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Salman Khan is an actor who has a tremendous association with the audience in some form or the other.He is single minded and focused in doing what he is doing.If intelligence is about the choice you make,then he seems to have made right choices for over 29 years.He has played his card well,had foresight quite early in his career,built up equity, created niches.The work he does is quite different from what Aamir or Shahrukh do.His instinct, his taste or choices, what attracts him is quite unique.
  There is a drive that Salman has in him, has constantly reinvented himself, has taken risks constantly.It is also true that he can learn lessons well from his failures.Whatever he is today is as much a result of his failures as his successes.
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All the words here aren't mine but Outlook magazine,16 March,2015. I simply wanted to prove a claim of Grand Nova with this post and found that he is right


what was the claim and how did you prove him right?

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its just a matter of perspective..... you can see the world through a key hole if you are close to it.... stay far from it... and you can't see anything.

if you wanna see what salman khan is.... you are gonna have to look closer.

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Bhai ne kaun si risk le li ?

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Doing a movie like tubelight isn't a small thing for a star who is at the top of the industry.
He could have easily given a blockbuster by doing another Action masala still he decided to try something new.isn't a Risk for u???
It's not his fault that movie was pathetic.


I take an issue with you calling tubelight pathetic. Dhoom 3 is pathetic. JHMS is pathetic. Bodyguard is pathetic.

Tubelight was a movie that was marred by the plane screenplay. It was not pathetic. It was monotonous


LOL ... now Tubelight is a risky moviw ... Salman fans were predicting that it will break record of Dangal.

That way Aamir fans will say that PK was also a risky movie.

Aur aise ginane lage to

Lagaan --- No one wanted to produce the movie
TZP --- offbeat movie
RDB --- Movie on Bhagat singh when 4-5 movies already flopped
PK . --- Similar to Tubelight
Dangal --- Playing character of 60 yr old man

This actually imply that Aamir made risky movies successful ... now that is some kind of achievement.

Doing Tubelight when another masala movie coming after 6 months is not risk I think.


got to hand the credit to aamir.. theres no tow ways about it

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I'm sorry, what are you talking about?

Created niche? What niche? Masala movie is a niche now?

Reinvention? Are you talking about they guy who falters everytime he plays something other than a thinly-veiled version of himself?

Taken risks? Did you forget that just now he gave an interview where he said that he will always do the same masala action movies from now on?

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@Seinfeld: I said "falters" everytime he plays something other than a thinly-veiled version of himself. were TB, LD, PM successes?

and Sultan is a very thinly-veiled version of Sallu. hell, it is actually a bit auto-biographical too.

I do not have any hate towards Sallu.

and reading your comment, I can see that I have hurt your sentiments as a fan. Rest assured, that was not my intention, and I am sorry.

my comment was about rebuffing Shah's post. I simply do not agree with what he is saying. But just because I am rebuffing him, doesn't mean that I am disrespecting Sallu for doing masala movies. it works for him, it works for his fans, why should I be unhappy at that?


@mr.hola wanted started betore Ghajini. it was a delayed release. just to clear the air


Trends start on Box offcie success, not which movie started first. So of course Ghajini had the bigger impact.


Thats not what you implied before. You said others fowllowed. Salman had already started with it. If it had been promoted like Ghajini and released at that time, would have surely made close if not more than Ghajini.

Anyway this aint a fruitful discussion

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