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IMO Salman will chase PK, Dangal and his own fluke BB for the next 5 years. Agree ?

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none of his upcoming films looks interesting on paper be it tzh or dabangg 3 or race 3.

his maximum  ceiling will be now 300cr same as sultan totals.

even matching sultan total should be out of reach  .
asked Nov 13, 2017 in General by Vectus Set Designer (2,413 points)
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And 2008 ko South remake ki paidaish stardom less actor will chase MPK (ff) for his entire life.

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Dear vectus u are real poison and virus to Aamir fans here are some points
1- TZH won't cross dangal's opening day
2- Secret Flop will do 15cr on opening day with ace khan
3- Secret Flop will be highest grosser of the year
3- Secret flop will be highest grosser of the year at overseas
4-golmaal will be flop in front of Secret flop
5- No body will clash with thugs ( total dhamaal will clash)
Should I need to say something more TZH will give u answer on 22.12.17 by itself but you must be alive by then

answered Nov 13, 2017 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (22,837 points)
edited Nov 13, 2017 by being_tanveer

who is the hero of total dhamaal?

Mujay negative vote denay se sach badal nai jayga dear vectus
And total dhamaal will have Ajay ,anil, madhuri, arshad, ritesh to take on Diwali 18

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answered Nov 13, 2017 by Irdwhelp Editor (80,165 points)
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ummm who's chasing who??

that industry veteran B grade producer and one of the best supporting actor in world cinema.... aamir khan .... in his 34 years ... still chasing salman khan's debut MPK .... let alone HAHK... and he won't get there... because... in his retirement ... there are 3-4 films left....

but there is one record of aamir khan that even salman khan can't break....
4cr opening day in 2017 on a national holiday .hahaha this is real stardom... untouchable stardom.

answered Nov 13, 2017 by Grand Nova Star (144,934 points)

Give atg and show hahaha. Pakistanis talking about Indian box office lol..
First beat Pk then we will talk...

Give any top 2 grossers of the year... Then dare to show your face here. And FYI Bhai delivered ATG 15 years before Aamir's birth (2008)...

LMAO! Why are you behaving like a bhakt? Despite being a Pakistani he's a fan of Bollywood... Isme khush hone ke wajaye you are bashing him.... Itna idiocy kyu?

Salman himself yet to break Hank after becoming a star if u go with that logic.
Talking about present ace has 5 atg in the last 10 years.
2 back to back atgs
For some actors it came 20 years back.

Yup.... Salman is chasing his own MPK and HAHK records.... But entire bollywood has been chasing Salman's records.... That's the difference between Megastar SALMAN and others (including Aamir).

Salman gives top 2 grossers of the year 3 times in the last 5-6 years. But Aamir yet to deliver top 2 grossers of the year in his 33 years career. #SHAME!

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Maximum ceiling will be 300cr. Kam hai??? How many movies do that much???? Tzh will be a blockbuster and race 3 and d3 in a bad case will also be super hits, if not more. No one surpassed Brian Lara’s highest score of 400, but that doesn’t mean ki wo legends nahi hai. Learn to be a true fan rather than just be a box office cheerleader.

answered Nov 13, 2017 by Intense Producer (103,619 points)
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Hope Bollywood breaks Maine Pyar Kiya's record at least in the next decade If not this decade

answered Nov 13, 2017 by shah Assistant Director (51,955 points)

They are all big hits just like MPK and HANK... But giving atg's today with so much competition with digital platform , piracy, ppv etc is tough.....Aamir is the only bollywood actor doing it and that too consistently in a commercial film. Dangal for me wasn't even full out and out commercial unlike PK, Dhoom 3 etc..

Bollywood's ATG count this century - - 8.

Bollywood's top 2 grossers of the year in this century - - only 4.

Hence it's proven that delivering top 2 grossers of the year is much more difficult than ATG.... And Salman delivered 3 top 2 grossers of the year in recent years. Feel the magnitude of it bro.

according to you idiot fools , sunil dutt and rajendra kumar should be bigger stars than khans because khans including slaman khan is chasing mother india footfalls which is higher than hahk and mpk. idiots.

Abe Jhandu, when did I say that? acc to your own logic higher ff means bigger star.. Uss convo ke baad tu 1 month k liye ban bhi hua tha...bhul mat.

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His last atg was 20 years back that was when he was not a star. Speaks volume...

answered Nov 14, 2017 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (73,810 points)

And he delivered ATG, BHOTD, HGOTD etc in his initial years.... On the other hand some others got stardom in their budhapa and deliver ATG.... But yet to deliver any BHOTD.

When did I deny that. I said his last atg came 20 years back when he was not a star...
Bhotd combined less than one dangal.
God for a reason...

That's the point... What Salman achieved 20 years ago Aamir is achieving today in his budhapa.... Hahaha

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tiger is his best shot to beat pk. Race, Dabangg3, Bharat will all do max hit superhit level business not blockbuster.

answered Nov 14, 2017 by Rowdy Set Decorator (1,721 points)

Dabangg 3 is Blockbuster with the worst case

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DANGAL & PK Are Way Beyond His League. Dhoom 3 Or Even 3 Idiots Are Rather More Of A Benchmark In Actual Reality.

answered Nov 13, 2017 by Rajat Production Accountant (26,191 points)

Hahk+Mpk>Dangal+pk+Dhoom 3+ Ghazini+ secret Superstar+ Talaash

Hank mom 20 years old film lol. In that logic, Salman himself hasn't crossed it... Talk about present films. Both box office quality and acting. Ace sir is ahead... God

Yup... We must talk about present...Salman gives top 2 grossers of the year 3 times in the last 5-6 years. But Aamir yet to deliver top 2 grossers of the year in his 33 years career...

Now don't declare top 2 grossers of the year less important thing just because Aamir can't deliver them... Hahaha.

Combine last 5 less than dangal worldwide...

Whatever! God/ace can't deliver any top2 grossers of the year...#SHAME!

Rahi baat worldwide ki....
Top highest 1st day (WW) - Salman Khan starrers.
Highest worldwide 1st weekend - Salman Khan starrer.
Highest worldwide 1st week - Salman Khan starrer.

Only lifetime record belongs to Aamir.

HAHK LOL! DANGAL Has Already Crossed HAHK Footfalls. Forget Small Hits Like MPK. Get A Reality Check.

With China and Taiwan.....maybe yes.

Getting a china release is not an easy task. Only few foreign films are allowed to release and then doing the kind of business dangal did is itself a huge achievement coz movies like bahubali(part 1), Hny were disasters in the same market.
Tubelight which has their own chinese actress is yet to release there as it ain't so easy.

Well, what Dangal did in China is really appreciable and I always do it. But that doesn't mean that if you guys blabber nonsenses on Salman we shouldn't reply...

No One Is Blabbering Nonsense. What You Think Nonsense Is Reality For Rest Of The World.
And I Forgot To Mention Ghajini In My Answer Because Salman's Last Film Could Hardly Surpass Ghajini! So That's Also Tough Nut To Crack, Let Alone 3 Idiots & Dhoom : 3.

Aamir's last film could not surpass the collections of 24 years old HAHK.... Don't forget it man.

Kashyap, Sultan's Movie Rights In China Were Sold At 75Crores According To Salman Fans. On The Other Hand Chinese Distributors Din't Even Know What Sultan Or Salman Is. "Grapes Are Sour" Is Said For A Reason.

Aamir's Last Movie Having Him As A Full Fledged Role Didn't Only Cross HAHK In Two Straight Days But Also Its Global Ticket Sale. Yes, Now DANGAL Holds The Record Of Highest Theatrical Ticket Sale! Either Way, Aamir Khan Rules.

Aamir played similar kinds of roles in both Dangal and SS. But Dangal is an Aamir film but SS isn't... Haha

Totally different roles... Length of both are also different. Dangal was Aamir centric where he is playing a major role whereas in SS he is seen in a small role in which zaira is the lead.

In dangal,he is playing aging wrestler who is also a coach to his daughters.
On the other hand in SS he plays a flamboyant music director. More of an extended cameo.

His role might be little bit lengthier in Dangal but overall he played supporting roles in both the movies.

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No more Blockbusters and No more 300 cr Nett Grossers in this Decade from Sallu.

answered Nov 14, 2017 by God Father Production Accountant (21,490 points)

Okay, bhabishya-darshi mahashay...

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Yup salman is going to chase pk and dangal until srk beats them with dwarf or any other film.......jst like he was able to cross 3 idiots only after chennai express beat it......

answered Nov 14, 2017 by saransh Unit Manager (30,457 points)

60cr cross karne me laale pade hai... Gigastar global king Akki se bhi darr ke bhag raha hai aur idhar Dwarf se 400cr ki ummid.... LMAO!

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