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I have seen Temper and just the climax saves the movie, otherwise it is just another Policewala Gunda Let's see if Rohit Shetty can bring back the magic of those last thirty minutes which is very high on emotions, only then the movie can be a success.
Regarding the clash, it's good that Dwarf is having a solo release (nobody cares about Kedarnath and it might even postpone in time) and the only thing the makers should focus now is content and entertainment. If they can have these two things in their favor Simba will be just another OUATIMD.
I still believe Ranveer is a bad choice for JR. NTR's role. And the poster is crap.

by Director (135k points)
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I think ranveer's the best choice for the kind of role it was. Who else?


Salman Khan Tailor made role for him. Otherwise Akki

+3 votes

I hate RS and his stupid movies. Now hoping SRK makes an entertaining movie atleast.

by Director (122k points)
+3 votes

"Aisa koi saga nhi jise SRK ne thaga nhi......Ab aisa koi bacha nhi jo SRK ki bajana chahta nhi"......

Too Much Funnn!

by Unit Manager (36.1k points) 1 flag

@Tiger you are a ruthless troller of SRK..??

hahahaha so funny


If no then why the fcuk you guys cry/complain below my posts/answers/comments?


I wasn't complaining, i was talking to mrhola, it's just that his comment was under your answer so you also got notification of that.


Maybe it's not you....but many others have been complaining since months...

+3 votes

Now two things are almost certain
1- Dwarf is now out of top 3
2- Srk's search for Clean HIT will to be continued

by Production Accountant (23.9k points)
+2 votes

Hahaha kya bakwas hai ye puri film ki tone badal di
Worst first look

by Unit Manager (31.3k points)
+2 votes

Why Karan why..??
Don't forget the reason you are here and making these so called big announcements.

by Mega Star (207k points)

I think you should thank karan because he's the reason behind 1week postpone.
Warna Relience toh Christmas mein lana chahata tha.
Even financial manager prashant had confirmed that.
So 1week free run is always better than clash i think

+2 votes

So after Imtiaz Ali - to name the film as "Jab Harry Met Sejal" to be almost same as "Jab We Met"....based on love/meeting strangers
Rohit is back to name the Film as "Simmba".. to be as "Singham" - based on police theme......

So RS is still getting inspired/ideas from old films/remakes......

by Production Accountant (29.7k points)

Simbba will be of a notorious cop, it's said

+1 vote

Is this the Big Announcement.?

by Assistant Director (52.3k points)

Still Better than YRF big announcement of "Befikre"......


By miles.The Yrf one was a big joke

+1 vote

As I had said earlier, don't just assume KJo won't clash with Dwarf. Business is business.

Anyway, that poster is freaking awful. But then, the movie hasn't even started yet. I'm sure much better stuff will be out in time.

by Assistant Director (43.5k points)
+1 vote

It's a typical masala film aimed at masses.. Eyeing New Year Holiday... Kedarnath announced 21 St December release coz they wanted to play in long run.. Now Simba is releasing there is no long run.. They will find hard to find 500 screens in 2nd week if they clash.. So they will either prepone or Postpone.. Valentine 2019...Enjoy kro Kedarnath

by Second Unit Director (74.3k points)