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Dr.Rajkumar remains to be the first Indian actor to be awarded a doctorate. He got it in 1976.
![enter image description here][1]

Dr.Rajkumar is one of the best actors India has ever seen till date was never awarded a National award for acting. But, he's the only megastar of the country who has won the national award for his singing in 1992 for his song Naadamaya for his one of the longest running films Jeevana Chaitra.

Kannada movie Om (1995) has become a tradition for itself by now. It's a movie running for past 18 years & it would still be running. Guess it's the only Indian movie which hasn't had a home video release - no vhs, vcd or dvd & till now it's satellite rights hasn't been sold to any of the tv channels.
![enter image description here][2]

Mani Ratnam debuted with Kannada film Pallavi Anu Pallavi, also Anil Kapoor too debuted as a lead hero.
![enter image description here][3]

Juhi Chawla got her first major Blockbuster in Kannada film Prema Loka (translation: World of Love) in 1987. People simply think that it was Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak as her first big success & it started the romantic films trend but they're wrong. It was Prema Loka which created a tremendous craze in the entire country starting the trend of filmmakers opting for making love stories rigorously. And it's a true fact that Juhi Chawla never tasted the same success in her entire career again.
![enter image description here][4]

The only longest running movie in PVR is a Kannada movie, Mungaru Male (2006). It ran for straight one year.
![enter image description here][5]
[1]: Rajkumar.jpg

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haha..........bhai Suhas to BACHAY K JAAN LY GA ........dil he tod dya...''Om (1995).....It's a movie running for past 18 years'' chez ny tension dy di thi.....agr DDLJ longest h to phir iska kya scene h??
Main bhi suhas ki tarah kannadiga hoon par iss cheez ke baare main mujhe aaj pata chala lol.
@Baadshah... DDLJ is running in one theater. It's not the case with OM though. The longest running still stays with DDLJ though. The most number of re-release goes to Om. You visit Karnataka, Om is still being screened in the state in more than one theater & for 4 shows not just 1 show. That's the difference.
ok ok.............phir apna kaam set h

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Dr.Rajkumar is the all time favorite actor of my father.'OM' is one of my all time favorite movie of kannada,i heard they used real gangsters in that movie.In Pallavi Anu Pallavi who can forget that melodious song 'Nagu Endide'.Prema Lok we all know that it was a rage in youth at the time of its release and game changer for Ravichandran and lastly 'Mungaru Male' one of the biggest hits of Kannada industry.

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Suhas thank you very much for sharing this information about kannada industry.

by Assistant Director (51.9k points)
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Good article.....

by Second Unit Director (77.7k points)
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Can you tell me ''OM'' is continuously running in theatres? Or theatre owners opt for the film whenever a new release fails to impact?

by Assistant Director (45.4k points)
No it's not a continuously running film. It's a must to release t during Summer holidays, August & November. And it runs in small centers. DDLJ's record is safe.

Like I said the only difference  is DDLJ is running in 1 theater, 1 show, whereas whenever Om releases it's for 4 shows.
Can you tell me how much Mungaru maale did at Bo wiki says it's 63.5 but i don't beleive in them
Wrong wrong. It was somewhere close 40cr. I'm sure it crossed 35cr but not sure about touching 40cr. If anybody claims it did 75cr or even 63.50cr they're faking it.
Yeah wiki is manipulated even they say nayak did 200crs world wide which is not true

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