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Which is bigger according to you?? Salman khan's 5 blockbusters in 2.5 years or two 300cr & one 195cr movies in one year?? [poll]

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  • dabangg, all time opening day, weekend week record
  • ready all time 2nd opening day/weekend record
  • bodyguard all time opening day/weekend/week record
  • ETT all time opening day/weekend/week record
  • dabangg 2 all time opening weekend record

5 blockbusters back to back.... never seen before.... never seen ever since.... all record openers , other than dabangg , none received critical acclaim or good word of mouth and yet they all are blockbusters. 

  • dabangg 3rd day 19cr from 1850 screens (with far cheaper ticket prices than 3idiots or kites or mnik)
  • ready still the only blockbuster of khans in 2010s on non holiday
  • ETT first day 31cr from 3200 screens on pre eid
  • at the time of dabangg 2... top 3 biggest opening weekends of all time (d2>ett>bodygaurd) all salman khan starrers. 


  • bajrangi bhaijaan , all time opening weekend record, highest single day record, opening week record, 1st movie to cross 2cr footfalls within week 1, most number of days 20cr (7 days),highest 2nd weekend  , 316cr lifetime... 3.54cr footfalls, ... all that after clashing with baahubali in north/south/overseas. all time blockbuster
  • PRDP, highest single day record, 2nd highest opening weekend record, highest opening day record, after dismal critical response. 195cr. 2.37cr.. footfalls highest grossing HIT. 
  • Sultan, 2nd highest opening day record , opening weekend record, highest worldwide weekend record, highest worldwide week record, opening week record domestic, 1st movie to cross 200cr in week 1,  highest grossing blockbuster. 301cr , 3.28cr footfalls...and all that with just 9 days of free run. 
  • again all 3 top weekends of all time (SULTAN>BB>PRDP) all salman khan starrers...and all that within one freaking year. 
Dabangg, ready, bodyguard, ETT, dabangg 2,
Bajrangi bhaijaan, PRDP, Sultan
asked Nov 20, 2017 in Movie Discussions by Grand Nova Star (144,853 points)
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How can I vote? I treasure both .
HSSH, Biwi No 1,Hddcs, pktdk,Kkhh, Jpkhh, Bandhan

answered Nov 20, 2017 by shah Assistant Director (47,731 points)
selected Dec 20, 2017 by Grand Nova
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Both are something else entirely... But I would rate the second as better,

During those 5 BBs Salman was really the only thing that was going big in bollywood!
And the other record is better because Amir and SRk chipped in and after that as well you have BB, PRDP and Sultan

answered Nov 20, 2017 by Seinfeld Location Manager (5,425 points)

.what abt 1998-99?

well that was not given as an option but sure is a feat that few may have achieved!

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kuch bigger nahi hai abhi tak pk cross nai hua aur chale hai hawa me urne,

phele pk cross karo phir baat karna, pk is janam me cross hoga kiya tumse?

answered Nov 20, 2017 by Vectus Set Designer (2,407 points)

idiot gawar I am talking about net collection of pk,

pk ka net collection 337cr is janam me kiya tumse cross hoga kiya?

Retard, **, lunatic.... Tumhare tuchcha star se iss Janam me Salman's debut film (as lead) MPK ka ff cross nhi hone wala.

And in this era nobody in bollywood apart from Aamir can cross Dangal's footfalls...

Let's see....

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3 ATG back to back. 5 ATGs

answered Nov 21, 2017 by bollyranga Camera Operator (9,205 points)

3 top 2 grossers of the year in recent times.

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In first option only Dabangg was remembered but in 2nd option BB & Sultan are remembered ..

answered Nov 21, 2017 by Irdwhelp Second Unit Director (79,874 points)
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Both are special in their own ways but I shall take option 1. Before dabangg, amongst fans/neutrals etc Salman was going through a terrible patch. Dabangg started it and in those 2 years the craze was something else. To come back from such a low.....is incredible.

answered Nov 21, 2017 by Intense Producer (101,713 points)
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This post is solely about Megastar Salman. I can't understand why the fcuk those people are chanting here whose favorite star can't ensure even 5cr opening on Diwali!!! Arre bewakufo apne auqaat me raho aur jaake Shahid Kapur and Arjun Kapur fans se lado.

answered Nov 21, 2017 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (35,054 points)

Yes,but that got him recognition and national award. And u have to go all the way back to single screen era almost 30 years back to prove Salman is bigger... Raakh was a small offbeat not so commercial film. Comparing with MAMK which is out and out diwali entertainer staring Salman is foolishness. Isn't it?

If u can go 10 years back then WTH I can't go 30 years back??? And FYI, I was talking about present but it's you who went to past to prove the fake dominance of so called ace.

not 10, 8 years back with a full fledge diwali movie coz u brought same diwali here...

Oh toh Diwali-Diwali ki baat hai and koi chahe kitna bhi pichhe jaye koi baat nhi... Fine. Salman's Diwali release MAMK collected 1.7cr on first day inspite of 3 way clash. But Aamir's solo Diwali release Raja Hindustani collected only 0.7cr on opening day... #Difference.

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Ace giving back to back atg.. Ace doing 2000cr worldwide without heroine and masala.

answered Nov 21, 2017 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (72,908 points)