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Seen few threads in forum that TZH opening is DISAPPOINTING, let's analyse that opening Expectations & Result in this way:

Formats in which FILM was Released:


- 2D
- 3D

2. DHOOM: 3

- 2D
- 3D


- 2D

Both Bahubali 2 & Dhoom 3 had that 2 formats Collections ADDED in 2D collections which made it SO HUGE, not to tell how much TICKET PRICE GOES for those 2 FORMATS of films.

Salman has given so much success with his past film that on a FULL WORKING DAY ppl expect him to Score 40 Cr which even on Biggest Holiday his own Film missed 40 Cr by 1 Cr margin.

Wake Up & Start Appreciating a TALENT Like Salman who alone with 2D format is matching with films having a 3 Format Support to GIVE BIGGER NUMBERS.
in Box Office Related by Location Manager (7.4k points)
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@suhas, according to boi kick's opening day was 30.5cr in real terms while BB was 32cr, they said in one of their article.
So with current ticket pricing & gst benefit obviously both would have opened better than TZH.
It's no brainer.
Iam not degrading it's collection.34cr nett is still a huge figure.that too on nonholiday but not record breaking as claimed by boi.


There are 22 IMAX screens in India.


Thanks for correction

Anyway that will still not make any difference on overall collection. 25 out of 4-4.5k.


IMAX screens won't gross half of the high end multiplexes.

The point is simple, the above comparison is invalid.

It's just fans exaggerating like the way they did for Secret Superstar (Aamir), they've done bunch of the times for Srk & Salman or Hrithik & others.

TZH opening is praised not for it being just a 2D release. Also this opening was anyways expected considering the dry spell bollywood had & how the likes of Fukrey Returns benefitted.

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Yes people expect so much because of the way he has worked since 2010. In the last 7 years he has given numerous record openers.....many fans were expecting it to challenge BB2 opening

by Director (132k points)
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Out of 8 highest opener of the year 6 are Salman Khan starrers. Out of 10 bumper openers 5 are Salman Khan starrers.... So expectations toh high hoga hi.


34cr opening can be exceptional for others. For salman its underperformance. Bollywood ka time kharaab chal raha hai



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Because the earth shattering records opening he has given this decade & the number of blockbusters he has this decade, some of the big stars couldn't achieve it in their entire acting career.

by Location Manager (6.2k points)
So SRK is back with a bang on TV...
+1 vote

Ask your own fanbase, they are the most disappointed with this opening lol and if other movies had 3d versions then TZH has released 4 years after D,3 plus GST which gives 10-12% increase in nett collections on average, and BB2 didn't had proper release down in south due to their own versions playing their plus no GST, so please take this 2d & 3d logic to someone who can be fooled by it

by Mega Star (210k points)

3D Shows ke Ticket Rates 2D se jayda hote hai, same for IMAX version of film. GST se Nett pe 10-15% ki badath hui ya nahi hui, no one clearly knows, no reliable site has ever declared how much impact it had. Plus not to forget ENHANCED TICKET PRICE which Aamir films have from Dhoom 3 onwards & Bahubali 2 also had on weekdays, which mean their Weekend rates would also be more than normal.

+1 vote

TZH was never going to match the hype of even dhoom 3 forget about Bahubali. Dhoom 3 is not a small movie to be challenged by any movie. It is an ATBB and it’s asjusted net is 275 crores. TZH might still collect on par with Dhoom 3 in lifetime. It might still garner 3 crores footfalls. No need to bro g excues like 3d and imax.

by Editor (83.5k points)
+1 vote

Not able to agree with your point, this time. Too much expected from Salman starrers bcz he has delivered too much in the last couple of years. Sorry to say 2D, 3D and imax thing sounds silly to me.

by Unit Manager (37.4k points)


Salman films score alone with 100, while other 2 films had that advantage of extra 350 with them which made them huge, without that, any film with 2D format only doing more than Tiger or Salman couldn't match, then tell.


They (especially Dhoom3) didn't release on so many 3d and imax screens to have such huge impact...


It was Released on HIGHEST SCREENS at that time = 3650. Yes, No. of 3D / Imax screens were also huge, coz income generated from those screens pumped up collections.


Not more than 1cr-1.5cr

+1 vote

Boss ,right now Salman is the only hero on whom we have hopes of breaking baahubali highest day record.
And this was the perfect chance and time for bollywood to prove that they are ahead.
But that didn't happen..now get trolled by south fans

by Location Scout (3.2k points)
+1 vote

Collections are very good but people are disappointed because it is less than the standard which Salman has set.

by Production Accountant (21.9k points)
+1 vote

Because of the stratospheric status and success he had from 1989 to 2016 and now to 2017

by Assistant Director (59.7k points)

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