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asked in Opinion by Camera Operator (9k points)
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I loved Take Off.

But let's be honest. If Bollywood makes to similar or to say say realistic then no producer will invest big & the film will not do more than 60-65cr business.

The reason why I see this debate flawed is coz few section complain about big commercial films lacking realism or even narrate a realistic incident through them. When they do with all the elements a biggie should have them they complain.

Just look at a Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Dangal or 3 Idiots, you take a story but tell it the way it reaches the majority. Sure even I have been taught the European story telling pattern in Whistling Woods course, but the fact remains about the reach of that narration.

Malayalam Take Off remained realistic. It didn't need a big superstar. But the moment you bring in big superstar, the game changes. An Airlift might've done 100cr but put Salman, Aamir or SRK in it or even in Take Off, nobody can guarantee a big number there considering the potential.

Also, once you have them, medium budget film is out of question. Once you raise the budget you work on the economics too. Clear example, you don't make a Tubelight promising a Bajrangi follow up. You just can't forcefully change the audience preference. Never has happened before, never will happen in future.


To add a light note, it's good Take Off remake is shelved. Which actress would've made justice to powerful Parvathy. It was bound to be strongly led by female cast. It would've been nightmare to imagine Katrina Kaif in that film.

I am more than happy to have a predictable entertainer here. May be Kat & Salman are married with a kid. Kat still has to pursue her work, landing in the Iraq mission. Then enters Salman Khan who would be solely looking after the kid, tries to save the mission & Kat. Both duty bound & emotionally bound. If AAZ is playing safe with this narration then also if entertainment aspect is held on tight then they have a winner that won't die beyond first week or two week.

Well ppl raised an issue with Salman. He gave Tubelight, not at all perfect but he dared. It was rejected. He will give exactly what audience want from him. I know film will be louder, just want only certain parts to be louder than the entire film. With only 3 songs, much depending on writing than just star power. Good to have Paresh Rawal in the film.

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You know usual Bollywood Chu**apa. Raw agent hoke dance bhi karo, Incredible hulk ban jao, Wolverine ban jao healing power ke saath. Saala James bond bhi Haath jod ke Namashkaar kar lega. Aur audience bhi hain na. Baby banao toh dekhega nehi magar Judwaa 2 jaise akhad chutiapa dekhke khush hoga aur Social media pe aake BW ki burai karega.

answered by Executive Producer (69.1k points)

Ha aur andhe hokar bhi logo ko mar do
Andhe hone ke bawjod sab kr lo is great logic


Uss film ko dekh lo pehle. Kaise mara hain sab dekho. Samaj jaoge. Aur main dosh audience ki bhi bol raha hoon. Audience ko naach gaana chaiye.

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i just hope there are no shirtless escape scenes with nuurses going gung ho about 6 packs hahaha

answered by Costume designer (1.1k points)
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Come on do you think Yrf will invest 200cr to make a dark content movie that too with salman.
Obviously they will go in commercial way by which they​can connect with far bigger set of audience.
What's the maximum potential of a dark thriller movie???
No doubt takeoff was a good movie but it was a realistic take on that incident here TZH is a fictional take on that real incident.
& Songs, humour is essential for a movie to command universal appeal.
So there is nothing wrong in it

answered by Location Manager (6k points)
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Funnny how people who have never watched a single malyalam film or onow about mayali cinema are just praising it to degrade tzh
This question itself is a joke

answered by Production Accountant (22.4k points)
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People question Secret Supertar's second half and some even called it unrealistic.

Same people go and enjoy unrealistic movie like tzh and call it commercial potboiler. .

So here is the deal, u can't question a commercial potboiler. Whatever they show is justified!!!....
I mean romantic song in a rescue based film lol. Leave it...

Just see how Aamir made a commercial film Like dangal last year.. No romance, no actor singing songs, dream sequence, masala etc.. he literally made a non commercial film into atg/atbb.

answered by Second Unit Director (72.8k points)

Ye kya tha Dhakad?


Promotional song was not released with the print . This song was not played anywhere nor disturbed the narrative.......

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