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asked in Movie Discussions by Mega Star (244k points)
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These historical films are getting scary now even for filmmakers to make in future. I hope nothing happens to Ajay Devgan's Tanaji Malusare.

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No country for artists........

answered by Location Manager (5.3k points)
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What's the point in making a promise to a failed society? Will Supreme Court compensate it if the CBFC doesn't clear it for months due to red tapism and govt pressure? We need a new constitution and new institutions.

answered by Producer (117k points)

So my aim of living in an identity-less society will remain unfulfilled?


Well,RSS wants Hindu rashtra. Hence,They are trying to change this country itself which is a big Utopia and everybody knows it will never happen. The day we will even think about it, this country will break into pieces, because very base of this country is ," unity in diversity ", no official religion, everyone living with each other etc.
Charlie, How can you get rid of this caste system which is embedded in our culture, society and particularly in our mind for almost 2900 years ? Let us assume that we , say after 30-40yrs, by amendments remove this ' caste word ', from the Constitution, removes caste distinction , caste identity etc like the way we abolished systems like Sati, untouchability. But how we going to remove this from peoples mind ? Whenever you will go for marriage you are going to ask for caste, gotra etc.
Assume, when we got independnce there were may be 98-99℅ people who stringently followed caste system. Now it has got down to may be 85-90℅. Marriage is the institution where it is mainly followed. It will get reduced with each passing decades.
I am optimistic.. But problem is that we are talking about the thing which is the backbone of this culture and to break the very backbone is too difficult thing. Just making laws, changing Constitution is not sufficient. You have to change the mindset which is very difficult thing. This will happen with proper education system, proper political culture, proper law and order system etc. But unfortunately this is where we lack behind and does not want to change. That is why I said we need different institutions with different work ethics.
I agree to the point mentioned by Suhas. Man the intentions of our Constitution maker's were very sincere and holy. The Constitution is very good. Problem is within us..


Yeah.. To reform the society we need to concentrate on the emerging generations of the society but how can we stop the emerging generation to not get influenced by the 20th century generation? We r doing nothing to educate the youngsters that the identity as a HUMAN is much bigger than the identity of religion and caste. Where is the work? Does the society have any plan?


Education and teachers are the key here.
Parents may or may not be educated enough.
Good teachers make good nation.
I myself belong to this generation of youth.

You are talking about Scandinavian culture mahn.That's ideal.
There is a big gap between we subcontinent people, African, Asian countries and Western highly advanced countries. ( Scandinavian countries of Norway, Denmark etc ). Their renessaince period started very early. Their political culture is very different from the start. They even differed with other European countries.
I don't know
when will that " renessaince " happen in india.

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And meanwhile, After MP, UP, HARYANA, PUNJAB, GUJRAT, MAHARASHTRA, RAJASTHAN now this movie is banned in BIHAR too..!!

They should release it in overseas only and not in India because people won't let it release peacefully here or maybe not even let it release at all..!!

answered by Super-star (199k points)

I thought you joking bro but just saw news and it's actually banned in Bihar also. Now it is possible that this movie won't even release.


It is not banned in maharashtra. And I don't think it will be banned. Maharashtra didn't banned even bajirao mastani, Padmavati bahot dur ki bat hain.