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asked in General by Set Designer (2.4k points)
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Secret Superstar supposed to be the highest grosser of the year.... Now what excuse will you give?

5 Answers

+4 votes

I think Dhoom 3’s footfalls will be a better comparison. Sequel to successful movies, same production house, same actress and similar type of movies.

answered by Editor (80.9k points)

@Sanjeev Dhoom brand is more appealing than ETT ..


That’s why I said a better comparison not a perfect comparison.
Dhoom 3 brand is bigger for sure but TZH has a better director.

+3 votes

Salman Khan is competing with Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan and we don't care of small records.Our target is Sholay, Mughale Azam and Mother India as these three are bigger hits than Hahk .On the other side,only Jai Santoshi Maa is bigger than Maine Pyar Kiya if we go by profit% to budgets.

answered by Assistant Director (47.1k points)

ha ha ha ha ha what an idiotic expectation from you , in todays time you are expecting salman to make films which can challenge 7cr or 10cr ff's , Bhai wo zamana alag tha abhi 4cr ff hi bahoot hai,

baahubali ka katapa factor tha bol ke 5cr ff hua warna aaj ke zamane me 4.5cr ff namumkin hai kyonki yahan 2 din me film internet pe aa jati hai,


Better to watch a Bodyguard to Lagaan if I will not be able to learn manner of a human being.Think big , nothing will be lost if not reaching there is my philosophy

+3 votes

If TZH won't surpass Dangal's first day and Weekend collections then I'll accept that Aamir>Salman.... Rahi baat crossing Dangal that will be solely depend upon content/wom. Stardom opening numbers se pata chalta hai lifetime se nhi, munna.

BTW, what happens to your predictions like TZH won't touch 25cr mark on day1, Secret Superstar will be the highest grosser of the year and blah blah blah?

answered by Unit Manager (34.9k points)


Aamir has less movies in that list because he did less number of movies and not because because he was less of a star. Ishq which was released in 1997 had bigger opening than HDDCS which was released in 1999.

And that is also the case with most of these list. Aamir generally has less entries because he does less movie .... that doesn't he has less stardom.

well, even after being Aamir fan think Salman is bigger star, but I also think Aamir doesn't care about stardom(otherwise won't release Talaash 3 years after 3idiots), and any of khans can give biggest opeing in commercial genre, it's just that Salman is doing more masala movies, otherwise we can see in non masala genre Salman also doesn't give record breaking opening(e.g. Tubelight).


Akki is doing 3-4 times more movies than others. How many movies he has in top20 1st day and weekend list? Sirf jyada movies karne se kuch nhi hota...You need to have something special to deliver continuously.

One Tubelight can't decide everything. Excellent opener BB is also in front of u. The same can be said for Aamir... Talaash underperformed but you've Dangal also. It'll be foolish if we talk about only Talaash and ignore Dangal.


Akki ... is not in league of Aamir, even Hrithik is bigger star than Akki.

You're telling that Aamir's aukaat is less because he has less number of movie, but I gave example that he has given bigger opening than Salman in 90's. He has less number of movies because he does less movies not because he is lesser star than Salman.


Lol... I tried my best to reply sensibly but here you've come with an moro-nic reply. Pata nhi logo ko meri sharafat se itni taqleef kyu hai!

Kounsa bigger opening ki baat kar rahe ho yaar? Top2 openers of the decade were Salman Khan starrer (Khans)... Andhe ho kya jo firbhi bakwas kiye jaa rahe ho?

+2 votes

Well lifetime also depend on many factors other than stardom (genre , content & acceptability) but still a big superstar is must to get a big lifetime total because there is always a upper limit in case of any star (example for Irfan - 65 cr , Varun -120 Cr , Akshay -130 Cr , Ajay/Srk -200 Cr)...
Coming to opening comparison which is not even valid because of there is huge difference between both Dangal (movie where a big star played a 55 cr old person character , no actress , demonetization) vs TZH (GST advantage , sequel factor , YRF banner , action film)..

answered by Director (127k points)
+2 votes

Salman Fans Are At Their Cautiously Best After Recent Eid Fiasco. Their Regular Ludicrous Defending Statements Often Make Me Smile.
"TZH Is As Low Appealing As Baby."
"TZH Is A Forced Sequel."
And The Best One
"TZH Is No More A Pan India Movie."
And Wait, Did I Just Read DANGAL? Dude, Replace That With Dhoom : 3.

answered by Production Accountant (26k points)

Bhai's Eid fiasco>>>2×Aamir's Diwali fiasco....


Unable to Cross A Decade Old Ghajini With His Latest Eid Release And See His Fans. LOL!
You Can Only Compare Salman With Aamir's Cameos! And That's Good, For Your Own Satisfaction.


Unable to cross Bhai's 24 years old release HAHK with his latest Diwali release and look at his fans... LMAO!

Aamir did supporting role in both Dangal and SS. But Dangal is an Aamir film but SS isn't.... Cameo, special appearance, guess appearance and blah blah blah... Hahaha

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