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in General by Assistant Director (51.9k points)
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Tum Bin 2 (1/5) --- If you liked Tum Bin which had Priyanshu Chatterjee then you will be disappointed with the sequel. That's the problem with sequels in this industry as filmmakers can be so desperate to cash in on prequels without writing a story and a script. It's the same scenario with Anubhav Sinha who just recycled a love triangle that has been done so many times and deliberately took elements out the prequel. Boy 1 supposedly dies (Latter comes back alive similar to Deewana) and the girl just can get over his death Boy 2 enters the girl life then both fall in love. When Boy 2 comes back, it turns into a love triangle although Boy 2 decides to leave the girl in the climax.

The twist (Flashback scenes) was so predictable and blatantly copied off Tum Bin (Prequel) were it was revealed that Boy 2 accidentally killed Boy 1 hence why he was asking for his dad for forgiveness. Then decides to walk away only meet in car accident similar to what in happened in the prequel with Priyanshu.

This sequel has a bad story and screenplay followed by unrealistic characters. I mean, it's not like Tum Bin (Prequel) where you feel connected to the characters in terms of emotional scenes they showed. Tum Bin (Prequel) worked because the love story was fresh and characters were written very well. When they cry in the film like Priyanshu Chatterjee & Sandali Sinha, it makes you want to care for them and giving their respective characters that sort of feel in a love story.

Neha Sharma gets more importance in this film and she's ok but her character is too bland based on what I said in my third paragraph. Aditya Seal is good and makes an effort in this film. Aashim Gulati's performance just ugh.

Songs were terrible and I hate how they remixed the original one with Jagit Singh.

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Agneepath (6/10):

It's decent enough. Just like Raees I was expecting a better movie and a better lead performance. Ultimately there were many things not upto expectations. It is quite good in most areas though, and the ending is also strong.

Desi Boyz (5.5/10):

I watched this movie after around 5-6 years. I have to say I enjoyed it despite many parts being really poor and illogical. The movie fails to take itself seriously for even 5 minutes. Everything that happens has no point in the end. Much like Dishoom, it is fast paced enough to blow through any issues you have in the moment, but this movie has many more issues. I also cannot understand what that final scene was there for. Ultimately I'm giving it 5.5 for decent acting, good chemistry (between male leads), good songs, some funny parts and a pleasant feel to the entire movie.

by Assistant Director (44.2k points)
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Tumhari sulu 6/10 . It's about a women who is not well educated but talented and street smart . She wants to work but is clueless about it . But she somehow becomes a Radio jjockey and starts an erotic program (I don't like this idea of uneducated women getting into the profession of satisfying men) The RJ thing in the film is irrelevant and has not been given much importance . The guy who played vidyas husband acted well.. I had no hopes from the film, I just went to contribute to the women empowerment idea.. Director messed up in the final 30 mins and also the overall theme of the film.. My generous one word review - Good.

by Director (123k points)
+1 vote

Mom 6/10
Gud attempt but goes a bit overboard

The great father 5/10
Again on the same rape subject but way too less sensitive than mom and way too over the top

Bogan 6/10
Gud concept but the film doesn't quite came off well

Suoreme 6/10(Superme khiladi)
Sai dharam tej is like the varun dhawan of tollywood too much overacting
An okayish entertainer

Movie of the week-Mom

by Unit Manager (36.3k points)
Name And Rate Movie You Watched (26th Nov - 2nd Dec). Also Choose Movie Of The Week. Week 197.
+1 vote
  1. Secret Life of pets

Rating: 8/10

Short Review:
I wanted to watch this movie as I'm really into animated movies. And having seen its performance at the US Box Office I was very certain that it will be a treat and it was! Awesome animations, gags were funny and special mention to Snowball voiced by Kevin Hart. Boy was he funny. Overall highly recommended.

  1. Sarrainodu

Rating: 9.5/10

Short Review:
I never thought I would rate a Telugu movie this much. But this movie deserved it. I like machoism and chrasima. This flick had it all and some. The villain was menacing and the hero.. Boy! Allu was looking so awesome and them biceps were good too. Overall if you have not seen it and love action masala, go for it without any second thoughts.

by Unit Manager (31.6k points)

@yes yes kay ..
i have seen both Race gurram & DJ but haven't seen Sarrainodu ....
Race gurram is good 6.5/10
DJ .... nothing worh mentioning 3/10 ...


For me race gurram was a gud decent entertainer
Sarraniodu for me was terrible
I haven't watched dj yet


You will end up hating DJ more than Sarrainodu.
I have skipped Sarrainodu somany times on tv didn't like it in the parts which i have seen .


Damn now i will watch it with no expectations literally sp i would be less disappointed

+1 vote


Coco 3D [2017] = 7/10 [A solid watch.]

First Time Watch & Movie of the Week = Coco

Also tried to watch Jeepers Creepers 3, never got this much pissed off in recent times. Will add the movie once I make up my mind to watch it completely.

by All Time best! (257k points)

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