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This Aamir fan DEEPAK_BISHTY is having a habit of calling Salman fans as "********", which is bigger abuse as it is slang word used for someone RETARDED, is this kind of abuse/insult allowed in this forum?

Link of thread: http://forums.itsboxoffice.com/612738/20-years-of-ishq

Last time, i responded to DEEPAK with a Word which was much less harmful as it ain't ABUSE, I was banned for 7 days.

Why partial behavior for this AAMIR FAN & BAN for me if i Reply to this kind of word?

MODS if DEEPAK is allowed, can i use the word = A-C-E-T-A-R-D ?? Will that be ok?
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asked in General by Location Manager (7k points)
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You guys means omkara & you because you are the only two guys are begging mod to take action against me but on the other hand also using 38 or 39 fans to provoking Aamir fans...


Bro, andhe toh nhi ho gaye naa! When/where did I begg any action against you? Get well soon brother... My sympathy is with you.


Carry on , not interested to argue with further...


Jab interest jaage tab bata dena...I'm always interested.

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answered by Second Unit Director (80k points)
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Rule does apply to everyone, equally.

It's not the first time that a user here felt that he/she* was treated unfairly by the mods. In the 4 years of our existence, we have learned that it's simply not possible to keep everyone happy. We are very proud to have a Mod team, which is represented by different fan sections, and all decisions regarding Ban periods, and the Ban itself is discussed behind the scenes.

And as far as your ban is concerned, I did reply to you on twitter as to why you were banned. Its clearly stated in the rule section that no personal abuses will be tolerated against the fellow community members.

It's not the first time that a user in this forum used the term "retard" or "___tard" associating a star or his followers. (... all the fan sections have done it once at least) This is a common scene in other social media platforms. The problem here is not the forum policy, but the person using the term himself/herself who don't understand that the term "retard" is a sensitive term and is not to be used lightly.

We are not encouraging anyone to make fun of mental health or any issues associated with it. Its not that we haven't done anything to prevent it. In case you have noticed, we have censored the term in question, long ago.(didn't censor other variations "___tards", which is why its not censored in the SS)

PS: I'm not justifying what Deepak said (I have warned him), but you cant justify your actions simply because you're doing it in response.

  • "/she..." Just for probability's sake."
answered by Assistant Director (47.7k points)
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If you want to ban me then please go ahead but please also take same against Salman fans who continuously trying to provoke Aamir fans by saying 38 or 39 fans (meaning wise its nothing but to keep calling the same thing again & again create irritation)...
Also request to include Aamir mod in panel as most of times Aamir fans have to suffer as rules are only strict for Aamir fans while other fanbase get away...

answered by Director (127k points)
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Aamir fans given free pass? What about Sallu fans? One of you just made a post calling him a "semi-****" star and got off scot-free.

answered by Unit Manager (34k points)

at least I don't make new posts on every tiny thing and blame it on others.

and just one SRKian was using that logic, he got due punishment for it. you were absolutely trying to bring it to others' attention so they could troll SRK.


Haan....toh kya koi ehsaan kar raha hai?

Dusre kya karte hai usse mera koi matlab nhi... Mujhe troll karna tha toh mene kar diya...aage bhi karta rahunga agar Bhai pe bakwas dikha toh.


Mann ki baat
Khat par baat
Chai pe charcha
And now
Bhai pe Bakwas

Don't mind but you unintentionally invented a phrase that is similar to above political phrases..!!


Aapki creativity ki daat deta hoon waise.

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well I know one thing, we should not be the first ones to offend someone.
It's good as long as we are beating each other facts and numbers. If it goes beyond that then theres a problem.

I suggest you bring anything out of the normal to the notice of mods. I did that and it helped

answered by Location Manager (5.3k points)
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its ok bhai vaise bhi iss forum ke bahar jyaada milte nahi hai

answered by Set Decorator (1.7k points)

Aamir became overnight star with His debut BB movie QSQT and established himself with BB and Hgoty Dil at that time srk was struggling to enter bollywood.
Now when Aamir is ruling as a top Superstar Giving back to back atbb atg hgoty srk is still struggling for clean hit as well as solo release for years now.

There cant be bigger shame than this.


khel aamir ne suru kiya tha khatam bhi wahi karega.

he will make life hell for that arrogant tv star


dono chhote mote stars jo 2010 ke baad paida hue hai comparing with srk .... end of world is coming soon vaise bhi aamir ke 40-50 to fans hai india me kya bura maan na


abe 60cr ke star aukad me raho hum 380cr wale se aukad me reh k baat kar

waise bhi hum 40-50 hai par maine aaj tak ek bhi srk fan boy ko real me nai dekha,
sab ladki hai uske fans

tu bhi sayyad girl hi hoga.

beta yrf/dharma ko hatakar compare kar amir or srk k films ko aukad pata chal jayegi.

jab jab flop diya yrf/dharma resuce me aaya

like Asoka failed to beat lagan then dharma came to rescue k3g

pbddh failed to beat mela

97 failed to beat ishaq with both movies then yrf came to rescue

99 failed to beat sarfarosh because that year there was no yrf and dharma

yrf dharma made star apna to kuch hasiyat hi nai

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As suhas and zin explained....mods and admins sometimes cannot check every comment and word. It is upto users as well. I was inactive for a few hours hence did not see this comment. No such as thing as AK or SK or SRK fans.....bad behaviour is bad behaviour.

answered by Producer (103k points)

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