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Today, I've achieved something that will make me feel wonderful for the entire life. The feat I've accomplished today is not consequences of a day or a week or a month or even a year of hard work, this is the result of my consistency and love for the cinema which made me complete 200 consecutive weeks, which is almost 4 years, of this weekly series post. If someone had asked me four years back whether I could complete even 20 odd weeks of the series or not. I would not have probably given an affirmative reply to the question that day, but, today, when I look back in 2014, Feb 22, when I made the first weekly post and then I'm looking at the time when I'm making this 200th weekly post, all I feel is the great nostalgia of the ever-changing time. Everything has been changed in these four years, almost everything, a lot of my habits, my way of living, the environment, the nation, the world but, there's one thing which never changed is my habit of making this weekly post on every Saturday night and it's amazing how I kept it going on even when I have been getting a lot of setbacks in my life and going through great hurdles meantime. Ultimately, I would say making these weekly posts for these 200 weeks have been very productive, informative and knowledge booster. This weekly post blessed my habit of writing and enhanced my critical abilities to watch and judge a film and I would be continuing to make this post until the eternity of time. The Show Must Go On.

Now, lemme thank everyone who has contributed or has been contributing to the post. Some special mention would go to

Suhas: You have been showing more enthusiasm than me. You're the most active participants of the series

Baadshah: Ah! You were always late to make your call. But, guess what? It always helped to fetch some page views. We miss your bizarre answers and comments, Bhai. I hope you will make your comeback someday

Invisible, Tyler Darden, Tony, Dilip, Karan Khan, Fullmetal, Navoarsenal, Ashish Lachotra, Baazigar, CultCharm: You guys were among builder of this weekly post. Today, I realized how much I've missed in last four years.

Thank Charlie runkle, Irdwhelp, Nikeel,  Super Nova, God Father, Charlie Jatinder, Abbie, Lucifer, Thunder Bird, Kowsigan, Criminal, Intense and all those who have been making frequent participation. <3

Thank SSK, Mr.hola, Fur1233, Seinfeld and all the new participants. I hope, you guys are enjoying it.

Zin: Dude! You are the Brahma, creator of the forum. Nothing I would say could be enough for the appreciation. But, thank you really for keeping the forum alive and healthy. And, thank you for whatever few responses you have shown in the weekly post in the beginning. You must know your responses have always attracted the users' attention. You must reconsider to get active again. Anyway, Thank You!

*. This was the first weekly post created on Feb 22, 2014.

How Many Movies Have You Watched In Previous 7 Days(By Any Source)? Give Name & Rate All.

*. This was our Golden Jubilee.

Name And Rate Movie, You've Watched (25th Jan - 31th Jan). Also Choose Movie Of The Week. Week 50. Time To Celebrate Golden Jubilee. Share Ur Views.

*. This was our century. 

Finally, It's Century. Name And Rate Movies, You've Watched (10th Jan - 16th Jan). Week 100. A Special Note to ItsBoxOffice Members. Share Yours.

asked in General by Assistant Director (50.9k points)
73% Accept Rate

Stuck on top, this post deserves it..!!


Thank you, Buddy! <3


"whatever few responses you have shown in the weekly post in the beginning"

That hit real hard.

Kidding aside, congrats for keeping this series going for this long.


Haha. No hard feeling, ZIn Bhai. :p

9 Answers

+1 vote

Congrats on this achievement keep going.

I have not watched any movie this week. Will watch TZH tomorrow!

answered by Casting Director (18.8k points)

Thank you, Buddy! <3


+1 vote

First of all, congrats on the incredible 200 week run of the series, it's just amazing, what you've done and what you've achieved, continuously week in & week out, every week, each week, just incredible..!!

Now movies of the week, actually not many movies this week, been busy, infact only one fully

Baadshah - you know what, SRK, you want a sureshot megahit, make a sequel if this one, remake, reboot or whatever, just do it, this is what you want, a clean family entertainer which you don't get bored of whenever you watch it, so SRK, you want 300 crs, do it.

And congrats again on your double ton

answered by Super-star (199k points)

Haha.. Yeah! Just re-checked. Anyway, love your comments and answers. Thank you again for wishes. <3
Did you watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan for the first time?


Thanx and nope, i have watched BB many times, i watched it 2 tumes in theatre, i meant by comment that even now after 2.5 years it is just as good as when i watched it first time, great movie.


Baadshah sequel/remake/reboot is tempting but which director in Bollywood could handle that tone in current times?


Abbas Mastan, they might've had Race 2 & Machine but Baadshah is their movie and they know it's essence well, plus i would like more traditional directors to handle such movie rather then some newbies who might make a perfect commercial entertainer into a european type stuff

+1 vote

Congratulations on completing 200 weeks! It's hard to remain committed to something for so long, I commend you for your continued dedication to making this post every week.

Here's to 200 more!

As for the movies:

The First Wives Club (6.5/10):

A decent enough comedy if you are looking for something lightweight and crowd pleasing. Especially if you want to watch a movie with a girl and she doesn't like any action movies. My friend ended up sleeping through GoTG, she didn't care for Mission: Impossible, and even The Martian couldn't get her interest. But this one she happily completed and enjoyed quite a bit.

That's all for the movies, other than that I binged American Vandal. It's a mockumentary, which you might be familiar with if you have watched The Office. If you are into slightly off-kilter humour and mysteries, this one is right up your ally.

answered by Unit Manager (33.2k points)

Woah! Someone knows the interest of females here. Good. :p
Well, thank you for the kind words. Keep responding to this post. Love your reviews.


The trick is to never challenge them to watch something new and only show them female oriented rom-coms, dramas, etc

And I really love having a place to express my views on the stuff I watch every week. As long as you keep making these posts, I'll keep responding

+1 vote

Congratulations sir.

  1. Tiger Zinda Hai [2017] = 6/10 [watched it twice. One more time will happen because both the times I got the version where English dialogues are dubbed in Hindi.]

  2. Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai [2000] = NR

  3. Koi Mil Gaya [2003] = NR

  4. Raees [2017] = NR [this time it made me furious.]

  5. Heyy Babyy [2007] = NR

  6. The Dark Knight [2008] = 9/10 [finally thanks to 1018mb I got to watch this gem on the big screen.]

  7. Aruvi [2017 - Tamil] = 9/10 [Make way for this year's best Indian film.]

First Time Watches = Tiger Zinda Hai & Aruvi.

Movie(s) of the week = Aruvi, Tiger Zinda Hai & The Dark Knight.
Chalo even will recommend Heyy Babyy, Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai & Koi Mil Gaya too.

answered by Mega Star (244k points)

Why furious?


For the missed opportunity.


Sir? Sir bahut sareef sa lagta hai.. Call me Don.. :p
Well, Thank you, Bhai! <3

+1 vote

Congrats bro on your achievement.

Tiger Zinda hai

Much better than the 1st part, AAA makes a crisp action thriller which works very well, except for the climax which is stretched and needs some trimming. Only Salman could have carried this movie he does. Its his franchisee and i hope to see a 3rd part again.

Rating- 3.75/5

answered by Producer (102k points)

Thank you, Bhai!

+1 vote

Congratulations bro keep the awesome work going
Jagga jasoos 6/10
A ver big missed opportunity

The pursuit of happyness 8/10
Brilliant really very emotional film

Baywatch 5/10
Lame jokes no plot no acting and a 10min poorly written villian role for priyanka which she will not stop chanting about and the indian media will be like priyanka is a hollywood star enough said i guess

Comrade in America 7/10
So just like nivin pauly dq also did a film as a comrade but it was more on a massy side anyways loved it

Golmaal again 5/10
Npt even a single acene made me laugh
The movie is a mixture of following south filma
The ghost ko mukti wala angle taken from suriya's movie mass+ajay devgn character taken from raghava lawrence muni +fake ghost tricks from karthi's kaashmoora
And all the other scenes were just remake of golmaal 3
Cant believe this made 200cr at the box office

DJ 4/10
Another allu arjun movie which is making youtube records but it is even more terrible than sarraniodu just like sarraniodu allu arjun cant see the wrong happening in the society
The villians are a bad joke forgetful film really

Mountain between us 5/10
Average movie but kate winslet was gud

Subh mangal sabdhaan 7/10
Hilarious film mate and kudos to the maker for making such light hearted movie on such a subject
Last but not the least

Tiger Zinda Haj N/R
I m not rating it i didn't went to watch as a viewer i was just whustling hooting and clapping all the time and so was the theatre wonderful experience to finally see salman the way we wanted to see
Will rate it after 4/5 watches

Movie of the week:Tiger Xinda Hai

answered by Production Accountant (21.4k points)

Thank you, SSK Bhai!

+1 vote

Congrats Ankit!!
I need to say that generally I don;t or never answer on Review Posts/Prediction Posts.....but its ur posts where I feel the urge or when I answer ...makes me happy that Bollywood /Hollywood is still alive in me...what it was 20-25 years ago!!!!

For this post here are the films in theatres this week :

JUMANJI - 5/10





answered by Production Accountant (28.6k points)

That's a beautiful compliment. Thank you, abbie Bhai! <3

+1 vote

First of all congratulations brother...btw here goes the list of movies I watched this month.

1) Mother - 7.5/10
2)Split - 5/10
3)Love - 3-10
4)Rfad - 8/10
5) 500 days of summer - 7.5/10
6) star wars( a new hope)- 6/10
7) Identity -7/10
8) Love ni bhavai (Gujarati) - 5/10
9) Conquest and rebellion- NR
10) About time - 6/10
11) Goodfellas - 7/10
12) Secret life Walter Mitty - 6/10
13) The silence of the lambs - 9.5/10
14) Tiger zinda hai- 2/10
15) The hangover - 6/10

Impactful movies this month
  • Mother
    Requiem for A Dream
    The silence of the lambs
answered by Production Accountant (28.9k points)

Thank you, lucifer Bhai! <3

+1 vote

I have watched the TZH and love it be it screenplay, direction,acting ,song etc.

answered by Casting Director (19.8k points)

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