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Now let's Race along dears tables are turning very fast for the year 2018, the battle of supermacy is going to be toughest Between Salman khan and Aamir khan with Race 3 and Thugs but on the other side dwarf is looking out of the race now coz of certain reasons and only one week free run, if we assume Race 3 will release solo on Eid which it will for sure and turns out to be a AVERAGE in content then it will do huge for sure, on the other hand letc talk about Thugs assuming Hathi mere sathi and Total dhamaal releasing alongside and Total dhamaal finds appreciation then Thugs will surely suffer badly and will miss the train for Hgoty but I am not neglecting thugs for hgoty at all coz if clash does not happen then it will do huge
Conclusion: Race 3 and Thugs have now strictly 50:50 chances to be hgoty while dwarf will be out of top 3
in Box Office Related by Production Accountant (25.5k points)
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10 Answers

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It can be Race 3 or Thugs .
For me a Blockbuster is the maximum target for any Salman movie, nothing more.

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)
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+2 votes

Thugs is almost sure to be the HGOTY.

In case Thugs ends up being a really bad movie (which is possible because of the director), then Race 3 is by far the most likely contender for the HGOTY.

One dark horse could be Dutt. I strongly believe that if Raju Hirani is in form, the movie will do wonders.

Dwarf won't be in the top 5.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)

Bhai y are u so honest ? I appreciate your honesty yes dwarf is now looking out of top 5 but here i remind u total dhamaal has 70% chances to release on diwali and if clash happens then Thugs won't do that huge coz of less screens, if TD and HMS release on diwali then 60% screens will be gone and thugs will get only 40% screens then potential will be reduced drastically


Bro I believe in saying what I believe so that no one can call on me for being dishonest and so that I can have real discussions on stuff.

And about Diwali, I think there will only be 2 releases, one will definitely move, most likely that will be Haathi Mere Saathi.

Coming to Total Dhamaal, it's not a big franchise. Not a single HIT so far. And ToH will be massive, plus Aamir Khan has the confidence. If he could get so many screens against G4 then imagine what he'll get against Total Dhamaal.

So next Diwali definitely Dhamaal would get around 30% screen, Ajay would again cuase controversies, but by the time that could be sorted out, ToH would have done most of the damage.


Tanveer, I agree with mr hola. Dhamaal is not Golmaal. Ajay won’t even manage 500 screens against megastar Aamir and yrf.


OK but I will agree upto 50% with Mr.hola regarding TD coz comedy movies always do wonder on diwali

+2 votes

Competition will be between Race3 & Thugs,I don't think dwarf can be hgoty.
If clash happens with Thugs then competition will be too close.
But as of now I only want a blockbuster out of Race3.
Let's see
Hope Remo proves all of us wrong.

by Unit Manager (31.8k points)
+1 vote

I’ll answer this differently.

TOH: ATBB (HGOTY). In a bad case also it will be a blockbuster

Race 3- Blockbuster. Anil Kapoor joining it has titled the scales a bit. Finally a class actor to support Salman. In a bad case, super hit

Dwarf- Semi hit. SRK is going through a lean patch, yes he is getting a solo release, but I am not keeping too many hopes. In a bad case, it will be a disaster

by Star (140k points)

Rofl, this went so so wrong.


2 down, hopefully it goes wrong for third one too & Zero turns out to be a Blockbuster


This was the time when even I was kind of losing faith in SRK. Did not like the teaser launched on Jan 1. Now the trailer and the two songs have revived my hopes in an extent


Intense 3rd one also gonna wrong.. zero became disaster even with good case....

+1 vote

Hgoty ...goes to Raju hirani....

Bad year for salamir

ago by Assistant Director (48.6k points)
0 votes

Thugs will comfortably beat race 3.
TD is not even officially announced by Ajay or Taran, don't think they will clash with a biggie like TOH.

by Location Scout (4.4k points)

How can u say that? Underestimation and overestimation both are hanikarak to health

0 votes

Why are you asking us to guess which will be hgoty between Dwarf, Thugs & Race 3 when you have already made up your mind about Dwarf, Thugs & Race 3..??

by Mega Star (213k points)

About dwarf its clear cut but about Race 3 vs Thugs its subjective that's y I asked


Subject cleared..??

0 votes

Contest is between Thugs and Race 3 but most probably Thugs will be HGOTY.

by Production Accountant (22.1k points)
0 votes

Why dwarf is here. Compitetion between race 3 and toh.
Current buzz - toh >>race 3
direction - i think both director is not good for me.

But one think i can say that "cheete ki chaal baaz ki nazar aur aamir ki script sense par sandeh nahi karte.
Kabhi bhi record bana sakti hai."

by Production Accountant (28.3k points)

Record bana diya, Biggest Disaster ever..!!


Record to Zero ne banaya hai 100 cr bhi nahi hua.


Lol ye tb bachche ki tarah uchalta kyun hai..

–1 vote

no movie would even collect half of non holiday blockbuster by ranbir

ago by Location Manager (5.8k points)

By Ranbir!!!

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