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It's an excellent trailer and i feel more excited for this one than Padman. I have a feeling this movie will have more twists which will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Sidharth is ok but i would have preferred someone like Akshaye Khanna or Rajkumar Rao.


Sadly, Sidharth is not enought to pull the crowd then where would Akshaye or Rajkummar stand?

As much as I love Akshaye in more movies, it's hard truth, he won't get such roles. Even if he did, majority will be willing to skip it.

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Good Trailer.....
Neeraj is known for writing good stories/direction etc etc especially thrillers....
For Trailer - I am getting that "A Wednesday" kinda vibe....Sid and Manjoj.. will be playing mouse n cat game....whole time it will feel that Sid is on the Wrong side/doing something wrong...and in the end as a twist/climax - actually he was good/working for the country!!!!...
Or Just follow my trail in order to catch me and in the process- you will find other baddies!!

and for Clash with Padman- I feel Padman has more universal appeal /to strike as chord with with interiors/masses....but good to have two decent releases/expectations on Republic day next year!!...to START new year on a good note especially for Bollywood......as compared to 2017 - where we are expecting atleast to END this year on a good note....as whole year was not as per the expectations......

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This is much more exciting then Padman..!!

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same here

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I didn't liked Padman trailer much but I must say Padman trailer was definitely better than this movie trailer. Padman trailer was much more universal.

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Padman had lot to offer. It's plus was the simplicity portrayed.

Aiyaary's biggest drawback is Sidharth. He can't match up to Manoj let alone Kher & Shah. Wish Neeraj had opted for another actor or repeated Sushant if he wanted an younger actor.


Akshaye Khanna would have been the best choice for Sidharth's role.


Exactly. After itefaaq it would have been a treat......


@Suhas bro you said what exactly I was thinking while watching this trailer.

@Nikeel and @Kashyap absolutely agree.

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Okk looks promising
So two gud movies this republic day lets watch how much competition it can give to padman

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inka trailer bhi bakwaas hai.

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Kickass trailer. Hope no bullshit romance story included in the plot

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I found it way way better than Padman. Neeraj Pandey is an amazing director and what a fantastic actor Manoj is. My first choice on 26th Jan

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Looking very good. I hope next year we get 2 HITS on Republic Day.

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"Ghareeb admi ko na ungli ni krne ka sahab" Naseerudin Shah nailed it man. Movie already look's good but an actor like Siddharth doesn't suit for this type of role imo. Should've been Akshay or like @suhas says, Shushant.

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Now fake deshbhakti will get a blow from real deshbhakti on 26-1-18, trailer is superb it will give tough time to Padman now

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Baby had Akshay Kumar. Aiyaary will find it tough opposite Padman.

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