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+1 vote
first of all this kind of complete action films never trend well after first week, his hopes of breaking dangal and pk records have been fully shattered by this not so interesting trailer, and he totally now blaming ali abbas zafar for this fiasco.

he was dreaming of 400cr storm before the trailer launch , and now his ego got crushed,

in my honest opinion , this film is complete action film on the lines of Hollywood level that has few takers in india.

this film lacks usual desi dishoom dishoom fight of Bhai films, and also this film looks devoid of desi masala like latke jhatke or nacch gaana or desi comedy like golmaal

inspite of that film is mounted on a huge scale and is hugely front loaded , so it will take 45cr opening and sequel advantage

and first week will be around 225cr but there will be bigger drops in week 2 and week 3 as this film is not for family and devoid of indian emotions and less romance and more of actions, so finally it will settle around sultan total

so again Bhai will fail to beat his own fluke bajrangi bhaijaan

while grandy was telling that give him one xmas and he will show how to make 400cr like a boss,

his dream of breaking dangal and pk record still remains distant dream
asked in Box Office Related by Set Designer (2.3k points)
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7 Answers

+3 votes

abay tujhe split personality disorder hai kya?

kabhi bolta hai AAZ is best director right now, phir agle din bolta hai the movie will not trend well.

kabhi bolta hai BB is a fluke, kabhi bolta hai it's bhai's starpower.

never go full retard.

BTW we all know Nova's habit of jinxing before release, that's all this is.

answered by Production Accountant (29.4k points)

@mr.hola great answer ...

@Irdwhelp: thanks bro...

+2 votes

It can still cross Dangal ... there are more screens, advantage of GST, no good action movie in long time, best release period in last 5 years(2 holidays are on monday) ...... So don't underestimate.

answered by Camera Operator (8k points)
+1 vote

If KRK Negative Response Before Release
If Critics Review Extraordinary and Audience Response Extraordinary Positive
But KRK Remain Negative Review
Same Equation Grand Nova

answered by Location Manager (5.6k points)
+1 vote

So dear vectus are u ready to leave this forum forever coz u had a bet with me if TZH crosses 33cr u will leave this forum and never be back so get ready and don't worry about Grand Nova he will defiantly come anytime and any day but u must be ready to leave this forum so Are u ready vectus?

answered by Casting Director (19.8k points)
+1 vote

But TZH must be wrapped up under 150cr lifetime, acc to your own prediction... Isn't it?

TZH first day will be less than 25cr...isn't it?

Also Secret Superstar will be the highest grosser of the year.... Isn't it?

Ab Mera prediction le le.... TZH first day>>>8×SS day1....... TZH 1.5 days collections>>>SS lifetime.

answered by Unit Manager (31.6k points)
+1 vote

Since you don’t know him.....he is jinxing. Wait for 22nd dec, you will have all your answers. It will settle around sultan total. Bhai aise Bol rahe ho jaise 100cr pe atak jaayegi

Sultan was a monster success, 300cr kiye the sir.

answered by Cinematographer (96.2k points)
0 votes

As much as there are haters spreading negativity around Tzh , the claim of Salman fans as the biggest megastar becomes clearer

answered by Unit Manager (36k points)