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Only dhoom 3, PK and Dangal till now. May be two more.

Total of 5 clean hits in the whole decade. It could be 4 only. Lol
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All the names you have mentioned above was not just clean hits , they are ATG be in India , USa Canada , china & many more countries..


maximum 5.

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clean hits (or more): Dhoom 3, PK, Dangal, ToH.

I don't think Salute will be releasing in 2019.

answered by Unit Manager (33.9k points)
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He work less in quantity but more in quality. We all know this. Now this is his work culture. He will decide how many film he has to do. That's it. Nothing to maje joke. There are people who work for just 6hr and there are people vwho work for 12. Apni apni soch.

answered by Assistant Director (43.6k points)

exclude dhoom 3. it wasn't a quality film............

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Yes Aamir will have 5 hits 2 semi hit and 1 below average out of 8 films in decade.
100% Success among feature films.
No outright flop, 1 below average that would be an art film.

3 are already hgoty atbb and atg, Remaining 2 are potential atbb atg hgoty. Strong contender for Hgotd Bhotd Mwfotd.

Is that bad that your are saying lol???

answered by Casting Director (18.9k points)

If u are adding secret then even dear zindagi belongs to Shahrukh...


Yes DZ belongs to Srk its in its filmography like SS is in Aamir's

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Dangal overseas more than combined of This year's all the major bollywood releases of lead stars.....

2 back to back atgs/atbbs

Getting respect from communist countries like China.

His Cameo movie making Blockbuster business in places where some big stars movies are not even released and have no market..

Finally, Making India and Indian movies proud...... Ace for u

With sequels even Ajay can deliver Blockbusters........
Lehron ke saath toh koi bhi tair leta hai ... par asli insaan woh hai joh lehron ko cheerkar aage badta hai

answered by Second Unit Director (72.9k points)
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You are trying to make fun of a legend. The question should be how many ATBB/ATG Aamir Khan will have this decade.

answered by Casting Director (19.9k points)
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I know this is all a part of fan wars. The real issue now I shall how many ATG’S Aamir end up with till 2020? Similarly let’s s how many more blockbusters for salman till 2020. Both these guys are right up there.....there are beyond small hits. They deal in bigger stuff

answered by Producer (103k points)
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4 or 5, LMAO..... Salman gave 5 it in 2.5 years

answered by Location Manager (7k points)
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More than what salman had in last decade and he himself had in 90's .....

answered by Unit Manager (30.4k points)

hahaha.......the moment i read Tiger's comment, i knew its a half volley Saransh will jump onto and enjoy playing....why u did that Tiger bhai??


@baadshah bhai isme tiger ki galti nhi h, tiger thodi na school jate hain, wo to junglon me rehte hain
@tiger - the real illiterate kon si 6 hit thi be salman ki, dhlj, msk, partner, wanted - 4 hi to hain.....bheekh wali no entry aur baghban giniyo mat


I dont understand why people always make fun of Aamir's volume of movies. He is not comfortable with working in multiple movies at a time, it does not suits him and he cant give his best every individual is different and hence has a different style of working. He admitted it many times in interview that initially he signed a lot many movies as a young star and made a mistake but the imp thing is that he realised his mistake and corrected it which gave him huge success later.

From 1988-1994 He did 16 films and 3-5 were hits depending on update (2 bb, 1 hgoty) This was the time he realised his mistake that he is compromising with both quality and collections of his movies and shifted gear.
From 1995- 2017 He did 25 movies out of which 18 were success (5 atbb, 2 bb, 3 super hit 4 hit 2 semi hit 2 average) He had 5 hgoty, 1 hgotd, 5 Atg, Went to oscars, Bafta, Won National awards, Padma Awards, Founded mega collection clubs and gave memorable classics and performances to bollywood.

If he cant be trolled for box office performance, quality of movies and acting skills doesnt means he should be trolled for Volume of movies which is just his working style.


@saransh the lunatic
Kyu munna? NE and Baghban Akki se darke bhagne wala, 60cr ke liye tarasnewala global king ki films hai kya???

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Most importantly that even after doing just 4 commercial films as a lead his movies worldwide collection is more than any other actors that is just the domination of Aamir khan for you...
3 ATG in India , USA Canada , Taiwan , China , Hongkong , Turkey these achievement in a single decade that too with only 4 films..
And still some loosers do nanga naach on small achievement of some local stars too much fun..

answered by Director (127k points)
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Lets not ridicule him. He and some others think that he's number 1 so lets just be silent and let them be happy

Although 3 atgs is a big thing and may not be done by anyone again... So yes thats an enviable record.
But the sad part is he will never be hailed as a megastar or the undisputed number 1 becuase hes just not there in terms of charisma and starpower.
He is a genius. And I will be very happy if he keeps being that That makes him a legend

answered by Location Manager (5.3k points)

Dangal's opening more than double of Tubelight. mind u dangal came during demonetization. That's Star power for you...

and talking about charisma, his devotion towards the work is his charisma. His acting talent, his sheer hardwork is his charisma.....


yes tubelight was a big failure which did bring Salman down a bit. No ones going to argue with that.

–1 vote

And some people try to compare him with Megastar SALMAN KHAN

answered by Unit Manager (34.9k points)

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