mentioned that SS won't be like eid or diwali, they didn't explained why..?? I mean there must be a reason for SS to not perform on chrustmas holiday like they do in eid & diwali..??


They are pathetic site that's why BOI owner Harvinder has a chat with Karan Johar and is followed by every Industry Trade Guy in Bollywood .Karan Johar recently said Harvinder understands ABCD of Bollywood movie business and knows everything regarding business


"This will affect Tiger Zinda Hai more than a Dangal, PK or Bajirao Mastani as it has a higher ratio of business coming from single screens than those films."

Here it was, well explained. Probably one should ask them in their q&a for a breakdown of multiplex share & single screen share for an Eid, diwali & Christmas release.

Coz it's not hard to realise they already have that data to make such a statement. Nobody sells information for free.

The point is made extremely clear in those lines.

+2 votes

c'mon ... just because srk has evolved from a star to a black hole .... doesn't mean you will shift your loyalties to a group of 39 (early estimate) folks.... !!

by Star (155k points)
+1 vote

So why u are so obsessed with box-office India and Salman khan. But what ever it's TZH crushed JHMS in just 2days

by Location Scout (3.2k points)


Tubelight crushed JHMS in 3.5days itself


Imran its 3days for tubelight


Yes OK bro

+1 vote

Add one option more as all the rights are reserved by us & we can changed it anytime according to bhaijaan movie demand.

by Director (129k points)

Not bhaijaan movie, but bhaijaan money


Haan... BOI, Indicine, Koimoi etc sab fake hai. Bas Red Chillies calculator and Baba Gurmeet's calculator hi sahi h puri duniya me... Hahaha

+1 vote

Still boi is only site available

by Set Decorator (1.7k points)

Exactly and that's why we follow that site but their commentary is not good.

+1 vote

I voted for anti national option.

by Director (123k points)
0 votes

Mana ki Global ki Srk.....
-- hasn't delivered any HGOTY since last 10 years.
-- hasn't delivered a single clean hit in last 4 years
-- Choocha Varun Sharma is giving bigger grosser than him.
-- Runs away in fear of Akki starrers, even.
Iska matlab kya Aamir and Aamir fans k chatne laoge? Kuch toh loyalty dikhao 3.7 b people...

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)

whoa.... 3.6 billion dummies licking up 39 people.... that will lead to earth shattering opening. hahaha

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