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asked ago in General by Unit Manager (31.4k points)
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4 Answers

+4 votes

SALMAN tops for the maximum period ...
hence no surprise .....

answered ago by Second Unit Director (77.2k points)
edited ago by
+3 votes

Bhai of the Nation-Salman Khan.

answered ago by Unit Manager (35.4k points)
+1 vote

He is Called Megastar for Reasons he has unmatched persona and unparallel Stardom

answered ago by Casting Director (19.7k points)
0 votes

soon varun will overtake khans and ormac will put him in number 1 position.

chindi star like akki sir at number 2 position who don't even have gurda to open his film at 15cr reveals the authenticity of this fan made ormax india site.

answered ago by Set Designer (2.2k points)

@vectus you gave down vote to my answer .
humm you naughty boy ...

tell me what is authenticity of this chindi site who put akki ahead of rest 2 khans?

whole india knows 3 khans are ruling bo for the last 3 decades still this site always put akki at number 2 they even put him in number 1 position sometimes who doesn't have aukad to give even 20cr opening on national holiday.

and here you are using the line maximum period.

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