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If you ask me what's the most hectic project I've ever done in my entire life. Then, this 1-minute 12-second ad film will come out on the top position. There was a time when I just wanted to drop this project and move on. I almost had given up. I mean not a single thing was going accordingly as I had planned it to be. Everything was against of it. And, I don't even want to mention all that because that struggle of not being able to make something the way you want to make it is haunting unpleasant. Now, when I have finished the film and more than thousand people have already watched and appreciated the film, I somehow feel my efforts have been eventually paying off a bit. Although, the creative thrust is there and I want to keep it forever now. The film has taught me life lessons and not just few chapter of filmmaking, and that's the best part of the whole story.

Anyway, this ad film is the revival of original Titan Raga ad featuring gorgeous Nimrat Kaur. I took care of direction, acting and editing department and there are some people without their support I wouldn't have been uploading the film right now. I thank you all of them. 

Cast: Ankit PrakashDisha Kesarwani
Direction: Ankit Prakash
Cinematographer: Atul Mishra 
Editing: Ankit Prakash

Special Thanks: 
Sandhya Yadav
Ajay Prajapati
Well Bean Cafe Thank you for your co-operation)

Watch it. And, please give your feedback, all suggestions are welcomed. Love you all. <3

For better video quality please go via YouTube link.

asked in General by Assistant Director (50.9k points)
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Sahi thi... Your expressions after hearing her reply were pretty good.


Fcuk u ankit


Glad that you liked Boxofficemaan! Thank you! <3
Thank you Charlie you too.

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Now this time it is very well made. You have inproved a lot from your last attempt. Keep up the work.

answered by Editor (80.9k points)

Thank you very much. It was even 25% of what I thought to make and I had better planning. But, we had location and time bound. But, anyway, I'm feeling improvement. And that's because of you guys true opinions. So, thank you again.

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Woah. This is your best. This is your best.

BTW who dubbed for you both. Isn't that from real ad?

answered by Super-star (166k points)



Thank you, Bhai. No, the dialogues are from original video and synced. <3

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Good job ..
the voice synchronisation was very well executed at once i thought it was your real voice so full marks to editing & direction ..
on a funny note was @Puneethshukla also there in the video as the guy next to your table was looking like Puneeth ..
Do you have any connection with this guy ..

answered by Second Unit Director (79.9k points)
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Ankit bhai you looked like the younger version of your Idol Anurag kashay ....
bope to see you soon in some commercial ad's & tv shows like "Yeh hai Aashiqui on Bindaas & Pyar tune kya kiya on Zing channel ...
wish you all the best for your future works ..


Anurag Kashyap ka film bhi filmmaking mein interest issi sab age mein aaya tha. Well, even he had shot many advertisement featuring superstars of our industry. Not many knows here ki Anurag ne 2010 Mein Aamir Khan ko Samsung ke ad film mein direct kiya tha. And that ad itself is great. If you wanna watch, I can pass you link. It was the time when AK promised Huma that he will cast her in his film as he was stunned with her performance in that ad film. ;)
Baaki mere future ka dekho. I'm learning everything that is being taught at college. And, I'm still exploring the creative world. Time will tell, where I move.


Haan.. Samsung guru mobile ka Add tha na Woh ankit?

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Extremely good man. You have genuine talent and it shows. Keep at it. Youre getting better and better. Keep it up.

answered by Producer (103k points)

Thank you, mahn. I'm just learning and exploring the world which is inside me and which is outside me. And, the process will be continued forever. Keep supporting, I need you guys words and support. <3

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Behtareen hai. Specially the expressions , setting, it looks genuine. Congrats bro . I have to tell u that u were more genuine as a person in this video If we compare the original ad .
Camera angle for your part was little closer to u, it couldn't capture your non facial behavior
. And after sitting down instead of multiple angles u have used only 2 angles to shoot .
But the best part is that the man in the original video looks too animated but u were genuinely humane. 3.5/5.
Note -Towards the end when she says that Ke tum Nahin badle, there is a showing of guilt in ur emotion , much more effective than the original.

answered by Producer (118k points)

Woah. You made me wait so long to get your response. But, I must tell it was worth waiting. Loved the way you pointed everything. Specially, how you pointed out that my part was much closer to my face than it should have been. Actually, why it was so, you will see in Behind The Scene video which I'll upload sooner. It was out and out my mistake, and not of cameraperson.
Yes, I've used only two angles cause of restriction imposed by Cafe House. We couldn't have displaced any of their settings and we had strict time deadline. So, we shoot it as camera was recording everything and we had to act continuously without any cut. I tell you the way I've shot the film is completely bizarre and unusual. What film you are seeing is hard work which I've put on editing table. Otherwise, even I was suspicious if I could bring out a film from what I have shot. Well, I did it. Didn't get satisfying result, still I'm happy.
I'm also happy with you 3.5/5 rating. I mean you are so critical still I got this that's too for my debut.


By the way, Baadshah also liked my that end expressions. Kaafi taarif ki usne meri.
Well, it was hard for me to give that expressions. First, the cafe was full of crowd. Second, the girl wasn't co-operating with me. Once her part was done, she became busy with her mobile phone. So, all I had to do is imagine the scene and speak my dialogues and even give the expressions. And all this in single shot. There was no cut. All my part was recorded in one single video track which is only 4 minutes long.
See, you can wonder what would have been going on with me. It was seriously very difficult.
But, thankfully, I finished it.

Thank you very much for your opinion. It always matters. You rock. <3

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Very good man.... shared this on twitter too

answered by Producer (107k points)

Thank you very much for share. Waise, what's your twitter account?

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when she says hi u took closeup shot of sitting guy itself... thats simply bigger mistake in 30 sec video..

answered by Production Accountant (27.2k points)

Of course, that's major mistake. Actually, that's cheat scene.
We had huge pressure to complete the film in 25 minutes and as that scene was about to shoot from low angle, we had to do it after finishing normal conversation. Well, in all the hurdle, we unfortunately forgot to shoot that scene which I remembered when I was out of Cafe. Well, we could not have shot it again as the Cafe was strict with their policy and they would have never allowed us to do so. To compensate that I had to fill the part, so I used that shot. Well, it looks bad and breaks continuity. But, this is what we learn in college days. Abhi mistake kiya theek hai, jab industry mein jaaunga, there will be no room for such idiotic mistakes.


By the way, there're two more major goofs. If you would watch closely, you can point out. ;)

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Wow, great man! The dubbing was spot on. Great work with just 1 or 2 blunder but nonetheless good luck for your future projects.

answered by Location Manager (5.2k points)

Thank you, mahn. The voice synchronization took time but the outcome is pretty much convincing, I guess. For the blunder part, I'll definitely improve.

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Well technically this one is the best work of yours.. new the acting department it feels like watching Kjo in Bombay velvet.. but I can understand the nervousness also given that in your previous uploads too it's normal that female cast / crew overshadowing you. But Well everything is part of you, part of your work.. and buddy you're doing great.. keep them coming

answered by Production Accountant (28.9k points)

Thank you, mahn. Well, technically, there're some major glitches, and I'm much aware about that. That will be corrected in next projects for sure.
About the nervousness while acting. Well, it wasn't really nervousness to be frank. I was tensed and pressurised to complete the shooting within 10 minutes as all my scene were shot in last. Yes, I was nervous in that reporting video because I wasn't prepared for that. This time we had done workshop for our character and dialogues. And, showing nervousness was one of the characteristics of my role as he feels ashamed of his mind-set to the last.
And, yeah, female lead overshadowed me. Thanks that she agreed to do that role. That was enough for me. She acted well was more than enough for me. Haha

Anyway, thank you for honest opinion. Loved it.

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Congratulations! You Successfully Wasted My 80 Seconds.

answered by Production Accountant (26k points)

Sorry to hear that. And, thank you for your time. I'll definitely try to live upto your expectations next time. That's how we grow. Right?