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Ha Ha Ha , trailer is struck now at 26 million views and is not increasing and Salman fans were dreaming of 400cr.

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after bumper opening now trailer views is not increasing .

I am sure same gonna happen at bo with maximum potential only 200cr lifetime

grandi nova dream of beating amir will not be fulfilled in his birth.
asked Nov 10, 2017 in Box Office Related by Vectus Set Designer (2,413 points)
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Bhai 200 cr Par Bhi Hum Khush Hai
Extraordinary Negative Review Par

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Wow. Slow claps for you. So youtube views are indicator of a movie doing 400cr? Then JTHJ and krrish 3 should have done 300cr as they are hugely viewed on youtube. Audience wom and star power makes a movie. Not youtube views.

answered Nov 10, 2017 by Intense Director (123,193 points)
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It is already 28 millions on youtube only.

answered Nov 10, 2017 by sanjeev11 Editor (83,230 points)
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Some idiots who were predicting 250+cr nett and highest grosser of the year for Secret Superstar are now trying question others intelligence.... LMAO!

"beating amir will not be fulfilled".... Absolutely true. Bhai can't beat Aamir by delivering less than 4cr opener on Diwali day.

answered Nov 10, 2017 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (37,681 points)
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Only 3 Day

Tiger Zinda Hai

40 Million+
Facebook and YouTube

answered Nov 10, 2017 by Faizurrahman Location Manager (7,319 points)
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Dear vectus you are poison to aamir khan fans over this forum for your Kind information I am gonna tell you TZH trailer is a blockbuster trailer on YouTube and in less than 5 days it has garnered almost 32 millions views and recieved Record breaking 760k likes now shut your mouth plz. By the way do u remember u had bet with me regarding TZH opening? Do u remember ? Its OK I tell you u said to me if TZH gets opening above 33cr u will hide your face in shaming hole and will leave this honourable forum forever now tell me Are u ready to leave this forum ? Else we Salman fans will kick u out of the boundary beating u hard choice is yours

answered Nov 11, 2017 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,536 points)
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At least the movie is known to people and the movie itself will decide it's fate

answered Nov 10, 2017 by shah Executive Producer (62,021 points)
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Someone told me his last atg was more than 20 years back... Wow....
Ace is dealing with atgs

answered Nov 10, 2017 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (75,799 points)

Aamir yet to deliver a....
Top3 grossers of the year
Top 2 grossers of the year
Kisiko ko kuch kehne ki zarurat bhi nhi hai.

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Happens When You Desperately Want To Create Headlines With The Use Of Paid YouTube Views.

answered Nov 10, 2017 by Rajat Production Accountant (27,889 points)