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Housefull 4 Being Aimed For Diwali 2019
Thursday 26 October 2017 23.30 IST
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Its looking like 2019 will be a big year as the line up gets stronger with Housefull 4 being aimed for a Diwali 2019 release. This has come after the announcement of the untitled YRF Hrithik Roshan - Tiger Shroff film (Republic Day) and three films from the Dharma Productions banner Kesri (Holi) , Shiddat (Easter) and Brahmastra (Independence Day) and this is so far without any Khan releases which are sure to be there. It is important to note that all these film look have that traditional Hindi film feel and not the very regional cinema which has been churned out in the name of Hindi cinema over the last few years. There will be plenty of this sort of fluff next year as can be seen with a recently launched poster of a wedding film but looks like Hindi film industry will get its house in order in 2019.

Housefull 4 should see the return of the original team of Akshay Kumar, Sajid Nadiadwala and Sajid Khan combination which was there for the first two Housefull films. The third film was a HIT but did not push the brand as business remained the same as the second film which was the best of the series so far There will be no such thing with Housefull 4 as this time the comedy incorporates a reincarnation love story and this theme will make the comedy film have all round appeal and on top there is Diwali which gives Mumbai circuit a huge boost where comedies score best. It will be by far the biggest Housefull film in terms of budget and a perfect release for Diwali 2019 as will be a huge family entertainer. Yes it can be said that reincarnation was bought back in Raabta this year but its pretty certain that the team of Housefull 4 will not go that way which was a big joke in the name of story telling. Obviously it all depends on eventually how Housefull 4 shapes up but at least the potential is there for very big results which cannot be said for many films.
The huge box office results of Judwaa 2 and Golmaal Again should make the industry realize that there is only one way forward and that is to make content which the audience will come for. It may only get one or two stars but that will not stop the public coming if the film is good. Golmaal Again released with a film like Secret Superstar which started getting those stars from trade and media people a few days before release and even managed to get half the shows at multiplexes but the biggest verdict which is by the audience is there for all to be see.
in Movies by Assistant Director (52.3k points)
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Housefull 4

3 way clash?

Now only one major festive date left in 2019 thats XMAS. nd the contenders are salman aamir srk, outside chance of K4 too. This yr will b year of big high profile clashes.

7 Answers

+3 votes

diwali 2019 is out of question for srk... now...
since it will be impossible to clash with housefull 4 and taanaji already for that date.

now srk has three options...

option 1 - clash with salman khan on eid (bharat) or christmas (dabangg 3 or kick 2)

option 2 - clash with krrish 4 on republic day 2020 (rakesh roshan is superstitious he will release his movie in january ... as krrish 4 will begin shooting in 2018 mid and he will not clash with salman khan or release his movie on crowded diwali 2019)

option 3 - bring his movie on non holiday (which he will not do if the movie is big budgeted)

i choose option 1.

he will most probably finish dwarf by mid 2018. he will have enough time to complete on big budget movie....!!

by Star (153k points)

Dwarf will be completed by January 2018. It needs time for special effects and vfx.. He ll probably start his next by March-April


so when are you expecting his next to release..... ??
srk has no choice but to release any of this next on either non holiday or clash on holiday.
all small holidays booked.... republic day 2019 is with hrithik - tiger movie .....eid , christmas with salman khan, dilwali 2 big commercial movies...krrish 4 on republic day 2020.


There are lot of holidays Gandhi Jay anti.. Bakra Eid.. Just give a good movie that's it... GOOD friday 2019 or Post Ipl... Bahubali didn't need Christmas or Eid.. IF movie is good it will definitely work very well

+2 votes

So Bharat Eid 2019
Kick2/dabangg 3 Xmas 2019

by Production Accountant (25.1k points)
+2 votes

Those Akki fans who were bashing khans for their EDX release are now dancing everywhere in joy, according to me only a film starring khans or directed by Hirani, Shankar, Rajamouli can be called as the biggest announcement of the decade.
So let's see can Akki cross 135cr this time.
The difference between khans & others is in 1st week prdp collected 217cr in 2015,hny collected 180cr in 2014 were not hyped as much as now all are hyping GA which collected only 170cr in 1st week.
For khans this is normal & for others this is extraordinary.

by Production Accountant (29k points)
edited by
+1 vote

When YRF booked Republican weekend for Hrithik vs Tiger film and Dharma booked Independence weekend for Brahmastra, I thought where will Akki go now!!
and now here you go.
Akki film now getting booked for Festival release. Last time Akki had a Diwali release was Action Reply in year 2010

by Producer (112k points)

Action Replayy clashing with Golmaal 3. remembering how pissed off me & my friend were watching Action Replayy.

But now, Akki isn't the same. Ofcourse he couldn't have earned a solo release in Diwali but atleast he made it. Loads of guts required to work again with Sajid Khan.

+1 vote

No matter how BOI hypes it, it's clear that Housefull franchise doesn't have the hype & craze like other franchise, partly due to changing star cast every movie and also due to lack or memorable characters, so it's almost impossible for it to get solo release, only thing to see is which movie clashes with it..!!

by Mega Star (211k points)
+1 vote

So film of the decade H4 all set for diwali 2019. What a year its going to be. I expect k4 to come in Jan 2020. Amazing year it will be.

by Director (136k points)
+1 vote

I understand that they are trying to take the franchise to the next level, but calling it the biggest announcement of the decade is stupid. They are making themselves the target of mockery from the beginning.

Anyway, doesn't matter what BOI says, on paper 2017 looked better than 2016, so not sure if 2019 will really be all that.

by Assistant Director (47.9k points)

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