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All time Blockbuster- Border(1)
Blockbuster- Darr (1)
Superhit- Ghayal, Jeet,Ghatak,Ziddi(4)
Hit- Damini (guest appearance)
Semihit- Narshimha,Lootere(2)
A.Average- Vishwatma(1)
Average- Qahar, Ajay (2)
Below ave-  Krodh,Vishnudeva,Shankra
Flop-  Majboor,Yodha,Kshatriya,Gunaah, Insaaniyat,Imtihaan,Angrashak,Himmat,Dushmani,Zor,Salaakhen,Pyar Koi Khel Nahin,Dillagi
Disaster- Veerta,Izzat Ke Roti (2)
 Total: 28 ( including Damini)
  Clean Hits-7
Source Link: Box-office India.com (new & old)
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This post makes me miss Baazigar more. I remember he used to make all these Sunny Deol posts regarding BO and some makes comparisons ones between Sunny & Khans.

3 Answers

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7 clean hits out of 28 is not a good figure to have
No doubt Sunny was biggest star of 90s but his box office record is not that great.

salman and srk had much btr record
even aamir who is said to have a bad performance in 90s has btr record with 6 hits 3 bb including 1 atbb (11 success out of 23 movies) 2 hgoty, 3rd biggest hit and 3rd most watched film of decade and defeated sunny in 2 clashes.

by Production Accountant (27.7k points)
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He is great for his excellent openings.Of the 7 hits also only 3 are solo hits


Ya 3 solo hits out of 28 is a bad figure for biggest superstar of decade but having said that nothing can be taken away from sunny he was a true massy superstar

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He was a superstar of his time. Sadly one dimensional. He stuck to the same sort of movies after Gadar whereas the khans reinvented themselves to suit a new gen too. Salman and SRK are still the most popular stars and aamir changes himself with each film. Longevity is what the khans have....no other actor has it.

by Director (122k points)
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Damini( guest appearance)! lol! You take the name of Damini and all people remember is Sunny Deol and his two legendary dialogues- 'dhai kilo ka haath' and ' tarikh pe tarikh'. The movie belonged to him. For a hero to overshadow the heroine in a female oriented drama and that to in an extended special appearance speaks highly of his superstardom at that time.

Arjun Pandit was also an average grosser and most of his flops got bigger initials than the khans as he had the biggest initial pull at the box office. He was a North Indian Lion. Today's pussy generation can never fathom the kind of stardom the macho man possessed.

by Costume designer (1.1k points) 1 flag

BOI.com said so and I didn't give any opinion of myself in the post


Better "initial pull" than Khans :

Early nineties - yes.

Late nineties : A big nooo.

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