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related to an answer for: Which is a better award worthy performance
in Movies by Assistant Director (59.4k points)
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14 Answers

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Best answer

Action- Salman
Comedy- Salman
Romance- SRK

by Director (132k points)
selected by
+3 votes

Comedy = Sallu
Romance = SRK

Action = while most people will say Salman but how can they say SRK is nothing in action and some even rate him 0/10 lol, it's hilarious, i mean how many action movies has SRK done compared to Sallu, i guess movies like Don, Don 2, MHN, Baazigar, Raees, KA does not count, or even CE. I'm personally fond of Don 2, slick & stylish action, see that movie and rate his action 0/10

So i will say both are almost equal, while Salman is more prolific due to higher frequency of action movies, movies like Don 2, DON, MHN, RAEES and even CE has proven that SRK's no slouch either in action.

BTW did i mentioned that SRK is way ahead in humour department in real life, just can't figure out what happens in movies though..??

by Mega Star (210k points)

Lol...equal in action...you comparing 8 blockbuster actor to 0 blockbuster actor

That is what audience decides...


I already know you are a Salman fan, you don't need to prove it again & again by saying such stuff..!!

You do know na that he asked about action, not whole movie?


Han I m also talking about action....

And your favourite not a one percent appreciated in this...

But you may leave in dreams...that will satisfy you.....


You are confusing movies with genre in general again, so let's just finish this convo because you ain't gonna get it..!!

+2 votes

Action: Salman
Comedy: Salman
Romance: SRK (although he overacts so bad these days)

by Unit Manager (32.4k points)
+2 votes

Action :
Undoubtedly Salman. SRK aur action...LMAO!

Comedy :
Salman is very good in it. Though not at the level of Akshay & Govinda. But comedy se Srk ka door door tak koi rishta nhi hai.

Romance :
Srk is better. But Salman is also very good in it. Some of his biggest hits are romantic ones.
Overall :

by Unit Manager (37.3k points)

Salman in romance is any day better than Srk in comedy


Maine Pyaar Kya
Better than SRK Any Movie

+2 votes

Salman -10/10
Srk - 0/10


Salman - 7/10
Srk - 0/10

Technically srk never click these genres.....


Srk - 10/10
Salman - 9/ 10

In romance srk very successful..but Salman never behind
He has some memorable movies in romantic genre..
Mpk, hddcs, tere Naam....more appreciated than srk 90% romantic movies

All in all Salman ....more appreciated by box office...or audience

by Assistant Director (47k points) 1 flag
+1 vote

Comedy-both are almost equal but salman edges out for me

by Assistant Director (40.3k points)
+1 vote

few days later forum guys will prove that... Dino morea is bigger star than srk (whole career). tushar kapoor is better actor than srk......... forum is jolly llb 3.

by Editor (88.5k points)

dabaang2, bb, sultan action movie . if one punch ten behush is called action / acting...leave south actors, even bhojpuri actors are much more superior than sallu.... leave


Sultan was best action movie at Sanghai International film festival


sultan me one punch 10 behosh kaha tha bhai?
kounse saste nashe karte ho? ya bass characteristics dikha rahe ho srkians ke


A mucho and fitted Salman can't beat 10 goons but haddio ka dhancha looking Srk can beat 15 hathi looking goons at a time (eg - Don2).... Hahaha.

+1 vote

ACTION - Well if you think beating 15 goons at a time with a fake cgi vfxe'd shirtless character is action then definitely Salman. If you think it's real action, some 1 on 1 fights it has to be SRK

COMEDY - If it's about comedy while doing a role it has to be Salman. His performance in tubelight is still the best comic performance by any actor in bollywood. His dance moves are funny af. Comedy and Salman goes parallel.

Romance - Salman gave so many memorable romantic performances in form of


Actually Salman Taught the world what romance is just like SRK taught the world how to loose Katrina, Aishwarya in 10 different ways.

Now SRKians don't attack me likes viruses for saying the truth because bhai is <3

by Production Accountant (28.9k points)

@lucifer well no doubt srk is <3 ..
just like how he did all the three things comedy, action & romance nobody in bollywood will ever do ..


A mucho and fitted Salman beat 10 goons cannot be considered action but haddio ka dhancha looking Srk beats 15 hathi looking goons at a time (eg - Don2, MHN)....that is the perfect action....Hahaha.

+1 vote

salman = 9 shahrukh = 3

salman = 7 shahrukh = 2

salman = 5 shahrukh = 10

salman = 21/30
shahruk = 15/30

by Set Designer (2.4k points) 1 flag

Salman is not so bad in romance....
At least 7 or 8 out of 10...


who gibe me flag?

salman is avg in romance so 5
amir is excellent in romance so 8
but srk is extraordinary in romance so 10/10

in other departemtn srk is far below both amir and salman

+1 vote

Comedy AAMIR 8 Salman 8 Srk 2
Action Aamir 4 Salman 8 Srk 3
Romance Aamir 6 Salman 7 Srk 7.5..
Emotion Aamir 8 Salman 5 Srk 7+1 for fake litre tears wch looks gud on him..

by Unit Manager (30.9k points)
0 votes

Hahahahaha yeh b koi puchnay wali baat hai hai Magr fir b I gonna tell you
Action- Salman khan
Comedy-Salman khan
Romance -srk

by Production Accountant (24.8k points)

But some say Salman fans should not speak about acting.


If srk does acting which is actually overacting by any standards then Salman must be a non actor and we love him the way he acts, salman is a unique in acting and persona no one can be Salman khan but anybody can act like srk etc Salman is a natural actor And has done very good job in many countless movies we don't damn care what hater say but fact is Salman is a good actor and a unique Star

0 votes

Action - Salman Khan
Comedy - AMIR Khan
Romance - Amir Khan
SRK All Factor Zero
Zabardasti Wala Answer Mujhse Nahi Hoga

by Location Manager (7.5k points) 1 flag

very good answer bro ,I agree

–1 vote

rofl comparing anyone to sallu in terms of acting hahahahah

by Set Decorator (1.7k points)

I am talking about acting, yes, not overacting

–1 vote

for me:

romance: SRK.

comedy: well, Sallu has better comedy movies, but he himself is not great in those movies for me. for example, I love Mujhse Shaadi Karogi and Partner, but I love them inspite of Sallu, not because of him. and I think SRK can do very well in this genre, Baadshah is proof, he just never tried his hand at comedy too much.

action: both are OK at it. in terms of physique Sallu can sell it better.

by Assistant Director (46.4k points)

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