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So Salman khan films co-Producing Race 3 along with Tips and Pritam chakarborty is the music director For it and not the sachin jigar and Himesh that news is being confirmed over twitter so "Allah Dubai Hai" on Eid 18 https://twitter.com/ItsRaviD/status/930318838901587968 every one can see https://twitter.com/Rahulrautwrites/status/930097691501109248
Source Link: twitter.com
in Movies by Production Accountant (23.9k points)
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Where is the source?

Twitter.com is NOT a source. Which "verified" account claimed the above news? Salman Khan or Salman Khan Films or Tips Films or Pritam?

Haven't seen any articles too. Until you've such source, call it as "rumours" & not as "confirmed/official".


Tips twitter account in DM reply verified that Pritam is scoring for Race 3


This is not a secret to keep. If Tips verified account shared that info on DM then they can tweet the same too right? Wait for the official confirmation & make another post then. This one is better if called "rumour".


I have given twitter source of my news


Always share the link.

Just Twitter.com will not be considered as a source.


sari casting salman khan nay ki ...saray actors salman khan k ..... director bhe salman khan ka.... naam bhe salman khan ka... 70% share bhe salman khan ka...... isay kehte hain brand (race brand) aur production house (tips) ko hijack karna.... hahaha wo kar sakta hai... kyun k wo salman khan hai.... he owns bollywood.

1 Answer

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the unprecedented opening records are coming our way....
dont be surprised if race 3's (opening day + 2nd day's first show) is even be bigger than the lifetime of secret superstar...!!
....whoa .... feel the magnitude

by Star (151k points)

4.7 Cr opening day (15 minutes cameo) film is still better than compare to a 19 Cr budget movie to do lifetime less than 1 Cr & even raped by Kaki Sawantiya...
insult ki limit bhi paar ho gayi Kaki Sawantiya lol hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha


Hahahahaha 15 minutes cameo it is 40 minutes role and second lead role like dangal , TZP and u are trying to be over smart


Lowest crossing movie in 90s aamir khan in 20s srk and in 2010s again amir the great 34 years long career but only 16 hit movies out of 41what a track record


Lol lowest opening movie may be heard the concept of art cinema oh no I think every Bhai movie which is failed is offbeat /niche for you..
Salman disaster/flop/below average movie count is almost equal to Aamir career movies..
What a record even in his golden phase 100 Cr distributor loss with Fusslight & not to forget jai ho...

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