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1. Ajay for being in that shitty Vimal ad. I mean we all know that's not good for health and he maybe getting a fat paycheck but I have lost respect for him. You have that spell over your fans and what you endorse? Something that may kill them? He'd also done that Bagpiper ad as well.

2. Salman when he was in those thums up ads. It was stupid literally. Everyone knew it was not Salman in there.I used to drink thums up because it was a cold drink and not because I wanted to hop on ships with my bike!

3. SRK in those lux ads. Enough said.

4. Akki's deshbhakti Kajariya ad. Someone tell the guy what over doing things means!

When I was a child I'd never understand why would they advertise soda? Then I got to know that it was TV euphemism for alcohol. While I'm not against it and I enjoy my beer a couple times in a month. I'd be happy knowing Salman does not endorse them because that might influence someone.
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I hate seeing SRK in "Fair and Handsome" wala ad. Period. I mean, come on, we're not in the stone age anymore. At the end he's getting paid "handsomely" for it, so hes right in his place, I guess.

And Akki's patriotic ads make me cringe hard too. :p No hate for the guy, but he's overdoing it a bit, playing the patriotism card that is.

PS: I dont watch TV at all these days so not sure about other actors.

And this one is GOLD.


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yeah man i forgot about his mardon wali cream shtick.. it was so cringeworthy

and that charminar shit was out of the world for me

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