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among eid,diwali and xmas
asked in General by Set Designer (2.4k points)
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We have seen power of Diwali this year too.... Epic 4cr opening day on Diwali day... Hahaha

9 Answers

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Actually Dilwali is biggest festival release period in india since ages not like salman aamir created eid n xmas from past experience 10yrs.. its bcoz of Salman n aamir stardom with gud content creating that magic.... next year toh with gud content wil do miles gud business compared to eid n x mas release to show diwali is majoritys festival not like minorities eid n xmas..

answered by Production Accountant (27.2k points)
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See biggest thing about Diwali is lesser days of business opportunities then Eid & Christmas, see in christmas and eid you can release movie few days before the festivals if festivals are on mid weekdays, but in fiwali you cannot release in pre diwali phase without business being affected severely

And while christmas is best for long legs of a movie, Eid & Diwali are quite close but eid has benefit of able to release few days before, but unless diwali is on monday, saturday or sunday, it's foolish to release it pre diwali

And another factor is that Diwali has seen not so good movies too compared to eid and christmas

So content regardless, maximum limit of business can be achieved at christman followed by eid and closely followed by diwali, and also after that Content and WOM comes into play..!!

So basically no matter what TOH does or what happened this year, Christmas >> Eid >> Diwali as far as business is considered, rest is content and WOM..!!

answered by Mega Star (200k points)
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One movie cant do it. Diwali has in the last few years been no match for xmas....biggest festival in India it is. Still I can say diwali will get its first 400cr grosser in 2018

answered by Producer (103k points)
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Movie should be good that's the first thing, talking about opening all the above mentioned date is good......

answered by Second Unit Director (72.9k points)
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regardless of how TOH performs, Christmas>Eid>Diwali.

answered by Unit Manager (34.1k points)
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Vectus bolta bohat Hai tu but dam nai tuj main Teri post pe kya comment karun

answered by Production Accountant (22.3k points)

Hahahaha hahahaha abb bet haar k dangal 375cr pe agya sun le 375cr khud aamir b is decade main cross nai kr payga likh le


375 cr sir amir khan salute and toh se beat kar dega


Padh le Thugs ko solo milaygi tab na its Thugs vs Total dhamaal for Diwali 18 100%

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You need to give consistently low grosser to prove that this superstar is going to low phase like what's happening with SRK or you need to give high grosser consistently to prove that you are a big Superstar like what happened with Salman with his record 5 back to back blockbusters or Aamir who has record with him of back to back 3 HGOAT. Same goes for Diwali, Diwali needs to beat either Eid or Christmas which it hasn't done since the last 9 years and that too on consistent bases.

answered by Location Manager (5.2k points)
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Maybe correct with the possibility of being false

answered by Assistant Director (47.6k points)
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first of all TOH is not a aamir khan movie ... it is a multistarrer where aamir khan is playing a supporting role ... like all his movies in the past 10 years.

and it does't matter what 39 fans will say but aamir khan in his past 34 years career probably hasn't even given 10 hits outside christmas.

if we remember correctly , the last blockbuster aamir khan gave outside christmas was at least 20 years back.... which is still a huge embarrassment ....because.. among his contemporaries , like sunny deol, sanjay dutt, anil kapoor, jackie shroff who all have tasted big blockbusters.

so its not aamir khan who made christmas .,, rather its christmas which made aamir khan who he is today..... and that is the best supporting actor of modern era....
he is the morgan freeman of bollywood.

so like this year's unprecedented 4cr opening on national holiday next year is again doomed for him....

answered by Star (146k points)

Lol Mr bhagodha for your better knowledge without Aamir Christmas yet to gave a hgoty forget about atg /atbb in last 25 years or so till the data we have so Teri to lag gayi as always...
Without bhojpuri masala Salman is non actor who has a forgettable record in past where even Kaki Sawant beat our masala khan , Eid period which is saved Salman career still have one 1 atg (sadly for bhaitards Srk in just one attempt gave ATG in Eid ) but bhojpuri masala king from last 8-9 years is just trying & trying & trying and also the only actor who gave 100 Cr distributor loss on Eid period..
seriously aisa bhi Koi karta hai Kya aise hai bhaiyya bajrangi...


ye wahi idiot hai na jisne ek time pe kaha tha aamir is a very very giant star, ab dangal k baad venom spread kar raha hai, kiya maari hai aamir ne in Bhai fans ki

toh multistarree hai par race 3 solo hai,

I remember this idiot was a huge admirer of amir but suddently turned into no.1 hater,ek dangal ne inka zindagi barbaad kar di.

isi ne kaha tha if amir had few wrestling scenes and if girls had more wrestling scenes than even 200cr is out of reach for dangal
but see what happened amir has only one scene of wrestling that too for just 5sec.

ha ha ha aukad aukad k baat hai