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+6 votes

Here is overall effect 

Dhoom 3

Screens : 4000


Screens : 4600 (+15%)

ATP : Every year there is ATP increases by around Rs. 10 (+15%)

GST : Boi said gross of TZH and DHoom 3 similar, now sultan net collection is 3 crore more than Dhoom 3.  that is around 10% of DHoom 3 net collection (+10%)

So Overall Effect = 1.15 * 1.15 * 1.1 = 1.45 

Lets reduce it a bit so there are no excuse, we will take 1.4 as multiplier 

Dhoom 3 1st would've been 

32 * 1.4 = 46.55 

It would've done at least 45 Crore if released today

in Box Office Related by Camera Operator (9.8k points)
14% Accept Rate

6 Answers

+3 votes

Agreed there is a slight underperformance from tzh on opening day. D3 was more universal, an established brand, had all the bells and whistles needed for Indian audiences. Here I feel females and families might not turn up in very big numbers....considering all that it’s a good number

by Star (152k points)
+1 vote

People will say that dhoom 3 is biggest Brand which is true bt that does not means that any actor can give huge opening and more importantly huge lifetime that too with an avg movie.
Aamir did that so he must get his due share of appreciation.

Whenever he came with a fully commercial movie in recent times it broke opening records be it fanah ghajini or dhoom 3 the buzz for them were sky high specially for ghaijii buzz was unprecedented. Not only fully commercial movies he even gave record opening with 3 idiots and mangal pandey which were not fully commercial. Its not that every actor after comming from break can do so. Even Films like PK and Dangal were excellent and Talaash was also good considering its genre.

4 out of his 5 record openings are non holiday and he is just 1 short of Salman's record for most opening day which proves Aamir's star power.

Talking abt lifetime Aamir's Starpower Plays an imp role in making sure movie reach is at its peak. Classics like Dangal may not reach interiors let alone even crossing 100 cr with Actors like Irfan, I dont say this it was said by Indicine which doesnt like Aamir. So Starpower plays an imp role even in lifetimes as well.

Excuses cant change facts

by Assistant Director (45.9k points)

Besharam Greek God I respect Hritik hence never made anti hritik comments bt you forced me.

Just check opening of Hritik movies not even getting 10 cr having lead role on normal days that too with movies which have good budget and here you dare to question Aamir's Opening with a small budget movie where he was supporting actor having extended cameo on Diwali Puja day.
Yes SS underperformed and we Accept it but that doesnt raise a doubt on Aamir's Star pull specially when that doubt comes from hritik fan its not acceptable.
Compare opening lifetime entire career stats major records or present standings or even starting years of the career i.e, year till when Hritik has worked till date in every manner Aamir is ahead. I already posted abt it, Will share those links if needed.

Btr dont spread negetivity against hritik!


Greek God all aamirians are good, and they respect Hrithik. No need to pick on them. And yes being a HR fan I can never deny aamir is beyond megastar also. These guys run the industry.


Beyond megastar. Lol.


GG bhai....back to back ATG. India or overseas he is the undisputed numero uno. Bas ab wish karo HR is baar aacchi scripts le ke top 3-4 men vaapas aaye. He is just after the khans and way more deserving than akki and ajay

0 votes

D3 would have opened in d range of 41-42 cr.

by Set Decorator (1.5k points)
0 votes

Dhoom 3 might have opened to around 41cr.

by Production Accountant (22.3k points)
–1 vote

OMG!!!!........ Superb calculations...... Never Under-estimate Aamir Khan.......

by Second Unit Director (78.4k points)
–1 vote

LMAO! What an calculation!!!! Let's apply this on Dabang.

Ticket price increases 15% per year (acc to u). So Dabang's collections would have been 29cr+ in 2017 from just 1800.

Now consider 4600 screens in 2017. Collections would have been 73cr.

Let's apply 10% GST benefit. Collections will become huge 80.3cr in 2017.

@ranga acc to ur own calculations Dabang first day - 80cr and Dhoom3 1st day - 46cr. Ab bo

by Unit Manager (39.5k points)

Similarly Salman fans alway making post that Aamir movies are collection/opening is because of very good content and not because of his stardom.

There are few Salman fans who will keep making posts like Aamir has 39 fans etc, what don;t you go and anything to them.


I guess nobody is doing those things these days... But if you guys keep spoiling TZH or Salman related posts then definitely we'll counter and I'll be the front runner.


They did it during secret superstar release. Right now are hiding because of TZH opening. If TZH would've croseed 40 Crore ... they would've been again doing it.

Anyway the forum is for fan fighting. Nobody discusses movie here

Otherwise people would've been discussing movies like Pyaasa, Madhumati, guide etc


Basically I did due to you guys hutiyappa those days and what you did for TL.

Yup.... Fan fights ke bina forum bekar.