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+1 vote
i felt like the budget would be 50 cr maximum.
in Predictions by Location Scout (3.2k points)
31% Accept Rate

5 Answers

+4 votes

Boi hates Hrithik And Aamir....... It's my opinion

by Second Unit Director (76.5k points)

Its a fact. BOI became blind for dangal and said bahubali is the biggest blockbuster ever.
When G4 came now they say biggest hit of the year, now no mention of bahubali. They hate aamir and hr.


Can't agree more. Spot on. Not even a single praise for dangal.

+2 votes

BOI is a delusional website and sadly as there is no other accurate source we have to follow this pathetic website. They hate hrithik so one day kaabil budget will go over 100cr also.

They love akshay, ranbir, varun etc. They play biased and their commentary shows how badly they are pissed off from hr. Aamir ka bhi yahi case hai

by Director (132k points)

they know the closest contender for khans is hrithik.
so they try to degrade him.
they have changed krrish3 collections many times,when it was on the run.

the most funny part is they changed bang bang overseas collection from 13.5 to 12.75
that sums it up..


They like talent which comes in generations megastar ranbir kapoor. Joke of an actor and he gets compared to the mighty khans. Only hr is capable of being a complete superstar after khans....now wait...he has k4, yrf movie, super 30....he will come back strong.

+2 votes

They said that its a hahahah on stars stardom if Budgets are lower no matter small of Big films.

Akshay's TEPK has 20 crore approx budget as reported by Makers. Isnt it hahaha on AK stardom to have 20 crore Budget ?

So thats why they add Stars Market value too.

Here is their answer

by Producer (108k points)

Boi explanation was bulls*** because ,any superstar can make movie with 50cr budget ,if it is their own production house.
Yes ,the producers can sell 50cr film for 80cr world wide and make 30cr profit.
What is the big deal in that.
It's all over intelligence of boi.com to bring down the verdict of kaabil ..
Now they will say super 30 budget would be 100 Cr.


When did BOI ever quote only production budget?

Kaabil overall budget is not 50cr. May be production cost can be argued or agreed upon. But not overall budget.


Dude ..am saying everything including marketing,literally everything would not have crossed 50cr..
Production values were also not great..
85 Cr is a joke man..

+1 vote

In case of Secret superstar its aamir khan production. So cost is less. But in case of kaabil home production doesn't matter. No matter what boi admins need to satisfy their ego by degrading Hrithik. It plain hatred.

by Second Unit Director (77k points)

Greek God they hate Aamir to the hilt.Everyone knows this.Same is the case with HR.


Greek bro. They hate aamir. They only like solid hindi film hero akshay, varun and once in a lifetime talent ranbir.


Its just an example. Their hatred towards aamir is very clear. They always praise once in a lifetime talent like Ranbir despite bombs like JJ, BV. And bashes same directors who made urban film with ranbir.

+1 vote

They add the actors marketing value. They add that in budgets for SRK, Salman and Aamir as well. It's pretty fair.

by Assistant Director (46.6k points)