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Whole Bollywood needs to stand up against these goons. Is this a democracy??????? Let the man show his movie, this type of behaviour is taking us back in the ages.

answered by Producer (103k points)
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@Thundur Bird, ok Akshay Kumar will not said anything but why mighty khans not speak a single word they should na then why you put akshay here.


Tb no need to target akshay. Im saying all of them. The khans, kumars, roshans, devgans need to take a stand and show these illiterates their place.
How much history has the karni sena read??? We are the mercy of such goons bothers me.


Sorry, but i don't want SRK to say anything related to this topic, he has said enough and heard more then enough, what's Padmavati? Remember Dilwale, did any single person opened his or her mouth in support of SRK? Nope, no one supported him and he was alone and not even these SLB, Deepika who are begging for their movie now said a word, so unless whole Bollywood is really united i want SRK to stay away from this, he's had faced enough for now, no need of anything more, certainly not for CHALLENGE ACCEPTED kind of people..!!


@Sss d if there is an institute on Bollywood which gives phd in chaaploosi, drama, nautanki then Akshay is the owner of that institute infact akki is the one who assembled that institute brick by brick, and I'm not saying this, tv, media, social media, everyone is saying this, I'm just quoting them here..!!

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Mitron! I really like this new India. This underworld funded Bollywood can't insult our past by glorifying foreign jihadi invaders.

answered by Producer (118k points)

Political benefits kisko nahi chahiye ?
Mamata Bannerje do this in Bengal , Congress did this during Bhandarkars movie..

At the end there will be deal between Bhansali and bjp.. both will get benefitted by this. Bhansali will remain in controversy hence free promotion and bjp will get it's particular vote share. Karni Sena will be used as a puppet only after election is done. Who cares for this karni Sena ? Neither BJP nor Congress..

For your information Congress state leader also made statement in the favour of movie ban. Both bjp and congress will use this for their benefit.

Politics is not that simple thing whether one is good or other is bad. It's all about benefit.


FYI, I'm neither a congress supporter nor a bjp hater.... I'm just an AAM Indian who likes to speak against BUREY things happening in the country...

And again, apun ko strong team ke against goal karke jyada maza aata hai... Jab congress power pe tha toh cong ka critic tha... Ab koi aur hai toh usiko jyada criticise karunga.... I'm ready to be called anti national and pro Pakistani.


Anti national aur pro pakistani bolane se koi anti national aur pro pakistani nahi hota. Ye bjp ko bhi maloom hain. These are political discourses... Which are used fir political purpose...


Know that i.e a political purpose... Firbhi govt/Modiji ko ittu saa criticise karte hi seedhe anti national and Pakistani dalal declare kar diya jata hai... Hahaha....

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This is not done and they should atleast watch movie first. I doubt on Padmavati release in Rajasthan and Gujarat now.

answered by Casting Director (19.9k points)
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Well one of them said that if Padmavati releases then SLB won't be spared..!!

But i don't think that they are planning to spare even audience if Padmavati releases..!!

answered by Mega Star (200k points)