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+2 votes
1. Dabangg 3 vs dwarf?

Predict -
Dabangg 3

2. Dabangg 3 (solo)
    Dwarf (solo)
Dabangg 3 win
Dwarf win
Clash not happen, dwarf run away from this date.
Clash not happen, dabangg 3 run away from this date.
Source Link: https://www.bollyarena.net/salman-khans-dabangg-3-on-christmas-2018/
in Box Office Related by Production Designer (15.7k points)
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Clash not happen, dabangg 3 run away from this date


I want Temper to clash will Dwaft just out of curiosity that's all to see who wins.

13 Answers

+5 votes
Best answer

As of now no updates on this clash. SRK will move to 2019 if dabangg 3 is coming on xmas. If he does clash then dabangg3 will eat up dwarf for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

by Director (122k points)
selected by

Coming from someone who says masala movies times are over, Ironical


Star power sir. First day and weekend salman will win. Content wise I am skeptical about dwarf.

P.S- If someone thinks India's future under kohli is dark....I am inclined to say dabangg can beat dwarf.


But are you inclined to say contrasting things like a hypocrite..??

Some time ago - Masala movies won't work, their time is over bla bla bla
Now - Dabangg 3 will eat Dwarf for breakfast, lunch & dinner

I mean what does that statement even mean..??


1st day and weekend will go to d3. Post that one needs content to survive. Its 50:50 for dwarf.

P.S- Kohli will take India to the dark ages. He is loud, brash, irresponsible.....I mean what does that statement even mean?


Ya, jst like raees ate kaabil for breakfast, lunch and dinner and drank it for morning coffee and late night soda.......


Yes saransh bro. Just like that.


But isn't he? I mean 2 sides of same coin, you call it passion, i call it arrogance, both are right in their own way, let's not dwell into that.

Your statement didn't mentioned weekend, week etc, your statement just mean that Dabangg 3 will beat Dwarf like Dwarf is a small movie, that's what eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner means.


Eat up dwarf for lunch breakfasts and dinner ? Ye jara jyada hi hua ab... Srk ko kya samza kya lol ?


Boxfficeman nothinf against srk. Main to tb ke maze le raha hun.
Tb clarify kiya na maine. Srkians see opening day as indicator of star power, wahan d3 will hammer dwarf simple. Now watch some kader khan and govinda classics...mazaa aayega


Again, define hammer. I mean even hammer means huge difference, so you mean to say that D3 will open much much bigger then Dwarf if clashed..??


hey two face fan....check occupancy of srk movies opening considering genre, situation day. and compare it to Salman. what made u think dabaang will eat dwarf. that never happened with srk in history.... mohabbtein occupancy was more than mission Kashmir... srk ate up everyone... raees Vs kaabil.. it's called eating up at breakfast, lunch, dinner.
boi to everywhere... despite so bad phase of srk still he is neck to neck to Salman... and here a wannabe saying dabaang will eat dwarf.... people like u should play blue whale


@sihan bhai Intense ne clearly likha hai ke woh sirf Thunderbird ko tease karne ke liye ye sab kaha hai ...


@sihan, opening day and weekend will be taken by dabangg very easily. Salman will beat SRK there.

And ya I say some things to irritate Tb too.


easily.... lol. jhms is disaster before release.... we all know opening power of srk.... he is been proving it again and again despite so bad movie, bad lifetime business. even recent secret superstar hints something when we look back to dear zindagi. in fan following nobody beats srk..... I wish both movie release together with dabaang 3 500 screens more... clear Ho jaayegi milk and water.


only an idiot compare dz and ss opening while dz has alia-srk combo and ss had only amir name

so in terms of opening amri any day better than big banner and big actress dependent star srk


Everything is already clear. Still if Dabang3 releases on 500 more screens isse sabkuch aur bhi jyada clear ho jayega...

+3 votes

Is that even a question? If Salman decides to clash (which I highly doubt) then it will be curtains for Dwarf.

Reminds me of the famous quote:

"If he does clash then dabangg3 will eat up dwarf for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

by Unit Manager (30.3k points)

I only said the truth. Kuch logon ko pasand nahi aaya.


Dabangg wasn't even needed. Breakfast, lunch and dinner all happened with kgf only........


Haan ahar Dabangg hoti toh... bass soch ki taras aata hai srk par

+2 votes

Dabangg 3 Hit 4000 Screen
Dwarf Flop 1500 Screen (Distributor Already Trouble SRK Past Movie)
Dabangg 3 Blockbuster
Dwarf Biggest Disaster 2018

by Location Manager (7.4k points)
+2 votes

ummmmm ........ srk ..salman khan k sath clash se aise bhagta hai jaise gadhe k sarr se seengg......!!

raees announced first .....
salman khan announced sultan for eid....
entire srk fan base..... sultan will move.....
PR articles every other day...sultan postponed....
srk goes to exhibitors for playing his movie against salman khan and get humiliated....
srk comes back discusses with excel that they got no screens....
ritesh sidwani comes and says he didn't get proper screening for raees which is why its postponed.... while srk says they need to shoot few more scenes.... because he got injured .... har aik k apne apne bahanay ..... haha
last thing you know... srk puts nitro oxide behind him..and runs like there's no tomorrow from eid.....

now if dabangg 3 is announced for that date.... as intense says.... "If he does clash then dabangg3 will eat up dwarf for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

salman khan k sath clash karna means.... apne career ko goodbye kehna.

by Star (151k points)

srk goes to exhibitors for playing his movie against salman khan and get humiliated....srk comes back discusses with excel that they got no screens....ritesh sidwani comes and says he didn't get proper screening for raees which is why its postponed...

nice story


Then why don't you tell the better story?

+1 vote

D3 will collect 2-3 cr more than dwarf on opening day structly due to franchise, action genre and jhms effect, but since d2 was crap and d3 won't be anything less, therefore post day1, dwarf will wreck havoc in dabangg's life.......

by Unit Manager (30.7k points)


+1 vote

Already as predicted,it would be a flop with 120-130cr.that too because of xmas.else it would meet the fate what fan and jhms had.
With clash it would be an out and out disaster.
It's better for srk to make oso or Chennai express kind off movies or work on script which appeals pan India like CDI.

by Art Director (2.5k points)
+1 vote

if dabangg 3 is coming on xmas. If he does clash then dabangg3 will eat up dwarf for breakfast, lunch and dinner aur dakkar bi nai lega.... .. is anybody has guts mere answer ke niche comment karke dikaye .... Well ye answer bohat shariff sa hai mere mind mae bohat hi zalil karne wala answer tha

by Unit Manager (30.2k points)
+1 vote

Only the third option can be considered

by Assistant Director (52.1k points)
0 votes

recently read an article from boi.co.in saying that Dabanng 3 will come between Race 3 and Bharat.

so i guess it will be coming on Xmas 2018. what happens next, no one knows yet.

by Assistant Director (43.5k points)

Clash is the last thing SRK needs. Hope he averts it, or as I said d3 will swallow it easily on opening day and weekend. Dwarf vs temper is more likely as of now though

0 votes

I guess D3 will beat Dwarf by 6-7 cr on day1 after that its all content and pretty sure ALR will make a better film then PD.
think bharat will postpone and D3 will be eid18 release.

by Art Director (2.9k points)
0 votes

Dabangg 3 will come on Republic day 2019.

by Production Accountant (23k points)

Republic day is already booked by yrf for HR-tiger movie. Salman’s recent relationship with yrf is very good. So he won't come on Republic Day.


That hr-tiger movie will get delayed.


Let's see.....

–1 vote

Clash not happen, dabangg 3 run away from this date

by Set Designer (2.4k points)

abe pandu wen did D3 decided the release to run... ye srk tohdi na hai usain bolt ki tarah bagne ke liye... yes clash wont happn bcoz salman wil wont clash with last movie of srk due to kind heartness..


salman will run away from clash as he never won any clash in history.
amir is king of clash and messiah of Bollywood.


Vectus stop spreading hatred for Aamir by instigating other fan bases.
Its btr if you start supporting your fav actor openly instead of doing such things. No need to feel ashamed of being fan of the actor you are btr stop hiding as an Aamir fan!

–2 votes

Weekend Clash will be neck to neck with salman might come as a winner due to mass appeal, but if you are talking about content and long run then Clashing a sequel to another crap dabaang 2 with Dwarf is a not wise decision as Anand Rai will never mess with content unless SRK does , So i guess SRK might come winner in Long run and Weekend will go to Salman, but this is nt possible as both films will get effected badly, SRK is a huge star in multiplex and Salman is huge at single screen

by Assistant Director (43.2k points)

90cr n 45cr weekend isnt neck to neck...


IT wont be like that screen share will be almost equal with Dabaang leading at single screen and Dwarf At Multiplex i am dam sure Multiplex will give big no to dabaang 3 after dabaang 2 so it will be some where like 80cr Dabaang and 75cr Dwarf


mugeri lal ke hasin sapne... idhar 60cr lifetime karne ki aukad nai in his friendly genre baat karte ho 75cr weekend against salman... ye sab if but wali baat hai... first kya srk ke bum mae dum hai to clash.. 100 bar anounce kar ke baag jata hai humara kingu... yaha toh aki se bhag raha ....

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