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asked in Movie Discussions by Mega Star (237k points)
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ye reshmi julfein, ye sharbati aankhein
Inhe dekh kar , ji rahe hai sabhi ❤

hahaha tony boy ki garmi .... se saaaf zahir hai k wo....aik haath se typing kar raha hai....

5 Answers

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Tigress bhi Zinda Hain

answered by Unit Manager (36k points)
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+6 votes

i will sacrifice TTOKKRAA bhar k srk fans and all 38 fans of aamir khan if this turns out the opening sequence and katrina's character dies while doing this action scene... and this be her last scene.

answered by Star (140k points)

38 fans....ha ha ha
...this is not fair... yr.....

there were 39 ... but i heard... one of them committed suicide... and then his soul committed suicide...!!

With swag se karenge swagat type of number, don't expect her character to die. Even Ali Abbas isn't that dumb to mess up.

+3 votes

Hoping that she is not acting in this movie, she should be used as a glamdoll only & 2-3 action sequences &2-3 songs & scenes which doesn't require to give facial expression.
Hope there will be no romantic angle in this movie.
Kat's acting gives me headache in ETT.

answered by Location Scout (4.1k points)

i know right.
she's a glamdoll good.....
she should be only there to show her A$$... shake her juicy peach .... her A$$ is in itself a movie .... we boys would watch all day....

she holding a gun.... is also good for us to watch ... but not this kind of gun.

she is wasting her big round firm potential ....

+1 vote

Good .....

Hope she didn't ruin this movie by her acting...

answered by Assistant Director (40.1k points)
0 votes

Suhaa bhai. Nothing exciting in this. Abhi asli excitement aana hai when the songs and trailer come and we see her in 'full glory'.

answered by Cinematographer (96.2k points)