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I ask these que because currently padmavati controversy. Then anything can happen.


1. If TZH and padmavati clash and release both same date 22 dec then predict TZH and padmavati collection and verdicts?
2. If TZH release solo on 22 dec then predict TZH collection and verdicts?
3. If padmavati release on 1 dec then predict padmavati collection and verdicts?
4. If padmavati release 15 dec and TZH release 22 dec then predict TZH and padmavati collectionand verdicts?
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3 Answers

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  1. Padmavati won't get any single screen, TZH will also get 60-65% shows in multiplexes. So the clash won't affect TZH much. My prediction....
    TZH - 250+cr (SH or BB).
    Padmavati - 80cr apprx (Disaster or Flop).

  2. TZH - I'm expecting 300+cr and Blockbuster verdict.

  3. Padmavati - 160-170cr, Hit verdict.

  4. TZH - 280cr, Verdict - Blockbuster.
    Padmavati - 140cr. Verdict - below avg/avg.

answered by Unit Manager (31.6k points)
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Hope no clash happens. Padmavati is such a big film and SLB deserves a solo outing. Salman needs a solo release to give a huge blockbuster to Bollywood.

No clash is happening... Bas question ke chakkar me ye ans dala....

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1). TZH = 160cr, SEMI-HIT
Padmavati = 125cr, FLOP

2) TZH = 275cr, SUPER-HIT/BB

3) Padmavati = 175cr, FLOP/BELOW AVERAGE

4) TZH = 200cr, HIT
Padmavati = 150cr, BELOW AVERAGE.

answered by Production Accountant (29.4k points)

You mean to say both padmavati and tzh clash then business only 285 cr. Last three Chrismas average business is 350cr approx and here gst also so i think its wrong. Its just my thinking bro.

well I do not think either movie will have very good WOM. Just good WOM, and even then Padmavati will face some issues. both will hurt eachother in multiplexes a lot.

you are justified in disagreeing with me.

TZH alone - 275cr
TZH+Padmavati - 285cr.
So you are trying to say that if either Bajirao or Dilwale would have gotten solo release on Christmas their collections would have been in the same range of their combined collections i.e - 320-325cr.....lol. Aise genius ke liye taaliya bajao bhaiyon

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1) Padmavati- 110cr, TZH- 155cr
2) TZH- 310cr
3) Padmavati- 180cr
4) TZH-280cr Padmavati- 150cr

answered by Cinematographer (96.2k points)

TZH solo - 310cr
TZH+Padmavati - 265cr?
How? I think u wanted to write either 210ce for Padmavati or 255cr for TZH...

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