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Can A Padman Do 200 Crore Or Get To150 Crore?
Thursday 30 November 2017 12.15 IST
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Q. There has been much support from the trade and other organizations in the industry but the big stars like Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan have said nothing to support the film. Only if the industry is one can the industry survive against all these political groups.
A. The trade and these organisations can say what they like as are nobodies and nobody takes them seriously anyway. Now all these stars can only say let the film the release and then decide. They cant say the film is correct and go out in full support that way as just like the groups against it have not seen it nor have the stars. So by doing this you are basically doing the same as the groups by making a judgement before viewing. The voice of these stars will be taken seriously and you will be in trouble if you give full support and when it releases the rajputs see it against there culture.
Harsh Gupta
Q. Last week i read the Dangal v Bajrangi Bhaijaan article and i think you are giving too less importance to China. It is the biggest market for filsm after America and China should be taken account when saying how big a film is compared to other films.
A. China is irrelevant for Hindi films or at least 99.9% of them as most will not release there. The home market is what it is about and always be and despite China being a huge market it hardly matters until more Hindi films get numbers there. Aamir Khan in the Far East is a somewhat like what Raj Kapoor was in Russia and Easter Europe in the 50's.  The following may not be as big as Raj Kapoor but there is a following so at the moment only his films have chances of numbers.
J. Rao
Q. Can Padman crack the 200 crore or even 150 crore mark as you have said the theatrical is good and you said same about Toilet before release?
A. The film is not in that format where you can expect those numbers especially 200 crore. To get these numbers the films have to be bigger productions as at this level the opening to get over 150 crore is hard to get. You can have a superhit item song but that sometimes takes away from the content and the wrong audience comes which does not allow the film to hold. Eventually Padman is a small film in terms of production but the presence of Akshay Kumar and an earthy feel gives it potential of good footfalls against the other small films. The potential is Jolly LLB 2 or Toilet Ek Prem Katha number or a little higher depending on how the audience likes the content.
Mohan Bakshi

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Padman with akshay cant do 150 or 200cr....what is BOI getting in return for projecting akshay as some megastar?

answered by Producer (103k points)
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China is irrelevant seriously oh yes Charsi BOI knows for counting chillers so obviously a market where you have unlimited potential to score is simply irrelevant & most importantly their pyare lallas are yet to open a mark in this market.

answered by Director (127k points)

@intense ... ok you want me realize that what Seinfeld said in his first comment was anything related to the topic & not a attempt to provoke us..


@deepak well as much as I know, Germany is never considered as a true blue market for Bollywood. Sure, Srk is mega popular there but despite that Bollywood has never entered the core German film market. When anybody praise Srk & Germany relation they only mean Srk there & not Bollywood. The same applies to Aamir & China.

China doesn't work in the name of one actor neither does bollywood. Dangal's magical figures were due to the goodwill of 3 Idiots & PK. Reason why the goodwill is only limited to Aamir Khan's films & not rest of Bollywood. Let the market be explored by many taking advantage of Aamir starrers then it'll be something.

You can't expect Bahubali's India's performance be ranked/rated/compared with that of China's business of Dangal or PK. That's what I meant when I said BOI has been harsh at presenting their take. In their attempt at justifying how China is irrelevant, they're letting go how Dangal is relevant to China. Just because they aren't adding a line of praise for Dangal doesn't mean entire article must be discredited.


@Suhas... well it's all about what you want to say & how you actually use the words , for every Srk sucees they have a full page just to showcase Srk stardom but in Aamir case BOI always use double standard...
You have put Baahubali example here which they present far superior to Dangal just because of Domestic sucees but same BOI also declared Dilwale as winner just because of 20cr odd extra worldwide business in clash against Bajirao mastani...
They just trying to prove them correct that Bajrangi Bhaijaan was most loved movie between dangal & BB (with special external factors) while they completely ignored external factors like demonatization /intolerance comments against Dangal...
So it's obvious now they are just using nonsense post after post just to prove whatever they say was correct..
A market a recent Bollywood movie earn approx 1200 Cr was irrelevant for them , seriously before Baahubali 2 highest grossing Indian movie was less than 750 Cr..


If it was Salman if Srk who get this success what Aamir is achieved in China then you simply can't imagine how many mini heart attack BOI will gave to haters but now because it is Aamir so now they are coming with stupid logic , articles , theories just to make us believe that China us irrelevant or in other words is not even exits because we don't believe so..

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hahahaha BOI have taken it upon themselves to troll Aamir fans

answered by Location Manager (5.3k points)

Again its LOSERS. I'm amused that "class" fanbase of sir Aamir cant even use proper words and then you call us Salman fans rikshawala and all

sorry couldnt resist. But peace out


Now that is the only thing you can do as don't you have proper facts to argue on topic so bla bla bla bla , anyway my English skills is better than bhaijaan (your idol) so it means ok let it be chal maaf kiya ab jyada naak mat ragadh.


okay looser


Okay peace out loosers..

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one must admit boi is just SAVAGE some of the times

answered by Set Decorator (1.7k points)
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answered by Mega Star (200k points)

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