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housfull 4 vs singham 3

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if singham 3 arrives on diwali 2019 then will housful makers avoid clash or they strict with it if they strict then which on get bigger opening and which one get more screens
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asked Oct 30, 2017 in Opinion by Fragrance abraham Camera Operator (8,444 points)
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Read on Twitter that Ajay will join Total Dhamaal & that would clash with housefull 4?!

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Singham is a huge brand, Housefull is not, people have already shown their level of excitement for Housefull movies in Housefull 3. Brands are made by not only actors but characters, Singham as a character is very popular wheras Housefull might have had retain 2-3 actors for each movie yet they have no memorable character which audience could get excited about nor any popular one, Singham will clearly get lead and even if Housefull add any other A lister, it'll still be tough for it to match Singham 3 due to the dullness of Housefull brand might over shadow the star factor, plus there are other factors too in favour of Singham 3 so while there might be contest if Housefull 4 manages to have good trailer and all but Singham 3 will always have an edge over Housefull 4.

answered Oct 30, 2017 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (200,776 points)
selected Oct 30, 2017 by Fragrance abraham
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In dat case it wud be even steven....but yee Rohit Shetty's Clout wud giv S3 a huge edge over HF4.... plus Single Screens wil prefer S3 more....so I believe if this Happens (which it wont) but if ut happens, it wud 55:45 in SS nd 50:50 in Multiplex....in Overseas HF4 wil Lead... considering HF4 wil hav struct wit itz Core Main Actors....having said that if a A- Lister joins the Starcast say a Hrithik or a VARUN.... scenario wil change a bit in favour of HF4

The Key wud be however MUMBAI circuit wer SINGHAM is KING....if Dis Circuit goes in favour of SINGHAM....dan HF4 wud be in danger

answered Oct 30, 2017 by Sudeep Guddu Camera Operator (10,850 points)
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Housefull4 starcast will be like this Akki, Ritesh, John, sanjay dutt &3 heroine
So no varun/hritik
Housefull4 will lead in overseas,singham3 will lead in SS & mass areas
In multiplexes both will be more or less on par.
So Mumbai circuit will play the crucial role here which is the biggest circuit in India will be in favour of singham3,singham brand is huge in Maharashtra ,Gujarat.
So overall i think singham3 has upper hand on opening day, because as we know Ajay+Rohit combo in a big franchise movie is as big as a Khan movie.
So let's see,i think clash will happen because Temper will release towards 2018 end,so rohit has enough time to make singham3 before diwali & if singham turns out to be a good movie then it will definitely beat Housefull in long run also.

answered Oct 30, 2017 by Roman Location Manager (6,036 points)
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If that happens Singham 3 will steamroll over Housefull 4. Masses will always take S3 type movie.

answered Oct 30, 2017 by Greek God Executive Producer (69,107 points)

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