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The New Year may start on a solid note with Padman. The teaser of the film was to come this week with Padmavati and the trailer later but it is the trailer which does the trick. The film is based on the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham, a social entrepreneur from Tamil Nadu who invented low cost sanitary pads. Now if one was to go by this the film would hardly evoke much interest among the theater going audience but from the trailer the film has that humour which has the potential to work across India.  The film is based on a real character but it is not a biopic and is not based in Tamil Nadu but in a picturesque small town of Madhya Pradesh where again Akshay Kumar plays the common middle class man ala Jolly LLB 2 and Toilet Ek Prem Katha. This change makes the film much more acceptable to the Hindi audience.

The film maybe the social relevant type but is the commercial aspects like the humour and love story which is going to gain traction with the audience. The film visually looks better than Jolly LLB 2 and Toilet Ek Prem Katha. Padman is not a huge starter at the box office as there is no action and the production values are not grand but there is the advantage of the national holiday on release which is a huge plus for Padman. The film is eventually a content film which normally picks up on Friday evening but here it will get a much bigger audience on day one due to the holiday which will be a huge boost especially if reports come out good.

The film is directed by R. Balki who does not have the best record with feeble films like Cheeni Kum, Paa and Ki & Ka and these are the ones which managed okay business. This one does not like a R. Balki film from any angle as does not have that limited urban appeal which all his previous films have had. The likes of Paa and Ki & Ka could not not find the larger audience due to weak portrayal of emotions (fake as per the audience is probably the correct word) and if here the emotions work there will be no stopping this film for a strong run with the family audiences. Normally with Balki you would not expect much in this case but as the trailer looks nothing like a Balki film then it also gives hopes that the emotions and storytelling will not be like Paa or Ki & Ka.


Is Askhay now associated with BOI in anyways?As from last 2 Akshay movies they are seeing the trailer of his movie before it's release. Also tried to declare TEPK blockbuster and also said that this is the best trailer of 2017 and same thing they are saying for Padman. If you remember when they released top stars list then by their own calculation of top stars they said Akshay will be on top with salman. BOI exact words on that article "Without getting into exact details a three year chart will show that Akshay Kumar is right up there with Salman Khan".

asked in General by Casting Director (19.9k points)
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OK, who else apart from me thinks boi has now become PR of kriraj, now expecting a similar article for battigool, fanny, kedarnath.
Too much of PR work by Akki.
OR Is it effect of reshma???
Or never seen before success in akki's career??
I still remember boi brought up that comparison on the basis of no of movies to give that extra push to akki & project him as 3rd biggest.
But nomatter what boi projects or how hard PR of Akki/kriraj works but still I don't see padman doing 12+ opening day even if that's republic day.

answered by Location Manager (6k points)

Many ppls said that Girish johar (Kriarj) has close Relation with BOI. That's why BOI Now Promoting kriarj films.


@Roman I have immediately realised that and that's why I asked if anyone else also feels the same.

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It's definitely a PR article... It came at time of Tubelight being niche.. At time of JHMS.. an article about European directors.... I don't why BOI has to do that Commentary.. Just do what ur good at..

answered by Second Unit Director (73.2k points)
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BOI have been doing this since the days of MD vs Rustom. Tepk was blockbuster on the second day for them. Now wait. Padman will be blockbuster eve before its release. Akshay is right on top with Salman........cheers. No one laughed.

answered by Producer (103k points)
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Hahahahhahahahaa poor charsi admins of BOI...
Trying to hard to make akki as a superstar..

answered by Director (127k points)

Girish johar has closely relation with BOI, Johar Working with team Boi since many years. That's why Kriarj used Girish johar's connection to promate his film on BOI. Waise Poster se hi lagta hain padman ka budget low hain. HIT to easily ho jayegi

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Girish johar is the mahn behind this article and kriarj is the production house coz kriarj using BOI very well through girish johar and 2nd thing for BOI it will be low budget movie of 80cr cost and 12cr on normal day and 20cr for republic day will be bumper results and 120cr lifetime will be strong run at the box office for BOI

answered by Production Accountant (22.3k points)

Exactly,they will surely say it as low budget movie and will try to declare it Superhit/blockbuster as they did with TEPK. This is nothing but a PR article and surely Kriarj using BOI.


100% kriarj using BOI through girish johar coz girish working with BOI since long

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answered by Set Decorator (1.4k points)

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