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Kya BOI ko blockbuster verdict or all time blockbuster verdict ke beech me ek aur verdict nahi deni chahiye. Ex÷ mega blockbuster.

Ya phir jo movies blockbuster hai unhe super duper hit me dal de. Aur jo mega blockbuster hai unhe blockbuster categary me.

Kyun ki mujhe lagta hai ki ek movie 2.97cr footfalls per atbb ho rahi hai aur dusri 7.39cr per to fir kya difference raha.

Its just my opinion yours please share.


in Box Office Related by Casting Director (16k points)
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Very good suggestion , BOI charsi admin also not feeling good to see Aamir 5 movie as ATBB which is more than some of their favorite star so why not create new verdict like mega atbb , single screens blockbuster , low atp hige ffs blockbuster ,masala blockbuster , only hindi heartland blockbuster , aamir doesn't exit blockbuster etc etc etc...

by Director (128k points)
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The only way of judging ATBB verdict is real collection as we know how BOI calculate FFs from their homemade theories..
If you want me to believe on that Dangal ATP was higher than Tubelight (which is only a weekend film with all time highest ticket price) then sorry bro it is not going to happen..


Bro main abhi kuch der baad ek post karunga atbb verdict ko maine research kiya hai ki BOI wale kaise dete honge. Agar aapko bhi waisa hi lage to batana. Ok agar main galat huo to bhi batana. But please fan base answer mat dena waha. Kyun ki ho sakta hai ki hum bOI ki atbb dene ki technique samaj jaye.


Lol i am never creating any fans war here , everyone knows that BOI hater Aamir & their theories , ffs , commentary all based on that..
If you are going to make another post on their FFs so stay happy then sorry you can't make a correct post with basic wrong informations...


Nahi bro main ff se related nahi balki atbb movie verdict kaise deta hai ise samaj ne ka prayas karene.

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"Kyun ki mujhe lagta hai ki ek movie 2.97cr footfalls per atbb ho rahi hai aur dusri 7.39cr per to fir kya difference raha"

According to this logic Even movie getting 7.39 footfall wouldnt be eligible to get atbb if compared with around 15 cr movie footfall.

But every film cant be compared in that way.

Atbb verdict is given to movies which has exceptional recovery for all parties concerned with respect to budget and price at which it was sold, It is compared to present era collections, footfalls yardstick and also yardstick of the actor concerned. Circuit records and All time records are added bonus specially when previous records are smashed by a good margin.

by Production Accountant (27.6k points)

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