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how do you classify yourself as among these: [poll]

+2 votes
very religious :: like ga**** f**d dunga type
normal religious :: like dont f*** with me i dont f**** with you
somewhat religious :: liberal type
strictly non religious :: g*** maraaye sab ke sab type
asked Nov 27 in General by india...india Set Decorator (1,654 points)
8% Accept Rate

imo religious people are more kind hearted than others

are charlie ji aisa na karo sachchai batao

@irdwhelp Yeah, but such souls only exist in public forums or places where their ideals and voices are not heard, or represented well to the public.

@Zin that's why we need such souls in mainstream politics ..
"Hamara neta kaisa ho Charlie & Suhas jaisa ho"

8 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Normal Religious. Usually respectful to other's choice and opinion.

answered Nov 28 by Greek God Executive Producer (68,996 points)
selected Nov 28 by india...india

vaah aap bhi bahut ucch vichaar vaale mahanubhav gyaat hote hai

+3 votes

kattar .... jai shree ram bharat mata ki jai...

answered Nov 27 by king khan reloaded Costume designer (1,130 points)

Btw the question was Religion not about Country

+2 votes

answered Nov 27 by Irdwhelp Second Unit Director (78,228 points)
+2 votes

In the third category trying to be in the second one

answered Nov 28 by mr.hola Unit Manager (30,734 points)

vaah ye hui na baat bhai kattar vaale bano baaki sab to moh maaya hai ... jai shree ram

+1 vote

Kattar Rashtrabaadi hoon.....Bharat Mata, sry, Rashtra Mata Padmini Premi hoon.....Bharat pita Nathuram Godse ka sabse bada bhakt hoon. #Bharat Mata Ki Jai. #Mandir wohi banwayenge (Ram mandir).

answered Nov 27 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (32,234 points)

are yaar kaun ye .... abhi koi aur user bhi mujhe tauji hi bola

Bhratashri @india india.... Aapke Mann ko kasht dene ke liye main shamaprarthi hoon. Kripaya shama kare.

are na bhai tumne dil tod diya .. socha tha ek ghanisht mitra banega par tum to khel gaye bhavnao se

Aapke bhavnao ko thes pahchane ke liye firse shama chahta hoon, bhratashri.

+1 vote

Religous and also light my joint bro..

answered Nov 27 by Charlie runkle™ Producer (115,359 points)
+1 vote

I come under 2nd option Normal religious but wont do stuff which my Religion considers a Sin.

And iam a person who is like, Hey follow your religion and i'll do mine and we will live together Happily unless some of your stuff hurting me Personally deep down then i will ask you to stop, otherwise ignore.

Its better to ignore an Ignorant than having debate.

I dont take criticism on my religion seriously because i know what it is which critics dont know, so its better to stop arguing or fighting.

Aap aapna karo mai apna karunga dono saat rahenge happily type of thinking.

answered Nov 28 by iamkhan8970 Producer (106,334 points)

ucchh vichaar aur neebu ka purana achaar... both good for health

+1 vote

Never been religious since I have been able to introspect and never will be.

Life for me is very simple.

You laugh all the time. Have coitus 5 times a week. And drink alcohol twice a month.

answered Nov 28 by Seinfeld Art Director (2,676 points)

mera bass chale toh... lekin nahi chalta

kamaal karte ho bhai tum bhi

@Seinfeld Sinner.

I'm young and enthusiastic

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