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On topic :One of my closest friend is my Paan wala. Share ur details as a tobacco enthusiast about the relationship u share with your pan wala.

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Share your favourite item from the shop
asked Nov 25, 2017 in Images by Charlie runkle™ Director (124,115 points)
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Relationship with pan wala??then my answer is same as @seinfield.

Relationship with tabacco (tambaku/pogaku)
It's bad story...

5 Answers

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Actually i'm not friends with any paan wala but I do love meetha paan <3

I'd love if one of my friends becomes a paan wala! Free meetha paan for life

answered Nov 25, 2017 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,138 points)
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im just absolutely the opposite..... jo tobacco wala... aik baar wakif bannay lagay....ya koi bhe for that matter........its time to move on to the next one.....
reason is...simple...
i come here to buy cigarettes (or your services if its something else).... i pay you and give me my darn cigarettes... thats it .. i dont need to know your fundas in life..... you dont need to know my fundas in life.... its got nothing to do with you....... i just dont discuss my anything with anyone....or not interested in knowing your stuff .....its got nothing to do with anything .... im just cool like that....

answered Nov 25, 2017 by Grand Nova Star (154,224 points)
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I hardly have paan. And I dont smoke or have tobacco. So paan wale ke saath dosti ka no chance.

answered Nov 25, 2017 by Intense Director (127,859 points)
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Malbaro Advance ........

answered Nov 25, 2017 by puneetshukla Producer (101,948 points)

Hey Puneet ..how are u mahn..

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All those cigrattes are my fav
And i become friend with paan wala only to get cigrattes on udhar
Kabhi paise nhi ho aur mood ho toh dosti kaam aa jati hai

answered Nov 25, 2017 by SSk Production Accountant (27,158 points)

But SSK ..here No udhar boards lagathey...
With some satiric punch

Same goes here brother but since i am his regular customer he gives me cigrattes without money sometimes
Not all shopkeepers are like that

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