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revisit Ek Tha Tiger teaser & trailer.

asked in Movie Discussions by All Time best! (252k points)
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S.A.L.M.A.N entry was as good as in E.T.T
i felt story wise it will not be a masterpiece ..
but the action, stunts & visuals are top notch ..
my rating if ETT was 5/5 then this one is 4/5 ..
Opening will be historic for sure bcoz of Salman+action+grand scale & X.mass period ...

answered by Editor (80.8k points)
selected by

After having watched realistically made almost masterpeice Take Off in Malayalam which was based on the nurses kidnapping & their survival... I would say this basic take on that issue to glorify Tiger & Zoya is more than enough.

Afterall their love story had less to offer. Let them deliver in action.

+8 votes

It looks to have a good story. Claps and whistle moments will be plenty. Salman looks a million bucks, perfect combo of swag and strength. Get set for the first 300cr plus grosser from Bollywood. Amazing trailer. Amazing action.

answered by Producer (111k points)

Irdwhelp, ett had no plot. Uske mukable they have chosen a story, less of romance and more focus on tiger the spy. This is what I wanted. Action wise film looks very very good.


They went basic this time. ETT concentrated on love story with an open ending. Safer way to bring them back together was through a mission. You can see they've delivered in terms of action & showcasing the massy side of Salman. Hope they deliver as a whole.


Suhas I hated the 2nd half of ett because of thay needless love story. Tzh looking to be salman's domain...massy action, dialogues, looking a real cool action hero.


You can expect love story to take a back seat this time. Probably initial scenes & a song or two.

I am just glad to see Girish Karnad here. Don't think Salman will share screen space with the legend this time but atleast one glance would be enough.

+7 votes

As expected World class actions, FAADU background music, Kickasss dialouges & above all SALMAN in his best avatar. Bhai's entry is AAG ugalnewala, socho theatre me kya halat hoga!

Thought that Katrina bhouji is there just for some latke-jhatke but she's surprised me with some hardcore action sequences.

For me it's the best trailer of the year.

answered by Unit Manager (35.3k points)
edited by

Not only for you bro, this trailer by far is the best trailer of this year.


Maybe u r true.... But Main apna opinion kisi aur pe thopna nhi chahta tha... That's why I said "For me".


@Tiger okay got your point bro.

+7 votes

Opening 45cr
As a trailer ETT>>>TZH
Interms of scale & Action TZH>>>ETT
Aag lag jayegi issbaar
Some never seen before action in Bollywood
Story disappointed me, thriller movie,more in the phantom genre
Expected much better story, but definitely much better than ETT.
But the nostlagica ETT created......
If ETT 9/10 as a trailer then TZH 8/10.
Youth & masses will lap it up not sure about family audience.
Can't say about lifetime But one thing is sure 4days weekend will be 180+
And the last scene is just epic.

answered by Camera Operator (9.4k points)
+7 votes

Well the story they chosen is flavour of the season.But it has to be seen how well Indian-Pak fighting together is taken by the audience.Though it will be huge grosser but how engaging screenplay is since it has to be seen movie like this require thrill moments throughout.
Anyways waiting to watch it with my friends with whom I will enjoy to the core.

answered by Director (132k points)
+6 votes

Class trailer mann, good thing is as @suhas says that the trailer did not focuses on love story rather the action image of Salman. Story is also looking good. This Christmas, there will be destruction at the boxoffice. Peace.

answered by Location Manager (5.7k points)
+5 votes

Usman Dum hai toh AB tu Mujhe rok ke dikha................

K-A-N-D-I Action shot in last when dialogue come....

Dum hai Toh AB Rok ke dikhao TZH ko Box Office pe..... BLOCKBUSTER on the way....

answered by Location Manager (7.3k points)
+5 votes

Brilliant matched upto my expectations
Salman khan redefining mass
This will do 300cr pakka

answered by Production Accountant (26k points)
+5 votes

Expected better. But the action looks awesome. Such big action movie has been missing from Bollywood from a long time. No doubt opening will be huge and TZH will be big Grosser. Let's see if it can do 300 cr. My rating 3.5/5.

answered by Star (142k points)
+4 votes

Trailer is awesome fully packed of action.. Buzz will be all time high.. Story doesnt seem that exciting..hopefully it will be a great visual ride for cinegoers.... AN Indian Agent and Pakistani spy.. They could have used agent or spy for both.. I think it means the same..

answered by Second Unit Director (74.1k points)

Because all spies are technically agents but not all agents are spies.

Well Malayalam film Take Off was a survival story of the kidnapping of the nurses.

Here they seemed to have taken nurses kidnap as a mission for Tiger & Zoya. That's why Ali said this time story is based on real life events.


Still couldn't understand ur first line.. It may be official tour for Tiger and zoya just a helping partner..


Well all agends don't really work as a spy infact they do hire a spy. But all spy would've been recruited as an agent only. We have RAW & not all of it's agents are spy. It depends on their mission. It is the same for any country's defense intelligence.


Tiger was an agent he was barely even good at being a spy. Zoya was a full fledged spy

+4 votes

Impressive trailer a sure shot 300 cr+ grosser rest all depend on content...
Trailer is full of action which is enough to pull masses to the crowd , talking about acting well it is not that required because action & Indo-Pak stuff is enough to cover that...
Salman is doing what his fanbase wants from him.

The only problem is about repeat viewing because if Padmavati score well like Bajirao mastani then it is surely going to affect TZH in long run..

answered by Director (128k points)
+4 votes

Mind-blowing, action scenes comparable to high octane Hollywood actioners.Rip bo records

answered by Assistant Director (49.5k points)
+4 votes

oh no........ ye kis route pay chal rahay hain .....

ye multiplex content wali movie kyun bana rahay ho bhai .....
no no no no no this is bad......
salman khan se mehnat kyun karwa rahay ho,..this is an action film not a sultan....... use his star power , use his screen presence , his style...his dialogue delivery ........ like in the last 50 sec.

i thought it would be like sicario ..... but this is airlift, this is baby, this is phantom......this is vishwaroop. what have they done..... why make a multiplex movie....
salman khan recently did this mistake with tubelight.....

should have opted for a commercial movie , why opted for a content based movie...
commercial movie always sails through.... now what will happen if content fails???

dont trust anyone .... everyone will say its great its awesome..... but its totally not what we thought it would be.....

i had these apprehensions before trailer release..... i made a post where i clearly mentioned ... make the whole story revolve around.... salman khan ...use his star power..... and not make the salman khan one of the characters who do their part for the movie.... this is no nawaz ud din .... this is salman khan .. you idiot ali abbas zafar.

you friggin idiots yrf and ali abbas zafar..... you idiots have missed the easiest chance EVER ..... for a highest grosser of all time.... how you people under estimated TIGER's potential.

i swear i wasn't even disappointed this much after seeing the trailer of tubelight.....
damn Ali abbas zafar ... i will phucque you life .... now if the content failed.....
kabir khan failed earlier this year.....
just because their last two movies (bajrangi bhaijaan , sultan) worked due to content ... so in k hoslay aur barh gaye ...k conent wali movie hi banani hai.....
aik nay to tubelight main maza chakh lia hai .... aur abhe ye a gaya hai..... dosra.

P.S. all those celebs and trade pandits who are having orgasm over TZH trailer they are so lakeer k fakeer and untrustworthy .... that ...they did the same for Tubelight as well....

answered by Star (149k points)

Nova same my point .This movie looks very slick .it may be good content wise but it's Potential isn't like Ek Tha Tiger .ETT Trailer was universally appealing with bit of everything but here it's more of thriller with lot of action .Youths may love the movie but I doubt about Families Kids


same view i had.....why romance is missing.??why no song in trailer??....just last 20seconds are awsum


The Presentation of movie looks like Baby Phantom


Movies with rescue theme like Neerja & Airlift were hits so there is a chance for TZH too to score big at bo ...
@Grand bro i understand your concern ......

+4 votes

Just one word wow this is what we missed in Ett..

answered by Location Scout (4.2k points)
+4 votes

omg.whatta trailer..sure gonna break many records this december..

answered by Camera Operator (9.6k points)
+3 votes

Records which will be broken in near future : most viewed and liked bollywood trailer
Records which will be sureshot safe : Opening day, weekend , week...lifetime....

answered by Second Unit Director (78.7k points)
edited by

Outright Hindi, opening day, weekend & week still belongs to Salman only. 2 of them belong to Salman & YRF i.e. Sultan. So I am fine with them re-claiming all three with their third collaboration (final as per Salman's contract).

Regarding lifetime, that's never in any actor's hands. Bahubali 2 made Dangal's 374cr look small but not every film is Bahubali 2. Looking at the disastrous plight of Bollywood films this year, anything is welcome in terms of lifetime figures.

Tubelight failed. Let TZH unleash the real Salman & show how hero worshipping looks.


What is your take on this trailer ...did you find it better than ETT's trailer...


ETT’s teaser was something you see only a few times in your life. However ETT’s trailer was no where near its teaser. ETT’s trailer was just about good. This trailer is definitwly better than Ett’s trailer


ETT trailer disappointed a bit coz it concentrated heavily on romance & the story looked way too simple in compared to the expectations ETT teaser had created.

@Aashish ... I found it better than ETT trailer coz this one's true blue action film whereas ETT was mish-mash of romance & action with slight dose of thriller (non-existent in the movie though). But here, Ali seems to be in control & he has made a crowd pleaser just like Sultan.

Having immensely loved Take Off, I would say I am happy to watch a fictional take on that nurse kidnapping becoming a mission to Tiger & Zoya.

I wish there was bit more swag for Salman though which was present in ETT teaser. Guess they're saving the best for the theatre experience. And whatever shortcomings Katrina's acting has, she seems to make it up with her action skills. She was good & surprising in ETT, so better she has some good action moves this time.

+3 votes

Action to be great but story will be very predictable. Dont see it doing more than 270 crores. Good thing is not much of a love story in the movie. Hopefully songs will be great.

answered by Editor (81.7k points)
edited by

I think he will be their son and maybe dies in the movie.


Seems like paresh rawal only has a small role.


Paresh Rawal was part of Abu Dhabi schedule. There must be a reason why his character isn't revealed. May be he's the one to help Tiger in the mission. may be he doesn't.

I am just glad once again Salman film is giving us a rare stuff i.e. Girish Karnad & Paresh Rawal in one film. The Jnanpith Award winning legend, also a glorified eternal "anti-national" as per bha-kts i.e. Girish Karnad & ofocurse a supremely talented actor, BJP & Bha-kts favourite "national" i.e Paresh Rawal in one film.


Yeah it’s going tobe a treat to watch them though might be for a brief period. Another thing to behappy is the main villian looks very convincing. Action movies turn out to be more engaing only when both the protagonist and antagonist look deadly and convincing in their roles which seems like the case with this movie. Movie is going to be a rollercoaster ride for sure but i am a bit concerned about the true event backdrop they picked.

+3 votes

Salman Khan in action, India - Pakistan same old peace formula, Salman Kat Chemistry, Action, Big production value Terrorism etc will give it a chance to score big... Baki audience pe depend.

answered by Assistant Director (43.6k points)
+3 votes

it's all right. 3/5. some of these dialogues will get huge cheers from single screens. I hope there is a bit of lighter tone in the movie too, not all serious for the entire runtime.

answered by Unit Manager (37.9k points)
+3 votes

loved the trailer. action is top-class. story looks good.
Box office prediction ; 275 cr.

answered by Production Accountant (21.7k points)
+3 votes

I liked this trailer a lot and for me this trailer is better than ETT. Now just wait for the release and you will see tsunami at boxoffice. This movie has blockbuster written all over it. Plus side is this movie looks for all Mass and Class.

answered by Production Accountant (20.6k points)
+2 votes

Expected alot More, Blowing cars and helicopters doesnt make it interesting for me at all, of course action is topclass and salman is looking perfect, but story seems to me nothing, opening records will be shattered rest dont have any idea looking trailer 250cr at the moment, background music is very good, Salman scenes are great, katrina kaif sucked big time here, priyanka would have been better choice, overall trailer disappointed me , Ek tha Tiger trailer was way better then this....... hope so story is much better then ETT

answered by Assistant Director (42k points)
+2 votes

Good Trailer but Expectations were more .Trailer looks slick which is good and Story this time also could be captivating if presented well but Trailer didn't have songs, moments between Salman Katrina ,Dance which is important for universal appeal .I hope there is Lot of stuffs for Family Audience and Kids too as Youths gonna love it .3.25/5

answered by Producer (101k points)

Even ETT trailer didn't have song/dance. Anwyays there will be a end credit song which will be heavily promoted for the next few weeks. Only thing is Padmavati & Rajputs threatening to set the theatre on fire as well as violent protests will take prime time slot from November last week onwards. So YRF will have to do with the coming two weeks & then directly on December 1st week.

And ETT trailer was all about Salman - Katrina opposite to what ETT teaser had offered.

+2 votes

Do terrorists in Iraq speak in hindi ? I'm not sure, even in Ironman movie they showed terrorists speaking in hindi ... was that to cater huge Indian audience ?

answered by Camera Operator (9.5k points)

You got it there. Catering to the target audience.

You can't have audience growning. I liked Vishwaroopam a lot but what I hated the most about it was the Afghan dialogues which I never understood & to my nightmare subtitles were in Tamil. So it's good that makers do something about it.

Still got to stick to authenticity. Here in TZH, the villain speaks to Salman in Hindi, rest in bad English. In that context it serves the purpose. Nurses well are Indians (in real most were from Kerala) so Hindi chalta hai. As long as they don't force fed Hindi to foreigners, it's fine.


Well, this time these Iraqi terrorists are speaking mostly English with little bit Arabic.... Except the last dialouge of the main villain.

Simple si baat hai...agar ye terrorists film me sirf Arabic hi bolenge toh kisko samajh me aanewala hai bhai?

+2 votes

O mg.....what a trailer.....

After long time watch this kind of trailer.....

Sally Bhai entry superb....

answered by Assistant Director (42.4k points)
+2 votes

wow... cant wait to seeTZH.That last scene is epic

answered by Set Designer (2.2k points)
0 votes

For Salman fans and masses, the movie looks fine. But personally I found it extremely average trailer with random things happening, poor dialogues, poorer katrina, average bgm, clichéd storyline. Let's see if movie can surprise with Salman as the only saving grace in the trailer. 2.5/5 for the trailer

answered by Assistant Director (41.6k points)
0 votes

Tiger be like " fcuk this shit , finish this is as soon as possible and go home " . No fire in his body language. He is stone cold ....2.5/5.

answered by Director (122k points)
–2 votes

To be honest utter nonsense... kuch bi nai tha except last dailogue n gun shot... is this hollywood standard.... 15 vehicles udane se kuch nai hota u need to show audience properly that u have actually blowed 15 vehicles to feel them wow.... utter crap cinematography...

answered by Production Accountant (27.9k points)

Haan toh TZH bhi mat dekh agar Salman se tujhe itna prblm.... Yaha pe kyu bakwas kar raha Hai?


A Bhai can't say to Bhai "Hatme lota thamake bhikh mangwaunga".....A Bhai fan can't even dream of calling Bhai a "chu-tiya"... Baaki ye kis tarah ka Bhai fan hai mujhe nhi malum.


Lol as per Tiger, no Salman fan can dislike TZH trailer and if he does he should stop watching Salman movies.


Akal toh thik hai naa! Where/When did I say that? Baat ki gehrai ko jane bina kud mat pad bhai.... Once he said that Bhai ke hath me lota thamake bhikh mangwayega.... Mene bas wohi reference laya yaha pe.

–3 votes

Trailer was pretty average for me....i liked dat last scene though....katrina looked below avg.
If this movie clashed wid padmavati...den sLB would hv crushed it badly over a long run.
Not excited for this movie...gud luck sallu miya.

answered by Camera Operator (9.4k points)

crush... beta here ur not abt small 60cr star srk to crush.....


Predict lifetime of tzh ....


5×JHMS lifetime.

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