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+1 vote
considering so many states are banning it,
in General by Set Decorator (1.7k points)
8% Accept Rate

Man, this is stuff that is going on is crazy with Padmavati. Now this will affect this many who want to do these historical film in future. Ajay's movie Tanaji may become a victim of this like what's happening with Padmavati.

2 Answers

+1 vote

It will release for sure..... Supreme Court will lift the ban from these states...... It happened at time of Arakshan as well.. Sanjay leela bhansali is waiting for CBFC to paas.. CBFC is waiting for nod for government and government is waiting from elections to end.. Dont want negativity for passing Padmavati...

by Second Unit Director (74.3k points)

what will court do when cm cites law and order problem ?


If CBFC passes the film then sc will surely lift the ban. Govt then will have to provide security..


Govt will have to provide security then..its govt responsibility to handle it...

+1 vote

I think its a good lesson for Indian directors let the history be history.
Do not try to make any movie on historical figures. Just them be buried and let those people believe that the concerned historic figure represents their brethren the best possible way and all that figure did was right.

Everyday I hate the fact that I am from such a country. Other than being able to use "torrents" without any warnings from my ISP (at least for now), there is nothing good here.

by Unit Manager (30.3k points)

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