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vaurn is the most shittest overacting hamming king of the entire universe , he even surpassed srk hamming and overacting skills in just 5 years which srk used in abundance during the initial phase of his career.
I cannot tolerate this overacting king even for one min.

answered by Set Designer (2.4k points)

you are calling varun the shiitiest and biggest overactor .... meaning you havn't seen secret superstar yet.... go watch it..... overacting redefined.
who knew... aamir khan has such a huge potential in overacting ..... he's 39% better than vaurn's overacting.... and 39.39% better than srk...... its really perfection. hahahaha


Vectus stop bringing SRK into everything. It isnt funny. No one is provoking you. Your activities are being watched


I agree with you Vectus. Varun is a crappy actor who's the hamming king of his generation. Phony for copying Govinda & Salman Khan on screen when he doesn't have his own style.


ok amir overatcted in just one film ss, or in mela,

but shitty actor like varun overact when he is not infront of camera, he is that type of person who can overact even when he is in bathroom or eating lunch at home,

he is that overactor who even inhale oxygen for breathing does overacting in inhaling or exhaling,

overacting and hamming is in varun blood.

srk overacts in films but in real he is calm and introvert person but varun is the most extrovert personality I have ever seen in the history of mankind,
even his name is shitty.

most thirdclass wahiyat actor mr varun ,

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This is not a comparison,this is a joke
Varun is upcoming Superstar while Sid will soon return to modelling career.

answered by Production Accountant (22.4k points)
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aik taraf kuuwannn dosri taraf khaaiiie......
what a ridiculous and unnecessary comparison .... koi choice nahe banti.

answered by Super-star (166k points)

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