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+4 votes
my ranking is as follows

1. Ett teaser
2. Dabangg trailer
3. Veer trailer
4. Kick trailer
5. Tubelight trailer
6. PRDP trailer
7. TZH trailer
8. Dabangg 2 trailer
9. Bodyguard trailer
10. Ready trailer
11. Bajrangi Bhaijaan trailer
12. Jai Ho trailer

Rank yours -

Veer Theatrical Trailer

Dabangg Theatrical Trailer

Ready Theatrical Trailer

Bodyguard Theatrical Trailer

Ek Tha Tiger Teaser

Ek Tha Tiger Theatrical Trailer

Dabangg 2 Theatrical Trailer

Jai Ho Teaser

Jai Ho Theatrical Trailer

Kick Theatrical Trailer

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Teaser

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Theatrical Trailer

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Theatrical Trailer

Sultan Teaser

Sultan Theatrical Trailer

Tubelight Teaser

Tubelight Theatrical Trailer

Tiger Zinda Hai Theatrical Trailer
in Movies by Star (153k points)
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@irdwhelp .. links to the trailer & teaser. Not just titles getting listed.


Oh you said Nova didn't posted the links ..
i thought you posted some links which are missing i understood that way so i needed clarification that's it ..


gosh i wish i could have done that.... but my data plan is limited..... what better post than a post which have all the trailers of salman khan movies released this decade. its magic


Say no more

8 Answers

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Best answer

But I have found the Salman Khan I have been missing for a long time in Tiger Zinda Hain trailer

by Executive Producer (66.7k points)
selected by

but doesn't that infuriate you ... that these guys are not using salman khan's stardom well enough. where the potential is so huge but these guys are making Barfi (tubelight) and Baby (TZH) with him....

+2 votes

Can't believe you have put prdp trailer above tzh trailer

by Assistant Director (45.2k points)

@SSK still Prdp was some how okh what abt Tubelight he put above TZH ...


its still the biggest opener ever..... and i liked it alot.... the trailer and the movie.... but more importantly the reason why it is above TZH ..... is because it surprised me alot....
for TZH we had seen all the things in leaked pictures... all the locations sets etc ... for PRDP the trailer had surprises ... good ones.

+1 vote

Kick>>>Dabang>>>TZH>>>ETT>>>Sultan>>>Bodyguard>>>Ready>>>Bajrangi Bhaijaan>>>Veer>>>Dabang2>>>PRDP>>>Tubelight>>>Jai Ho.

P.S. - Not considering any teaser.

by Unit Manager (38.8k points)
edited by
+1 vote

TZH Trailer
ETT Teaser
Dabangg Trailer
Sultan Teaser
Kick Trailer
ETT Trailer
Sultan Trailer
Dabangg 2 Trailer
Bodygaurd Trailer
Veer Trailer
Ready Trailer
Jai Ho Trailer
Bajrangi Bhaijaan Trailer
PRDP Trailer
Tubelight Trailer

by Location Manager (7.4k points)
0 votes

A few of them:
1) ett teaser ( a mile)
2) dabangg
3) kick
4) TZH
6) Dabangg 2(bad movie but I had liked the trailer)

by Star (140k points)
edited by
0 votes

Ek Tha Tiger Teaser
Kick Trailer
Dabanng Trailer
Sultan Trailer
Bajrangi Bhaijaan Trailer
Tiger Zinda Hai Trailer
Ready Trailer
Jai Ho Trailer
Tubelight Trailer
Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo Trailer
Bodyguard Trailer

by Producer (103k points)
0 votes

ETT teaser > Kick trailer > ETT trailer > Sultan > Dabangg > TZH > Bajrangi Bhaijaan > Prdp > Bodyguard > Jai ho > Ready > Dabangg-2 > Tubelight ....

by Editor (85.6k points)
0 votes

ETT teaser>>>Kick trailer>>>Dabbangg trailer>>>ETT trailer>>>sultan trailer>>>TZH TRAILER>>>veer>>>Dabbangg2 trailer>>>bajrangi bhaijan trailer>>>prdp trailer>>>bodyguard trailer>>>ready trailer>>>jaiho Trailer
But i think TZH as a movie will be better than the trailer.

by Unit Manager (32.1k points)

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