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10 years ago, on this day an historic even happened in the history of bollywood, SLB released his movie titles Saawariya, while Saawariya was a box office disaster due to clashing with SRK'S mega movie OSO, Saawariya will be remembered in box office history of Bollywood, not because of movie itself, but because of one actor of movie.

This movie marked the debut of a once in a lifetime star who 8 years later in 2015 changed the box office equation by giving an all time colossal disaster in the form of Cult classis masterpiece Bombay Velvet.

It was such a big disaster that BOI said that it'll be easier to break records of PK (then highest Bollywood grosser) then matching the losses that this film faced, which then turned out to be true as while PK has neen overtaken by 2 movies and 2 others came close, no movie till now has been able to come closer to the disaster of epic proportions that is Bombay Velvet

Ranbir's name is forever etched in Bollywood history as lead actor of Bollywood's biggest disaster and we must thank SLB & this movie for giving us & Bollywood such a movie whose after effects were seen even after 8 years of release..!!
in Trolls by Mega Star (208k points)
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Legend. In the first three years of his career, till 2010, he overtook SRK. Then with barfi, rockstar, Bombay velvet he overtook Aamir in terms of acting skill. Waiting for sci fi adventure called brahmastra. Salman and hr will also be history.

What an actor. He oozes talent. 10 super duper blockbuster years of the megastar

by Director (127k points)
selected by

Overrated Kapoor won't take over Khans even if his career depended on it. He can't act for beans. Aftab Shivdasani, Vivek Oberoi, Ritesh Deshmukh & Arshad Warsi can act circles around this non-actor. Yesterday, I saw Zila Ghaziabad where Arshad played a baddie and it's better than 95% of Ranbir's performances.


Nikeel yes. Vivek had a sad career but in those movies too he was a way better actor than ranbir. Just one scene he was in one frame with SRK in ADHM....and we saw the difference in class. One monologue showed who is the master and who is the wannabe

+7 votes

As I said earlier he can only do similar types of roles. He is not versatile actor and plus giving disaster one after another,so I don’t think he can now make a strong comeback. He will always be behind Varun Dhawan and Ranveer Singh in stardom and boxoffice.

by Production Accountant (21.7k points)

Varun and Ranveer? Vikram Ranbir has already thrashed hr, srk, Aamir etc. Ab Salman ki baari hai. Dutt will do 5 times more than race


@intense bro


Vivek Oberoi is a better actor than Ranbir Kapoor

+3 votes

is ranbir kapu ka to chehra dekhkar ulti aati hai,kaise iske films log tolerate karte hai,kiya rondu chehra wala hero hai uspar iska heavy pathetic voice jaise koi laathi mooh me tush diya ho itna mota voice , such a disgrace that aftr khans we have tolerate this kind of shit ful actors like varun , ranveer and ranbir , ab lagta hai mujhe hi kuch karna padega to save bollyeood from this clowns,

by Set Designer (2.4k points)
+3 votes

Ab bas bhi karo yaar kitni tareef karoge ...

by Editor (82.6k points)
+3 votes

But he is a better actor than Sunny,Anil, Sanjay, Aamir, Salman, Ajay, Akshay,Varun etc if we go by fakefare awards

by Assistant Director (55.6k points)
+2 votes

Unless Hritik Roshan joins the competition , for me Ranbir kapoor is no. 1 contender to rule Bollywood industry once khans trio retire...
With Sanjay dutt biopic & K.Johar next under his kitty he is all set to make a strong comeback..

by Director (128k points)
edited by

Rule like seriously dude this guy doesn't have even 1% of mass following and you think he will rule


Wait & watch...

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