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1. Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014): 7/10 I don't know enough about the biblical testament to comment on authenticity and factual accuracies of the film but, the film is bluntly entertaining with the kind of canvas and production scale the film has shown. Apart from some biblical mythology, it also gives hints how an entire civilization like Egypt could have met to extinction as the film has brilliantly captured the disaster sequences of the film which obviously happened with the interest of God in the film but, even if we see it with an eye of science, some of its parts could be believable.
After watching sci-fi films like Alien, Prometheus, Blade Runner, Exodus was unexpected from Ridley Scott. Well, now I know the man is someone who thinks and does it big. I've surely got an interest in his work and I'll be exploring more of his work with films like Gladiator and Martian are queued up in my next to watch list.
The film has Christian Bale, one more reason why I loved the film. <3

2. Kingdom of Heaven (2005): 7/10 Well, another Ridley Scott film, another film based on biblical testament. In this film, the story is most superior aspect comparing with my last watch Exodus: Gods and Kings. The political spectrum of Jerusalem and the diplomatic build-up of the characters make it an interesting watch and then there are savage war-sequences which is just jaw-dropping. The film rather starts on a slow note, but it picks up faster once the story is established. Overall, a satisfying film.

3. Westworld (TV Series) (2016): 9/10 Bloody Hell! This is some freakin awesome stuff. One of the best thing I've watched this year and I'm quite not over it yet. The series may have ended and the Men In Black may have found the Maze in the end (which obviously wasn't for him though), but, it has left a maze for me to solve for sure. I'm loving it, the way I'm going back and forth trying to connect each sequence, making a timeline is just mind-blowing. Each time I sleep on any particular incident of the film, I got a fresh rearrangement of the sequence of the events of the story. The screenplay of the film is indeed smart and intelligent.
The series has a lot to offer. It's a philosophical and insightful show, full of wisdom and characters conversing with each other in an array of ground-breaking dialogues make you think about the very evolution and reality of our existing world and beyond the time we're living in. The series has made a powerful appearance in my life, it's impactful and I'm glad I've watched it. <3
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Glad you liked Westworld. Just for fun watching the 2 films too.


Apart from Blade Runner, Alien, you would like to recommend any Scott film he made before 2000..?


Thelma & Louise.

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  1. Titanic 3D [1997] = 40th time on the big screen. This time print enhanced with Dolby Vision Technology.

  2. Wonder [2017] = 8/10 [most beautiful film excluding Titanic, which I've watched this year. By far not counting Titanic, this is the best film Hollywood has produced this year.]

  3. SPYder [2017 - Tamil] = NR [re-watched with parents. They completely disliked it.]

  4. Mersal [2017 - Tamil] = NR [re-watched it with parents. Like me, they found it average too.]

First time watches = None.

Movie of the week = Wonder & Titanic (Obviously)

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Machine 2/10
Lame i don't know how did abbas-mustan even made a movie like this
Mustafa can't act
The only plus was kiara advani who was looking beautiful

Winner 5/10
Just another commercial potboiler from telugu cinema i don't even want to write anything more

Solo 8/10
Dulqueer Salman is such a brilliant actor and he proves it again with solo
It is a anthalogy film with four stories based on wind water fire and soil
They all are also traits of lord shiva which is potrayed brilliantly by the director
My fav story is the world of trilok
Also the film was highly criticised for its climax but i found the climax to be gud it deals with a sensitive issue which is almsot a taboo here so you can understand the outrage
Anyways highly recommendable

Movie of the week-SOLO

by Assistant Director (42.3k points)
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Jurassic park - 8/10
Inception - 9.5/10
aasai - 7/10

by Second Unit Director (74k points)
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99 (6.5/10):

I have always like Raj and DK's work. This movie is said to be their best. After searching for it in many places, finally found it. It's quite good. The strong points from their other movies carry over. The camaraderie between the characters. The language used. Colourful characters populating the movie. Overall I enjoyed it and would continue to watch Raj and DK's output regardless of how many failures they see.

The Big Short (7/10):

Rewatch. I have better understanding of the subject matter since I saw it for the first time. This time I appreciated the movie more. I have to say I really liked Steve Carell and Brad Pitt's performance a lot. The movie presents the situation with complete honesty, and does not justify the behaviour of the people who had a hand in the subprime mortgage crisis.

by Assistant Director (48k points)
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Cars 3: 6/10

What a waste of opportunity. Its not new for Cars franchise. They made Mcqueen what I did not wish for. Cars is still my favourite Pixar movie but this movie disappointed me to the core. Hence the rating.

Force Awakens: 8/10
It was a pretty good watch. Nothing groundbreaking like in the original trilogy but still good. Now eagerly waiting for the next instalment.

by Unit Manager (33.3k points)

Found someone who likes Cars, good, that movie gets lot of unnecessary flak.


i really don't understand whats so bad in cars? its climax is still one of the finest... humor is good...
i found it way better than toy story and on par with wall.e

what will be your rating? mine's 9/10 and yes im biased towards mcqueen

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