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asked in General by Assistant Director (50.3k points)
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Wind River (7/10)

I love movies like this. A serious tone. Darkness lying just beneath the surface. An interesting mystery to unfold. And it it told in the kind of atmosphere that mesmerises me, coldness all over, snow everywhere. The movie isn't too long, yet makes great use of its runtime, the acting is good, the characters are good, and it doesn't really spoon-feed the story to you. If you liked The Grey then this is a much watch for you.

answered by Production Accountant (29.2k points)
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Aligarh (4/5) --- I had the privilege of watching this movie and its one of the best films I've experience in Indian Cinema. It was a good thing that this movie was part of the film festival in a few countries because these are the type of Hindi movies that deserved attention.

It's based on a true story about Ramchandra Siras who teaches Marathi language at Aligarh university but as chairman in the Indian language department, he gets fired for being a hommosexual. To see what he went through was disturbing for example his electricity got cut off and then lost his home. Fact is he was looked down for being a hommosexual guy and although he didn't get punished under Section 377. I think many who fit into that category can be criminalized not only India but many countries as well.

Manoj Bajpai gives a terrific performance as Ramchandra Siras. His portrayal and body language e.g. movement, innocence and vulnerability shows that he is a versatile actor. He can give many actors a run for their money in the acting department.

Rajkumar Rao is excellent in his role as the journalist but his face expression in the climax where Manoj dies was superb. I've seen a few of his films like Kai Po Che and he seems like a good actor.

This movie is a must see and I don't see any flaw or reason to dislike this film.

answered by Production Designer (13.3k points)
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  1. Thor Ragnarok (6/10) - Serves the real purpose that is to entertain. Tbh it was more comedy than a superhero flick and I liked it. As a superhero movie, it's shit!
  2. Wonder Woman (7.5/10) - Rewatch. Best DCEU movie after TDK trilogy.
answered by Director (134k points)
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Just the one which I had watched last Sunday...

PSV Garuda Vega [2017 - Telugu] = 6/10 [Good attempt to stay different from the usual Telugu action thrillers. Still they had to forcefully insert the Sunny Leone item number in the second half. My first Dr.Rajasekhar starrer in the theatre, well impressed.]

First Time Watch = PSV Garuda Vega

Movie of the week = PSV Garuda Vega

To add... Dr. Rajasekhar doesn't enjoy the same market as before. Still this was a brave film for him to back. Devoid of all the Telugu masala elements, staying true to the action thriller genre. Sure, audience haven't come in big numbers in India as compared to the successful USA box office numbers, yet it's a good lesson for the makers.

Only complaint was the film follows those Hollywood thrillers where humour is inserted during serious scenes, here the climax is filled with humour despite the case being ultra serious. May be the concept was ex Indian soliders selling Uranium which was illegally mined by ministers & other govt officials, to North Korea alone was felt to be too dangerous to handle for the director to avoid conspiracy. I didn't enjoy husband-wife banter at this crucial point as the entire climax is filled with it to evoke laughter. Expected it to be gritty alas, like I said a very good attempt.

I may complain about the pointless addition of Sunny Leone's number but which such ordinary footfalls in Andhra/Telangana where masses haven't shown up despite positive word of mouth, you can understand why the director added it. Sad state for good commercial films though.

answered by Mega Star (237k points)
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Bambukat 7/10
Really nice film which showed on a couple that feel discriminated and how a Bambukat(bike) is the status of pride
Ammy virk was very gud and so was the heroine i don't know her name
Binnu dhillon as a comic villain was terrific

Movie of the week:Bambukat

answered by Casting Director (18.6k points)

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