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Megastar Salman Khan shot for tough action scenes braving extreme cold, like a true Tiger for Tiger Zinda Hai.

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Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer Tiger Zinda Hai promises to be a mega action entertainer. The film will see Tiger and Zoya brave brutally challenging weather conditions in Austria to shoot death-defying action sequences.

The former lovers play super spies in this mass entertainer. A crucial chapter in the film plays out on a remote, snow covered mountain scape in Austria.

Speaking about the scene director Ali Abbas Zafar said, “For a significant chapter in Tiger Zinda Hai, we had to film in a place that had a certain amount of aloofness and isolation. We found that spot in the mountains of Austria, a place where time seemed to stand still and frozen.”

Zafar adds, “Shooting here meant dealing with unexpected situations. Literally a lot of pain had gone behind this sequence. Salman developed a health issue, but he still trained to film here and delivered on a tough action sequence. And we shot a really beautiful love song here. We had expertise on our side, since we worked with an international crew that has worked on the Bond film, Spectre. In the end, as a team, we are fairly satisfied that we managed to film here successfully.”

Tiger Zinda Hai is a Christmas release and will hit theatres on Dec 22.
Source Link: http://www.spotboye.com/bollywood/news/see-salman-khan-shooting-in-22-degrees-in-austria/59f9ea5ca22502f4100e0c39
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Those visuals look top notch. Its yrf...they know how to show grandeur for a movie of this scale. December will be a fun time at the cinemas.

answered Nov 2, 2017 by Intense Producer (101,561 points)
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i may be wrong but it seems like..... movie will begin with these shots. of austria...

where , 5 years after the events of ETT.... tiger and his pussykat are living ...away from the world , hiding... (5 years is a long time in the wild for a tiger and his female mate, i wonder why they haven't bred their offspring )
anyways ...

this is where salman khan might one day go out .... faced wolves ...and that may be the entry scene of salman khan....

that picture above.... clearly shows how much tiger has been settled down ,cutting wood for fire .... while his female would be cooking maggie noodles back in their den. fully domesticated ..... !!

answered Nov 1, 2017 by Grand Nova Star (144,854 points)
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Because of all his efforts, Tiger Zinda Hain will break record after record

answered Nov 1, 2017 by shah Assistant Director (47,267 points)
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y this cold weather hot weather holapanti.... use green screen n shoot in set...

answered Nov 1, 2017 by playboy Production Accountant (27,293 points)

i mean y to go to locations where u have cold or hot temp.. specially cold location... u can use green scene just like in shivay majority scenes... majority hollywood 90% scenes are done in set with green scene ... ur nw in cgi world no need to go for actual location like pre 90s or 20s..

Lol... Tubelight and Race3 ke baad isko ab TZH se bhi taqleef hai.... Munna aakhir kabtak Bhai fan hone ka chola pehen rakhaega?

tiger aare bhai thodi maturity dikha..teri stupid comments mujhe majority stupid srkian fans ki yaad dilati hai jinke bheje kuch jata nai... here m sayin use green screen instead of going to cold location n affectin ur health n team effort..... ur not in 90s... ur nw in cgi world... even suhas got my point thats reason he didn't reply me back....

Naa bhai... Mujhe tere tarah mature nhi banna aur Bhai ko gaaliya nhi dena. Immature hi theek hu main. Maturity Mubarak ho tumhe.