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–3 votes
There is no other option if the situation remains the same for upcoming weeks.
asked ago in General by Production Accountant (20.7k points)
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But the million dollars question is how the hell it'll get screens against TZH???

7 Answers

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It’s terrible to see SLB struggling to release his movie because of some retards who think they know all about historians. 1sr dec is the best scenario in my case. Clashing with TZH will cost them opening very very badly and they won’t get screens either

answered ago by Cinematographer (95.9k points)
selected ago by
+3 votes

Like k lele so called god father padmavati won't clash with Tiger even in dreams it will definitely come on December 1

answered ago by Casting Director (19.7k points)
+2 votes

And what do you think the situation will miraculously be great if the release alongside tiger zinda hai
The protest will continue no matter when they release plus they wont get screens

answered ago by Casting Director (18.6k points)
Ted Talks hosted by Srk will start airing from 10th December.. 7pm Every Sunday.
+1 vote

Wanted to watch this movie, but I think I have to wait due to some retards. Their best chance is to release their movie on 1st Dec otherwise there would be heavy losses if they are going for the clash.

answered ago by Location Scout (3k points)
0 votes

here is the situation ..... padmavati cannot move to next year .. because something related to viacom's stock going down.....
padmavati is most probably not going to release on until 18th december due to some elections ....
padmavati cannot clash with TZH ... because its TZH....
so padmavati people are stuck.....

they have these 3 options.... and it is in their best interest if they release it on 1st december ..... because .... no matter what they do ... the loss is going to be collossal if they release it alongside TZH. .... and release it with with protests might be right choice under these circumstances....
against TZH it may be 100cr loss...
if they push to next year ... i dont know how much loss...
if they release it on 1st december ...it may be 40cr-50cr loss

answered ago by Director (140k points)

abe tzh me na romance aur desi masala hogi ye sirf action film hai isbar 440volt lagne wale hai teri

lagta hai 200cr bhi nahi hoga, so golmal 4 will be undisputed hgoty of the year.
ab zindagi Bhai tera bhaijann pk aur dangal ko chase karega,

Undisputed highest grosser of the year toh Secret Superstar hone wala tha naa! Itna zaldi colour badalke tu ab Golmaal4 ko HGOTY bol raha hai!

0 votes

I want Padmavati to clash wid TZH ....to show bhaijaan his asli aukaat.

answered ago by Camera Operator (8.8k points)

asli aukat toh 60cr wale kingu ki dikayi jati hai megastar ki nai..

0 votes

17 days are enough to resolve the issue. Agar itne dino mein bhi resolve nahi huat to 22 dece tak bhi issues nahi ho paayenge

answered ago by Location Manager (8k points)

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