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Written by Fenil Seta

I can never forget November 9, 2007. It was the day Om Shanti Om was to release. There’s no way I’d not watch the film’s first day first show as it seemed like the event film of the year. When I realized that November 9 being a Diwali day and hence nobody has time or inclination to watch it with me, I ventured out alone. As expected, the early morning show at Apsara Multiplex (now sadly closed) in Grant Road, Mumbai was packed. This was also the pre-Dabangg era when seeti-taali fun had more or less ceased to exist in cinemas. But it got a revival with this film. The audiences went crazy from the first scene itself, when surprisingly, Rishi Kapoor appears performing to ‘Om Shanti Om’from Karz and Shah Rukh Khan was seen enjoying as a junior artiste! What an unexpected start and how nicely done! Then came the much-talked about ‘Dard-E-Disco’in the second half and once again, viewers went crazy. But the best was reserved for the song ‘Deewangi Deewangi’. As many as 31 stars were a part of this track and the euphoria in the audi at that time is difficult to explain in words. I couldn’t hear half of the words of the song as there was constant hooting, whistling and clapping going on. In no time, I also began and so did other reluctant viewers! There came a point in the song when I didn’t want it to end! But no complaints because as the song comes to an end, the older Arjun Rampal re-enters the narrative. The music, the impact, the goose bumps were far more extreme in this sequence than the song, in my opinion! At that moment, I knew that this film is going to be a blockbuster and there would be no stopping it.

The year 2017 hasn’t been great particularly because most of the big films like TubelightJab Harry Met Sejal and even Raees didn’t have a pan-India appeal. As Om Shanti Omturns 10 today, one can’t help but think about this film and why it worked so well with the audiences and stood the test of time.

The tastes of the Indian audiences have definitely evolved as they have been exposed to different kinds of cinemas and TV shows. But at heart, almost all of them want a film that tells a simple, heartfelt story coupled with entertaining, massy elements. Om Shanti Om successfully followed this ‘formula’. Director Farah Khan, before this classic had made Main Hoon Na that had everything in the correct doses – action, drama, tragedy, romance, music, humour, tear-jerking moments and even patriotism! Barring patriotism, since it was not needed, Om Shanti Om also was made in the same lines. And the icing on the cake was that it was based on the film industry. Yes, it did take a dig at Govinda, Mithun Chakraborty and Sooraj Barjatya. And yes, also at Manoj Kumar, which snowballed into a huge controversy! But more than a spoof, it was an ode to the Hindi cinema. Farah Khan was merely showing her love to Bollywood that has made her what she was.

And that brings us to the second important factor. You can have all the entertaining elements in your film but if you are making it just for the heck of it or without passion, it would show and even the audiences would get that. The fact that Farah Khan grew up watching masala Hindi films made a deep impression on her and that has worked big time in her favour. She proudly says in her interviews that she used to enjoy Manmohan Desai, Vijay Anand and Nasir Hussain’s films. Then there’s another commercial blockbuster Rohit Shetty who also said that he looked up to Vijay Anand and Manmohan Desai. He even said that when he was an assistant, his idol was Mukul Anand! Co-incidentally, just like Farah Khan, Rohit Shetty arrived this Diwali with Golmaal Again that just like Om Shanti Om, also shows a ghost coming back and taking revenge. And just like Om Shanti Om, Golmaal Again emerged as the biggest Hindi blockbuster of the year, at least till now!

#10YearsOfOmShantiOm How the industry needs to learn the this film’s success

Sadly, most of the new-age directors today would take the names of Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan etc. when asked about their idols. They have grown up watching these films and hence, their sensibilities are bereft of the ‘desi’ touch. Most of them do make good films but their reach is extremely limited.

And that’s not good news at all. Our filmmakers should understand the pulse of the audience and should know what would work in Mumbai as well as in Moradabad. A film should have something that will impact not just the high-end viewer in PVR Juhu but also the one watching it in nondescript Puja talkies in Dhanbad. Om Shanti Om was one such film that entertained everyone. The auditoriums erupted with seetis and taalis throughout the country and not just in ‘B’ or ‘C’ centres. That was the power of this film and its entertainment quotient.

Let the 10th anniversary of Om Shanti Om not go waste. It’s a great opportunity for the industry to look back and ponder why this film worked so well and why it still entertains audiences. At the same time, also understand where filmmakers like Farah Khan come from. Let’s give those filmmakers a chance who worships Amar Akbar AnthonyAditya Chopra in his book ‘Aditya Chopra Relives…Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ revealed that he threw away his collection of western music CDs when he realized that he can’t let western influences colour his filmmaking sensibilities. Let’s find such gems and give them the required understanding and support. Our industry is in a crisis and its films made on the lines of Om Shanti Om and Golmaal Again – pan-India films that entertain but also has an emotional connect – that are required to take it back to its former glory!


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I loved this movie. I was crazy for this movie. I still listen to songs of this movie sometimes.

10 years ago SRK delivered his last HGOTY, and I hope as this movie completes 10 years, SRK goes back to being who he was.

And this movie, along with Main Hoon Na, is why I keep saying that Farah and SRK should continue working together.

answered by Unit Manager (33.2k points)
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+5 votes

bol to tu aise raha hai jaise oso kitna badi atbb ho gayi, you srk fans har cheez ko overhype karte ho.
bas 1.5cr ff to tha hi, ghajini ka craze kabhi dekha tha srk aisa ghajini wala craze kabhi nahi la sakta, bas rone dhone wale hi film kar sakta

answered by Set Designer (2.4k points)

sorry to say but your comment has backfired. according to you this movie isn't that big, yet it's SRK's 12 biggest movie, while for Aamir this movie would be his 10th biggest hit.

jitna bhi tu inn footfalls ka mazak ura le, Aamir only has 9 movies which sold more tickets, while SRK has 11.

+3 votes

One of the worst movie I have seen......no story .... pathetic acting.
Due to hype this was hit......

But you can't fool audience now.....

If released now sure shot flop......

answered by Assistant Director (42.1k points)

maximum you can fool audience on Opening Weekend, you don't become HGOTY on just hype.

+2 votes

One of the biggest hits of SRK’S career. The last time he gave hgoty, those were the days. I remember going to the theatre to see it. SRK was so damn huge back then

answered by Producer (102k points)
+2 votes

Awesome movie with brilliant songs. "Itni siddhat se maine tumhe pane ki koshish ki hai" still remember the best dialogue. Every song is a gem be it's Ajab Si, Deewangi, Jag Soon Lage, Main Agar Kahoon etc. was great in both roles though On Makhija was better. Deepika had a dream debut and was the national crush at that time. I remember that time be brought that 30 Rs Wala DVD and used to watch OSO again and again. Good memories.

answered by Director (140k points)
+2 votes

I loved the movie that time.. Maybe if i see today I ll don't like that much.. What a clash it was.. Had it been solo it would have crossed 90 crore or close to that.. Clash or no clash this is the biggest example if movie has charm it can win.. Time to unleash old srk.. Who used to crush his opponents

answered by Second Unit Director (73.1k points)

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