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3 idiots record broken by thin margin after 4 years
Dhoom 3 records broken by thin margin after 4 years. (Broken just because of GST)

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Lol! Kyu delusion me jeete ho bhai? Dabang thrashed 3 idiots first day after only 8-9 months.

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I think it won't take much time as TZH numbers aren't so huge. To be honest TOH is the safest bet as of now. Race3 also has chances. But most probably it'll release on Eid holiday.

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TOH has a little chance but its opening day will be hugely affected so I think it will stay for 2 years.

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For 3 idiots ur giving lifetime example n for D3 opening day..u know very well u cant give one for each bcoz 3 idiot 1st day broke by Dabang within 6 month n D3 lifetime broke by bb within 1.5yrs...

Well comin to tzh opening days its disappointin at Least it would have done 37cr 38cr to justify.... The reason D3 stayed for such long was salmans every movie was releasin in pre eid.... well kick sultan even bb had gud chance of breakin d3 32.5cr record on normal non holiday.... tzh record will be broken with any gud commercial movie of salman n aamir... Race 3 n toh releasin on holiday or pre eid or diwali day... so tzh wil stay for 1.5 to 2yr plus...just bcoz no aamir n salman ...

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They Why didn't Bajrangi Bhaijaan/ Tubelight broke any records ?

Biggest opening of Slamna -- Dabaang, Sultan, Kick , ETT, Tzh etc
Biggest opening of Aamir -- Ghajini, Dhoom 3
Biggest opening of SRK -- HNY, CE

All these are masala movies

3 Idiots and Bajrangi type movies has more potential for ATG not opening.


Ek Tubelight sabkuch decide nhi karta.... And who told you that Bajrangi Bhaijaan was poor opener? BB ne first day pe jitna ff earn kiya tha usko agar aaj ke ticket price se tabdil karoge toh easily 31-32cr ho jayega.

I'll agree for Dangal and Tubelight. But 3 idiots was an fully commercial film. With lots of comedy, drama and emotions directed by the biggest director of the industry Raju Hirani.

And agar sirf masala se hi big opening milta h toh fir HTF PRDP is the biggest opener even today, despite of a family drama??


PRDP was not pure family drama. It had action scene

IMDb link. : http://m.imdb.com/title/tt3595298/?ref=m_nv_sr_1

Only salman movie without single fight scene is Tubelight


Ekbar film khud dekh lo... Hahaha

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Will be broken by Dwarf.

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Just like jhms broke with huge 14cr in rom com genre..


Before TZH release, Baahubali will be crushed by Tiger. TZH will do 45 cr even 50 cr. Result less than HNY.


Who said those i didnt say such lines... result less hny wah nice comparison well dont dnt agrue with on this bcoz srk with deepu on diwali holiday compared with non holiday of salman... gud i dnt i agrue with u on this is the standard of salman..

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Thugs has the potential to break it

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TOH perhaps. Race 3 is coming on Eid day. Dwarf has no chance. 2.0 could have a 10% chance

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TZH record is very good if we look it is a non holiday release.

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That is not the answer of the question.

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well TOH will be affected on day one, so not that.

Race 3 has holiday opening.

Dwarf is not that type of action-heavy movie to break opening records.

I guess for the next year, can't really see one.

wildcard is 2.0

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