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Even a servey for this forum also proved it. And yes bajrangi bhaijaan movie is ahead.

Top 3 most loved movie of this century.

1. Bajrangi bhaijaan
2. 3 idiots
3. Dangal

No objection because BOI and polls says it.
asked in Box Office Related by Location Manager (6.4k points)
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It has to be Baahubali 2 The Conclusion, 10 crs footfalls, record breaking TRPs, one of the biggest hit in India, right up there with past mega hits when everyone said that replicating those footfalls is not possible, and all this without festivals & holidays..!!

answered by Mega Star (200k points)
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It is clear because explain it , ok doesn't matter if you are not ahead in BO records atleast BOI is there with their one child policy, homemade FFs , no action masala no audience , Lalla is not making to China BO so China is not the part of world , most loved movie because of special external factors which only applied if we want to do so..

answered by Director (127k points)

Bro firstly why u poor words says about BOI?


Because for me it was a pathetic bikau phutiya site (only good for collection updates due to no alternate options available) ....
It's good because now they are giving all the success credit to Salman & blaming arty/niche/no masala /forign treatment for Salman failure...
Imagine if they give credit to action masala for all success then reactions for all Bhai fans will be even worse ...

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But for me 3 Idiots>Bajrangi Bhaijaan>Dangal. I think if 3 Idiots was released today, even Baahubali record will be in danger.

answered by Director (140k points)
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3 idiots is the answer. [3 idiots was released with Avatar]

No one can track footfalls accurately, Aamir has already proved BOI wrong with PK footfalls previously so how can you believe them about this ?

They forget all factors which were against Dangal (Demonetisation, Aamir's intolerance remark etc) but while mentioning highest opening weekend they forget holiday weekend.

answered by Camera Operator (9k points)
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no need for any polls and all.. It is clearly THE movie along with 3 idiots but I don't think 3idiots has stood the test of time that well....

Yes its content is as good as BB but still I think the movie was more of a class movie as opposed to BB which was a universal movie

answered by Location Manager (5.3k points)
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FFs there is a Gadar in this century. Bajrangi Bhaijaan won't be even for the Decade it being par Dhoom 3.

answered by Super-star (166k points)
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To be honest Even Though Bajrangi Bhaijaan won the poll for most loved movie easily I still think 3 Idiots is as loved as Bajrangi Bhaijaan .3 Idiots has become old so people have forgotten it's impact .even I had forgotten until I watched the movie again and I can say It's my favourite movie with best repeat value of this century along with Bajrangi Bhaijaan .I rate both on same level but Haan Dangal is nowhere near to Bajrangi Bhaijaan and 3 Idiots that I can assure and that's Mainly due to the fact it lacks repeat value .

answered by Producer (101k points)

Even though bajarangi won the poll easily?
Just 3 more votes and roman said he accidently voted it, so it's invalid. so it has won with 2 votes more...


Which poll by the way


If u vote for 3 idiots, then only by 1 poll bb will be ahead..


Most of them who voted for BB are fake account users. I can do the same and make 3idiots win the poll. I need couple of days.

–1 vote

Boi never considered considered Dangal's external factors like Demonitization.
Anyway for me atleast Dangal and Bahubali far ahead of Bajarangi...

Boi and poll says what about opening, domestic,overseas, footfalls, wordwide,critics, imdb etc.... Every way dangal is ahead....

answered by Second Unit Director (72.8k points)

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